Has anyone else been observing the ResFinder lately?

I have a couple of searches running right now on the TP res finder. And every now and then I log in to see when they were last checked.

Before, like, I don’t know when, but earlier than present day, it seemed when I would check on my searches it had been a while since they were checked.

But now? I swear they are checking hourly if not more. I mean right now the searches show checked times of 3:53pm and 4:08pm. It’s FANTASTIC! I have always loved ResFinder but seeing this huge uptick in the frequency of searching just reassures me more that what I’m looking for will be found eventually.

Anyone else notice this? Anyone know when it changed in this way to be more frequent?

Is it still human people doing the searches???


I haven’t observed this but I did notice that it was checking very infrequently for my trip past this summer. I remember in the “before times” that it would check more frequently like what you are observing now.

And now one is updated to 4:20 so less than 30 minutes between checks as it was the 3:53 one)

It must be a fairly recent change bc it was definitely few and far between in October. Maybe not as many people are using it anymore since they had poor results.

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It could also be that many of us have requests that are duplicates because the reservations we want just aren’t available yet.

For example, I’ve got Space220 Lounge for Feb and Hoop Dee Doo for Feb.

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For what it’s worth, I recently got back from a trip that was planned with only about 40-days advance notice (and so could not benefit from leading reservations, for example).

I used all three reservation finders: TP’s Res Finder (free/2 searches), Mouse Dining (free/6 searches) and Mousekepros (paid/50 searches).

Had pretty good success with Mousekepros. Had no problems getting what we wanted: Topolino’s, Hollywood Brown Derby, Oga’s, Sanaa, Candlelight Processional, etc.

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I have had an early Topolino’s breakfast listed in the Reservation Finder for 2 months now… not even one hit. :worried:

Ale & Compass is my back up so I should be fine, but I thought it was odd that it hasn’t had any hits yet.

I think that’s more a reflection of how tight dining is though.

Both of mine have been searched in the past 30 minutes.

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It has definitely been searched… just no opportunities.

Ale & Compass will be fine I am sure.

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I was wondering of something changed. TP and Moise Dining were finding my ressie at the exact same time, which makes me feel like they are somehow now able to scrape the data from Disney instead of looking it up by hand.

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You have a search set up for Hoop Dee Doo?

Yup. It is supposed to open sometime in January according to rumor. I don’t want to miss the news. But, I figure it is an easy No, Not Available for anyone checking because they’d be in the know.

Sometime in January? Like 2 days from now January?

I think @PrincipalTinker s surprise is that most times ResFinder won’t let you set up a search for a restaurant that is still closed

I just checked again since I believe the last rumor was January 27th? It will not let me set up a finder for Feb. 21st (because it is closed).

Hoop Dee Doo sign was taken down?

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You mean the physical restaurant sign? That is disappointing. Our trip is first two weeks of Feb, so the finder is for somewhere in there. But if the sign is gone that sort of quashes the opening rumor. Oh well, I’ll tell myself what I’ve told myself many times before when eagerly anticipated Disney dining either doesn’t open or opens as too much less. “At least I’ll save some money.”

I just tried to set up the finder for Feb. 7th for HDD and I got the same message.

Reservation Finder came through for me yesterday with a Topolino’s breakfast I’ve been wanting for next week! When I logged in to check a few times, it definitely looked like the searches were very frequent.


That’s the best breakfast on property!


I had picked that for our first day (and rest day) because it had a bunch of characters that we have to meet and they serve steak. Daughter has loved steak since our last USF trip. Those were really the only reasons. But, since then I’ve heard so many good things about it, I’ve gotten more and more excited. In fact, I think I am going to need to set expectations and tell the family “This will probably be our best meal at Disney.” Otherwise they might be disappointed in everything else.

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That might not be a bad idea. It truly is one of the best meals. The steak, quiche, and waffle are all delicious.

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