Has anyone booked their HS FPP after EEMH begin on Sept 1?

It’s 60 days out from August 30, so wouldn’t there be lots of people now booking FPP for the week following SWGE opening? I’m dying to know what kind of times people are able to get for their one Tier 1 ride (esp SDD, RnRc, ToT) after the EEMH begin on Sept 1.


I am wondering about this, too.

Also, not sure if this is news, but it seems that there will be NO fastpasses for Star Tours at all… is that something everyone else already knew?

Yes, it has been discussed in other threads. But it doesn’t hurt to remind people where it’s relevant, like here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did I read that right: you can book tier 1 fp starting at 6am?

For the August dates, yes. The park will be open to everyone. From 1st Sept it’s EMH for resort guests only so no FPs till 9am.

Guess I missed those dates in bold. Lol

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I had read that ST was going to be the only ride in Tier 2 after Aug. 29th. I read the AllEars article you linked. I can’t tell in their verbiage if they are saying ST won’t have FPP like the other SWGE rides or if it is a part of Tier 2 with the shows.

“Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror will move to Tier 1 on August 29, effectively putting all the rides in the park except Star Tours in Tier 1, and the shows in Tier 2.”

Not saying that DHS hasn’t changed their Tiers / FPP again. I just can’t tell if this means ST is not offering FPP at all during the SWGE opening.

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I think someone has confirmed Star Tours and Fantasmic show up as tier 2.

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Yeah… That’s what I had read on multiple sites & heard on Podcasts. However, the article posted seemed to be vague about it.

They were just late with the article. The original release on the DPB was similarly vague too,

I think All Ears have just taken the info from there, rather than from people who have actually booked their FPs.

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This is the image of the fast pass selections in the allears story linked above, it shows Star Tours as an available fast pass


I saw this picture too, but the caption below it says for dates before Aug. 29th.

Again, I’m pretty sure SST will be a Tier 2 option once SWGE opens. @lindsayvrsmith is the person who posted about it not being available at all. :grinning:

Really hope you guys are right and that ST will be Tier 2. I can’t miss my ST!

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They must have corrected the caption because it now says “as of August 29, 2019”

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Thanks for all the comments, but I still haven’t heard what success anyone has had with HS FPP after Sept 1. Anyone? I pick FPP in a couple of weeks, and I’m impatient to hear. LoL

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Good morning OP. My booking was done this morning, and I booked for Wednesday Sept. 4th. Not sure if that is close enough for you… I was able to get TSMM at 9am, followed by Star Tours at 10am and then M3D at 11:05am.

FPPs only start during regular hours, so nothing for the EEMH starting at 6am. 9am is first available time slot. Yes RnR, ToT and well, everything but shows and Star Tours is considered at Tier 1. I could have had SDD but not until 2pm. I decided to see if I can’t get one day of…

My plan of attack for the day is to arrive by 5:30am or so, take full advantage of the 3 hour EEMH. I will do my best to ride the Falcon first thing, and then get the heck out of Galaxy’s Edge and head to Toy Story Land and SDD, see if I can’t get a ride on TSMM and SDD, hopefully lines are under 30mins… we’ll see… then after SDD, I’ll head to RnR and ToT and ride those rides as much as I can until 9am.

At 9am, I’ll head back to Toy Story Land and try to get in another ride prior to using my first fast pass. I’ll spend a bit more time in Galaxy’s edge in the afternoon. I hope to be able to get a fourth and maybe fifth fast pass and I will use them on RnR, SDD (wishful thinking), and ToT.

In the end, if the whole thing is just too darn busy… I’ll just leave. I’ll come back for dinner reso, Fantasmic and Star Wars Galactic Spectacular


Are you at all worried that the line for Falcon will be so out of control that you might not make your first FP?

I’m not… I mean if it comes to it, and if for some reason I haven’t used my disney crowd skills to get near the head of the rope drop line, well I guess I would just forego riding the Falcon and move on to just binge ride the other lands. It is my expectation that I will be close enough to the front, that I will see the first riders entering the queue.

To be honest, I think people are really underestimating just how early getting to a park at 5:30am truly is… how many families will really be able to make that time? If for some reason, it’s WAY worse than I could have ever imagined and there are 1000s of people there ahead of me at 5:30am, I’ll just attack Toy Story Land and avoid Galaxy’s Edge altogether. It’s not going anywhere and when I booked this vacation it wasn’t even planned to open, so if I don’t see it / experience it… I will do it next time.


Great attitude!

We’re not going until Thanksgiving and therefore (at least at this point) won’t have EEMH. I’m having trouble figuring out what time to put my first FP or ADR because I am going to be pretty frustrated if I almost make it the front of the queue and then have to decide whether to bail or miss out on an ADR or FP. First world problems!


Given how busy that time of the year traditionally is, I figure they’ll have the EEMH, but who knows. You will find out soon I’m sure if they are going to be there. I might suggest doing the following, reverse your order for the fast passes, I mean even if you love STours, I’m sure if pressed you could forego it and know that you could get a FP for it later in the day or week.

I would make my fast passes in reverse if I didn’t have EEMH. Go M3D first at open, then ST at 10 am followed by your Tier 1 choice at 11am. If you arrive early to gates and get rope drop, you won’t have more than say 60 to 90 mins waiting on Falcon… Now if you’re even 10-15 mins late behind rope drop, uggghhh… not sure what will happen to that cue. But I really like your odds if you are well placed to move at rope drop of getting on the ride and off of it in time for Star Tours before 11am. I just can’t see 2 hour wait time if you’re there for rope…