HDDR transportation

I will be Going from AK to HDDR. Is the fastest way to drive then take internal bus system? We have a car. Thanks.

I have never done it with a car, but that has to be faster than driving to the TTC, getting to MK, and then boating to FW.


Budget plenty of time either way. You’ve got to park way away from Pioneer Hall and it’s not a short bus ride to get there from the parking area. I’d plan for 90 minutes minimum to make sure you’re on time.

We went in May. Took a cab to FW where they drop you off up front where you’d be parking. A bus was waiting and it took right at 5 minutes on the internal loop bus to the HDDR drop off point. It’s painless.

The alternative would be a bus to MK and then boat over which docks right at the hall for HDDR.

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FWIW, whenever I do HDDR, I always plan to do the early show on a MK day.

  1. No problem getting there & back; just take the boat. Less WDW time wasted traveling. No parking hassles.
  2. The early show because it gets us out of the park during the most crowded/hottest time of the day.
  3. It’s an all-u-can-eat/drink, so no driving, take boat back to MK & enjoy the evening.
  4. It’s all-u-can-eat, so it can be the only big meal of the day after breakfast. A small mid-day snack, and a small evening snack suffice.

Only downside is missing out on the 3pm parade if one does the early HDDR.

I can understand making a late HDDR on an AK day when AK closes early; that makes sense too.

But we kind of like doing it on a MK day, nevertheless for the other reasons. :wink:

FWIW, your mileage may vary, go well.

Thanks. We are going in February and AK closes at 5:00pm. I was going to try to make it to the 6:15 HDDR. I am guessing we should leave the park around 4:30ish?

Can I suggest something that may upset some people but I think would work? Leave AK and drive to WL. Tell them you are going to the territory lounge- go there- have a drink- then take the ferry to Hddr

Not sure they would believe my little boys are having a nightcap, but if I were going alone that would be an option. :wink:

Maybe your boys would like the soup? All lounges are open to children at wdw (I know, stretching here but I do think it works).

Try this for your travel options. Directions for getting to Hoop Dee Doo Revue

We stay in the campground a lot. You could drive and take the internal bus systems, or take a bus from AK. Any of the internal buses will take you where you need to go, so your wait and bus ride should be less than 15 minutes once inside ( We normally camp near the bus stop for HDDR), It is about a 20 minute drive from AK