Headliners for which One Ride Each Trip is Enough

I’m looking at our touring plans for May and we are basically visiting each park twice, not for a full day each time because we plan to park-hop- but let’s say each park gets about a day and a half.

Which headliner would you feel satisfied with doing only once? We’ve been to Disney before but don’t come every year- usually a few years go by. I feel like we’ve missed a few of the non-headliners in favor of riding the same popular rides over and over. For example, we always do Jungle Cruise, but I’m thinking one ride (at night) would be enough for us. I’m not sure we need several rides on EE, either, or to do KS once during the day & then again at night.

Another way of putting this might be- which of the less-popular attractions would you NOT want to miss?

Thank you!

I’ve been to WDW twice and have never ridden People Mover or been inside the Mexico Pavilion. Those are two must-dos for me on my next trip. I was going to ride the trains at MK and AK, but they will be closed. :frowning:


Oh, I really like the People Mover! They should call it the People-Watcher, because that’s what I do when I’m on it. :grinning: I’ve ridden it quite a bit while everyone else is on Space. I don’t think my family has been on it, and they should, so that’s one of the ones I’m making room for.


PeopleMover is great fun. I rode it twice in June — once during the day and once at night.

In terms of doing a headliner only once I would say Splash and Space Mountains.


Splash was one of the ones I was wondering about, too. I think you are right on that one.

The interesting thing about Space, BTMRR and RnR is that I asked each of my kids which rollercoaster they liked the best, and each came up with a different one of those three. So they each get to use my FP on a favorite ride and go at least twice on their favorite one anyway.

I want to ride (almost) everything once. Only my particular favorites would I do twice: HM, POC, SDMT, FOP. Some less popular attractions that we really, really enjoyed are FEA, Tiki Room IASW, TSM, PCRC, HOP, MV3D, MTP.

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Less popular attractions. Hmmm… People Mover is definitely one. My kids also have to ride Journey into the Imagination at least once. Some others: Spaceship Earth, aquarium at Epcot, and the carousel.

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Not sure if you consider Spaceship Earth a headliner, but once is normally enough on that (although it is a favorite I want to ride every visit). Unless you have little kids who insist on more, once is plenty for Frozen Ever After. Ditto for Peter Pan. To me, the headliners are all about the wait time. If it is short or I can get a FPP, I’ll ride Splash, Space, BTMRR, and 7DMT over and over. But I really don’t want to wait more than 30 minutes for anything if there are shorter lines for other rides or FPP available.

Definitely do the Gran Fiesta Tour. Rarely a wait and it’s nice and cool on a hot day. Muppets 3D is a good show (also inside where it’s cool)

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In June the people mover live was very very long so we skipped it and Mexico was packed and I only had 5 min.

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I wouldn’t do KS or KRR more than once. Everything else we like to ride a lot (headliners).

ETA I forgot FEA because that was once and done, I never feel the need to ride that again. Such a disappointment.

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We’re definitely going to ride your ride-twice rides, twice. :grin: We’ve never even been on FOP or 7DMT before.

I was going to skip MV3D but am reconsidering, it’s getting some mentions here and we haven’t seen it in awhile. Not sure what MTP and PCRC are?

Yes to all of these except Figment. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s time?

The Seas is a must because the youngest has an isolated and inordinate love of cuttlefish. When we were at the aquarium in Atlanta, he had a small crowd around him as if he were a docent- he was so full of amazing cuttle-facts.

Yeah, I have KS down twice and it really is a long ride, isn’t it? If you could do it in daytime or at twilight, which would you pick? I think that’s going on the “once list”. KRR is already there.

We haven’t seen FEA, so we’ll do it but we have no expectations. I was going to do it twice while the family is at TT but maybe this is my chance to see Journey into the Imagination.

I did have Spaceship Earth down twice, but I agree with you. It’s great to see but only once is necessary. I don’t think the family has ever seen Peter Pan- I may have, once, over 10 years ago. It’s worth going once? We would have Fps for it.

Wow! you must have been there on a busy day. We’ll be going by both those rides a couple of times, so hopefully we’ll catch them with a “normal” wait. We didn’t do Grand Fiesta last time and I kind of like it, though it’s corny.

This is really helpful, thanks everyone! Sometimes I think the fact that a ride has a FP, or a hard-to-get FP makes it seem more attractive than it really is. I’ve trying to break that mindset.

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I’ve only done it in daytime. I skip Journey into Imagination too so can’t help there. PP is cute and I think worth seeing but only with FP, it’s not worth the long waits it always has.

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If you have FPP for PP definitely ride it! It’s cute!

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Wouldn’t wait excessively long to ride it, but it is worth it if only for the flight over the city streets scene.

Reading through this thread, I do think it is important to understand your ride style. Advice can vary wildly. For example @profmatt said he’d only do Space Mountain once. But us? Space Mountain is one of those ones that you get in as many times as practically possible! Same with BTMR, and EE in AK. But we are thrill ride folks. We can’t stand Journey into Imagination, but others always do it.

(And yes. We are definitely fans of People Mover as well. The ride is so simple, and yet there is something about it I love.)


In fact, having just found a second FPP for BTMRR — finally! — it’s not currently in the schedule at all.

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