Help change the Refillable mugs option for little kids

Hello all! I was a little annoyed to find out that there were no drink options for my small children with the refillable mugs, which we would be paying for with our DDP. I was hoping that all of the fanatics here could help to see if we could change that! Please sign my petition to get Disney to offer milk and juice as an option. Thanks in advance!

Oh, and if anyone has a picture of a refillable mug that I could use for this petition I would be very grateful!

Why don’t you take a picture of the mug you got when you visited?


I’m sorry, but this is the blue ribbon winner for ridiculous complaints this month (last month’s winner was “Having to stand to watch Wishes”).

Then don’t buy the mug for your kids?
or maybe other people’s children drink pop / soda?

Your ribbon and trophy as this month’s winner is in the mail.


Because I haven’t visited yet when they offered the refillable mugs… We are planning for an upcoming trip when this issue was brought to my attention.

Oh… It sounded like you’ve already been. Totally misunderstood.

Juice and milk are included in the kids meals at the resorts. They aren’t extra and you don’t need to use a bev/snack credit to get them. It’ll be part of the meal credit.

Hope that helps.

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If you are using the DDP you don’t have the option not to purchase the mugs.

Don’t care, move on rather than harass. No wonder that there is an obesity epidemic in this country if we can’t even agree that healthier choices should be offered to children.

The mugs are free when you purchase the dining plan.

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We are not planing on using any of our meals at the resorts, we are planing on using them in the parks.

They aren’t free, they are included… big difference.

Milk and juice or water is also included in the kids meals at the parks.

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Which is wonderful, but still doesn’t hit the issue. You pay for a mug for your children as part of their dining plan, the only place that you can use them is the resort. The resorts do not offer children a non-soda fountain option for the mugs. So literally you are throwing away the money. If they would offer the dining plans for kids without the mug options that would also be acceptable. I know I am not the only parent of young kids who feels this way.


I want to bring awareness to Disney that this is an issue for many young families. I know it wouldn’t be such an issue for families with older kids. Without knowing that it is a issue, how will it ever change?

Yes. They are included. If purchased separately, it could be $17. QS kids rate is $16 per night. So basically you’re getting “something” for free.

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DDP cost for kids is $19.23 per day (I’ll assume you are doing regular dining plan) and as pointed out, you can choose water, milk and juice for your child’s meal - which are included with the dining plan. The mugs are basically free.

I am not being mean. I am being honest. This pushed the boundaries of silliness - you haven’t even been there. And Disney isn’t doing anything to you. You have opted to buy the plan. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

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But it is included in what Disney has calculated as the average cost of the dining plans. If purchased separately a meal would also cost X. That is figured into the cost of the dining plan.

If you are using the dining plan then your child can get a juice or milk at two meals (the quick service and table service). If you are seriously looking for a healthier option then the best choice would be to choose water at the resorts which you can do with the mug. Drinking too much juice and milk also leads to obesity.


I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this topic. My children’s health isn’t silly to me.

Then use the FREE mug to fill up with WATER. Which is what I would do if I felt like wasting money on the Dining Plan in the first place - which I don’t do because it’s a waste of money. My Type 1 diabetic son drinks WATER while at WDW and water is always free. FREE. No mug needed, fill up your water bottle.