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If one were to theoretically contemplate a leading reservation for an onsite stay 12/19-12/24 when should the reservation start and what day would dining ADRs open? For the life of me I cannot figure this out.

See this post for a handy spreadsheet. The entire thread is worthwhile.

To summarize, start the reservation 10 days before and make sure it goes through your entire stay with the same final night as your regular reservation (btw, your dates in your post are not valid - the final night is before the first night?).

You will be able to make reservations 70 days before your real first night, but only one day at a time. The good news is you don’t have to wake up early - there should be plenty of availability until about 65 days, so you have a few days buffer to make each day’s reservations.

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Below is the spreadsheet updated assuming your first night is 12/24.


Oy! Back to the coffee pot. I’ll edit. It’s 12/19-12/24.

I did read the whole thread and got myself thoroughly confused (again, perhaps this is all one big coffee deficiency that requires immediate correction!). I will caffeinate and try again. I’m 100% overthinking this.


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All right, here are your dates:


Make a leading reservation with check-in 12/9 and check-out 12/24. Book your ADRs for 12/19 on 10/10, your ADRs for 12/20 on 10/11, etc. You can cancel your leading reservation safely on 10/25.

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Awesome. Half a cup of coffee later I came to the same conclusion. No idea what my problem was earlier but my spread sheet was giving me really wonky answers.

Thank you so much!