Headliners for which One Ride Each Trip is Enough


See, I think for MOST people, the first thing they think of when you mention Magic Kingdom is the castle. But for me? It is Space Mountain!


My lack of enthusiasm for Space Mountain may be a result of by far preferring the one in Paris.


There are rumors that after the Tron coaster is finished, they are going to gut Space Mountain and do a massive refurbishment, potentially even completely replacing the coaster inside. I think it will benefit greatly if they do so.


I also enjoyed RNR in Paris a lot more.

Recent reviews of and comments about DLR in California have persuaded me that one day (!) I might (!) take a trip there.


Do they still have the Matterhorn? That was a cool ride, but man, the wait. I hope they have FP there, too, now.

Well, since my party is mostly young adults, the thrill rides feature strongly in our plans. I just don’t think I need to schedule them in as much since the kids are perfectly capable of staying up late or getting up early (haha not that they will, but that’s not my problem) to go ride them on an EMH when we don’t have anything scheduled. I do want to include them at least once for DH. I just feel like we’ve missed a lot over the years in pursuit of the headliners and now can include some things we haven’t seen.


So hmmm. Rethinking Frozen as a good use of a FP. I could ride that while they do TT, and check it out, then maybe they could do it later in the trip.

I don’t know if all of them have seen Frozen, although they’d be happy to, maybe we can rent it over Christmas. Does that matter? They’re past the age where little kids things aren’t cool enough, gratefully, but they won’t have the nostalgia for this ride that they would with a lot of others.

Can it hold its own as a ride, per se?


Hmmm. I think people love it because of the movie. However, it could still be fun if you’ve never watched it. It was pretty, but I miss the Maelstrom. DD16 really dislikes Frozen because it’s been overdone. She and I rode it last year because it reopened after being down right when we were in Norway; there was no wait.


There is one moment in the ride that is cool (the same moment that was cool when it was still Maelstrom). The rest of it is just like any other Disney ride where you watch scenes from a movie, etc. So, if you aren’t Frozen fans, the ride probably won’t be terribly interesting. One DOWNSIDE to riding it, however, is that you end up with the Frozen songs stuck in your head the rest of the day. Personally, I think the love of that movie really isn’t so much about the story or characters. It is that they came up with such catchy tunes that people can’t get it out of their heads. And who can’t help but start singing “Let it go!” in any situation where that phrase is apt? Sigh


On a very high crowd level day this might not work, but on low-moderate days, I’ve found that Frozen Ever After does not build much of a line until close to 11. So you can get FPP for TT, rope drop Soarin’ and head over to FEA by about 10AM and the wait will be relatively low.


Okay, I broke my rule of not doing a preview and I have to say, when you come through the doors and there’s Elsa, the first thing she sings is “No right, no wrong no rules for meeeeee,” if I were a mom of a five year old daughter I might be slightly horrified. :rofl:


I have a similar feeling when I watch Polar Express (which we just did two days ago) and it comes to one of the final scenes in the movie. The boy looks to the conductor, who says, “It doesn’t matter where they’re going…as long as you get on.” I can’t help but cringe because of the overtones it contains. But it becomes a talking point.


Frozen I feel is on of the few attractions that actually help if you’ve seen the movie. It’s an original story for the ride, a continuation of the events in the movie. Which makes it massively awesome in my eyes.

Then you add in the technology and it’s a can’t miss for me, even though I find it to be one of Disney’s weaker movies.

As far as the lyrics, meh, you’ve heard way worse from the likes of Peter Pan, lady and the tramp, and others. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. :slight_smile:


So you’re saying there’s a chance? :smiley:


The Matterhorn is a classic & isn’t going anywhere! In 2016 it got a FP which is fairly easy to obtain throughout the day. And just in case you don’t get one, it also has a very efficient Single Rider line if that’s an option for your party.


I have yet to meet a Space Mountain that isn’t better than the one at WDW.


Disneyland still has the Matterhorn.

For @profmatt, the best option to ride it quickly is almost certainly the Single Rider option.


I’ve never seen Frozen, but I rode the ride and thought it was kinda fun. And the bit @ryan1 is talking about is cool.

But part of my attraction to the ride is the fact it’s really hard to get an FPP for and so I want one.


You’re just perpetuating the issue of it being a really hard FPP to get… (Just Kidding).


It could be a brilliant ploy. In truth, he DOESN’T want a FP for FEA. But, since it is a Tier 1 ride, and what he REALLY wants is a Tier 1 FP to Soarin’, he needs folks to try to get FEA FIRST. How? By convincing people that FEA is the really hard to get FP. Then, when it comes time to try for the FP, while everyone else is heading LEFT, he’s heading RIGHT. It’s the whole fake-out.


Well, that’s the trap I’m trying not to fall into. :wink: