Has anyone used CLEAR at Orlando Airport?

CLEAR is an airport security bypass that you can sign up for. They scan your fingerprint and eyes and you bypass some of the line after validation. You still go through the scanners and such but don’t have to wait for them. Has anyone used the CLEAR lines at MCO? Interested in your experience and if you feel it saved you time.

Is this different from TSA Pre Check?

Yes, it is.

You can use it along with TSA Precheck or you can get it if you don’t have TSA precheck. It allows you to skip the line that leads up to either TSA Precheck thing or if you don’t have TSA precheck, you skip the line up to the scanners. So you’d still take your shoes off, get scanned, etc but don’t wait in line for it.

The line for CLEAR was pretty long when we left on Friday. There were probably about 35-40 people in it. The Pre-Check line was far worse though. One of the TSA guys was even joking about it to the people in the regular line - “Be thankful you don’t have Pre-Check!”. :joy: I don’t think it’s normally that bad though, at least I can’t recall seeing the CLEAR line that long in the past.

This seems fascinating and pretty awesome… but it looks like you have to pay for it, is that correct? I was just reading up about it on the website… but I see a Payment tab during the enrollment process…

Was the regular line longer than that? I haven’t been to Orlando in about 10 years but have heard the security lines are pretty long. I live in Houston which also has long lines, so I’m used to them stretching across the terminal. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If the regular line is 150 people and the CLEAR line is 40, that could work!

The regular line was a bit longer, but not an awful lot. Think it took us about 20 minutes to get to the security checkpoint, After that it was quick, since they were doing the “shoes on, everything stays in the bag” routine.

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The full CLEAR membership is $179 per year (just $15 per month) and provides access to all CLEAR LOCATIONS at participating airports, stadiums and anywhere else CLEAR may go. A full membership includes the ability to add up to 3 family members for only $50/each per year. Children under 18 can use the CLEAR Lane with a member for free! There is no need to add children under 18 to your CLEAR account.

Oh yeah. It’s $179 a year for the first person in your family and $50 for additional family members. 18 and under are free, so just the adults pay. HOWEVERRRR… if you google it you can find some promo codes :wink:

Even with a promo code, I don’t think I can afford it at this time… We typically fly once a year at most. But it sounds pretty amazing!! If I had the extra cash, and flew more often, I’d definitely do it.

I’ve never found any of these programs that useful, primarily because my airport is so tiny we all use the same line. Plus I seem to get TSA precheck most of the time- my demographic profile must be extremely boring.

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Haha, I wish mine was! I feel like I always get some sort of special treatment (and not in a good way). One time when I was 7 months pregnant they picked me to be taken to a “tent” on the side and had to be patted down. It was cold outside and I was wearing lots of layers of maternity clothes that had to be moved and pulled. It was awful!

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My husband and I had been perusing very briefly but more for stadium access. We’re going to a Yankees game in a couple of weeks and it would be nice, but the cost is just outrageous. Especially since we already have Global Entry/Pre-check. I don’t really care if the ID check part of the pre-check line is long, it will move quickly. And for some reason CLEAR isn’t in Boston yet either. So a pass for us.

Backside of Magic did talk about it this week if people are interested in getting a slight discount on it. I kind of assume that’s why you brought it up!

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Exactly! I found a promo code just like @jeremy1002 mentioned, so I signed my husband and I up for the free trial. We’ll be able to use it on our WDW trip in 2 weeks. The lines to get to the security scanners can be pretty long at my hometown airport, so I’m excited to see how it works for us. Curious about others experiences in Orlando since I haven’t been there in forever. Yet another reason why Backside of Magic is the best. :disappointed_relieved:

Also, if you have sky miles (delta) you can get it for $119/year. Just need to be signed up for skymiles. Not sure about other airline reward programs having a discount.


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That is just rude. It’s hard enough to travel pregnant- and then that!

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@Laura_hastings i have Clear, but paid for by work. But I will say I’d pay for it if work didn’t, and TSA Pre. 99% of the time its a 5minute walk thru


I believe Clear is just for the identity verification part (the checking your ticket against your ID). So basically the first step of security, you still have to do the second step (bag check) based on whatever process you would otherwise go through. Meaning, if you have to go through the regular process of taking your shoes off and opening your bags, Clear won’t change that step. You will probably get to skip waiting in the line, but you still have to remove all the things. Precheck (or Global Entry which comes with Precheck) does allow you to do the bag screening quicker, keep your shoes on etc., but you would have to have both Clear and Precheck to fast track both parts of security.

At our airport (MSP, a Delta hub and one that Clear seems to focus marketing efforts), they seem to put the Clear people into the Precheck line anyway for bag screening for whatever reason. So you benefit from both even if you don’t have official Precheck. But I’m pretty sure that depends on the airport.

If doing a free trial, you may want to go to the airport before your trip to sign up for Clear so you are good to go on the day of your flight. Since Clear uses biometrics, you would have to do that day of if you didn’t sign up ahead of time (which I have heard is pretty easy, but if you’re doing it to save time for that one trip and other people have that same idea the day you fly, it might not take less time to sign up day of).

This is the best source I found on the benefits and differences, just so people know what you do and don’t get for the money.

Just curious why you think you would pay? Because it saves you 5 minutes?

Yes! We are signed up and are doing our finger print/eye scan the day of our trip. We plan to be there a bit early to get it done so we can use it right away. Customer service confirmed we can use it the same day we do our scans.

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