Help - DME question Extra guest way home only

Booked trip for 2 adults (me and my Mom) and 2 kids Sept 30-Oct 5th at contemporary. Decided husband is joining us mid-way AND adding extra night at cheaper hotel (port orleans) but room only fits 4.

My plan when we check into contemporary is to add my husband mid-way and then call MDE to get him a ride from airport to us mid week. My question is, anyway to get him on MDE back to airport if I can’t add him officially to the extra night because it’s only a 4 person room? Or are they as strict for MDE leaving resort as they are at airport when getting to Disney? Help? Any other options? If not might make him uber by himself :slight_smile:

How old are the kids?

You have to be on a reservation to get on DME. And you can only use it on check-in and check-out day.

Kids are 4 and 6 so nothing we can do there

I know you need an official reservation loading at the airport but I didn’t remember in March 2018 anyone checking or scanning anything when we got on the bus at our resort to go back to the airport… are they scanning magic bands getting on the buses back to MCO now?

They give you a letter to give to the driver saying how many in your party. It was like this on our first onsite trip in 2016 and still on our most recent trip in August this year. It’s the letter that tells you what time you’re being picked up, and you can’t board ME without it.

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So if have the letter with the 4 of us on it, the driver detailed checks while we’re boarding along with anyone else that there’s not a 5th person getting on?

Very likely. Our bus was completely full. I would update your reservation.

I wish I could- I could only get a 4 person room for the extra night we added so I can’t update my reservation!

DME is a contract with Mears, they get paid per person I believe. They will usually not let extra people on.

Yes they count you on. And as @Flutegarden says, the bus is often full.

This won’t work unfortunately. They count the # of people on your letter.

Also where is he going to sleep if you put 5ppl in a 4 person room? It is against fire code to exceed room capacity.

SOMETIMES this is true. But often, the maximum room capacity isn’t based on fire laws, but merely what the hotels states as the number of beds they provide.

Trouble is, it is hard to know whether the maximum capacity on a room door really is based on fire laws or just hotel rules (means to prevent people from cramming more into a room without paying for extra people or another room, etc).

It has been tricky at times when you have five kids to find hotels with rooms that accommodate everyone. We always manage. But it is nice now that we only have 5 people traveling! We can finally fit into most average hotel rooms without having to get a Suite.

It does violate Disney’s policies however unless that 5th person is under the age of 3.

I am not particularly looking forward to the day my youngest turns 3 and “counts” toward the hotel room count! Although we hope to have more kids, so might as well get used to it!

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Oh, sure. Wasn’t suggesting otherwise. Merely pointing out that the max room capacity listed on the hotel doorways aren’t ALWAYS due to any fire law requirement (even if they say otherwise).

Hotels have the right to charge whatever they want and place limits however they want. But I’ll admit I get annoyed when hotels put notices on hotel room doors making it SEEM like it is a fire code thing when it isn’t. It crosses over from a business decision to just plain lying!

We always make ever possible effort to find a room where we can fit the entire family according to both the laws and the hotel rules.

Having said that, I can’t speak to Disney’s rooms specifically.

You are leaving from POR? They do have rooms for 5?

I would just have him Uber. Quicker, less hassle on your end.

FYI for others who have guests on their reservations arriving/leaving at different time…totally possible to arrange multiple DME pickups/drop offs. Just need to call. And everyone should be on the room reservation. (Just arranged this yesterday for my marathon trip…DH and DS5 are arriving/departing differently from me).

DME: 1-866-599-0951


Thanks Aahughes… quick question, did you have to call to add guests for different dates? If I do add him for part of my contemporary visit I don’t want to pay the extra person fee for 2 nights he won’t be there

PrincipalTinker… I know I thought the same from past stays at POR. Apparently sometime January of 2019 they changed room types at POR and now you have to book specifically for a 4 person room or a 5 person room. This is different than what I’m used to at the contemporary knowing I can always add a 5th person.

If it is one night and he will be there, did you see if you could just book the 5th sleeper or just add him? I thought there were reports that if you had 5 you could book any room but if you had 4 and wanted the 5th option you had to pay for the 5th sleeper room?

No rooms for 5 guests at POR are showing as available, so I assume those rooms are sold out