Help ! FP+ and babyswitch

I haven’t done it personally, but I’ve read reports of others doing it. What would be the reason why you wouldn’t be allowed?

Why would it be different than a couple with one kid who’s too short getting a FPP for one of the adults and using RS?

have you seen this written somewhere? I haven’t done it myself but I’ve read reports of others doing it and i don’t see why it wouldn’t be allowed.

In the single rider line you are aware up front that you’re riding on your own, not with a family member, and the wait is usually significantly shorter than standby, and sometimes than the FP line too.

Most rides obviously don’t have a single rider line, but if you’re happy to use it then there’s no need for a rider swap - the person who waited with the baby can use it too.

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Unless the FPP line is faster than single rider. I’m just asking if anyone had ever been told they couldn’t go through the single rider line and get a rider switch.

I haven’t used rider swap since 2000 and back then you swapped at the loading platform, which was far quicker for everybody but people didn’t like that their kid had to wait in line so now we have a different system, the kid doesn’t wait in line and still people don’t like it.

So I don’t have personal experience. It has been asked on chat quite a few times and there are always reports of both being allowed and not being allowed. Usually the ones who were allowed to do it are the overwhelming minority.

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The recommendation from TP was Don’t try to not have a FP for everyone if you are counting on using RS with FP. I trusted the experts and was happy with the experience. No way SDD was letting only half the party have a FP. My viewpoint is just count on it being enforced so you don’t get a return time 3 hours later that messes with your plans. You are on vaca to relax and enjoy!

I’ve decided to boo fast pass fo each one that will be riding on the major rides with the baby switch. Which, in my book are the ones like SDD, FoP, 7DMT, Testtrack
I did book only 1 FP+ rider intending on using the baby switch for ToT, RnRRC,Expediion Everest, SplashM, Mission Space.
Hope it will go well.


Let us know how it goes, ok?

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Yes, please update us!

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Interested to hear how it goes.

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I will :wink:

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