Happy HalloWishes Dessert Premium Package

Happy HalloWishes Dessert Premium Package: Is it worth it?

I don’t think anyone can exactly answer that since no one has done it yet. I purchased it for 10/25 but am leaning towards canceling unless the reviews are great. the biggest down fall for me is that they are telling you to get to the parade viewing area one hour before the parade starts. the whole point of paying for parade viewing is so I DON’T have to get there an hour before the parade starts!


Great point. I’m going to be there on an uncrowded day as well so I’m wondering if I’d just be paying for some deserts…

what day are you going?

I didn’t know this was the first year for offering this…

last year was a villain’s soirree which was more expensive and the dessert party was in the castle and there were characters there. they have done the dessert party at the Christmas party in the past though.

Also, it sounds like it doesn’t leave much time for other things does it?

Oct 8

I don’t think I would count on 10/8 as being uncrowded. that weeks attendance was higher last year than in the past b/c it leads into the Columbus day Holiday weekend. http://blog.touringplans.com/2015/04/06/disney-world-least-crowded-halloween-party/

I think this new event does eat up time out of the party and I will only my keep my reservation if people report that you can show up 15-20min early to the parade viewing area and still get in. I won’t go if I need to be an hour early.

Yes, I am feeling like it could be a big time drain as well. I booked for 9/22, and you have to cancel at least 5 days out, so I will be cutting it close if I wait for reviews to come in! One idea I have is to just skip the early parade viewing, head to the dessert party at 9:30, and then catch the late parade when it will be less crowded any way. I am also concerned about being able to see the stage show, and I sort of feel like if I stake out a spot for that, I might as well just stay there. I really don’t know though because I have never done a party, and I have never even watched Wishes from inside the park.

I was going with the TP’s crowd predictor: a 4/10 at MK with an overall score of 4 for WDW. Do they not take into account holidays like Columbus Day? Heck the previous day at HS is predicted at 2/10!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Resort-wide Crowd Levels
Crowd Level: 4 out of 10

Crowd level is based on ride wait times between 10-5.It has no bearing on actual people in the park or how busy the parties will be in the evening. Historically the busiest parties have low crowd levels during the day as guests don’t want to waste a ticket on a park that makes you leave before 7.
With regards to resort levels they only account for 10-20 percent of wdw park visitors as over 80 percent stay offsite.

Just booked it for 10/16. I agree that it could be a time sink, but the instructions state that “Starting at 7:30PM, Guest will meet at the parade viewing area” – It doesn’t state that you have to be there precisely at 7:30PM, I think it just means that you cannot check in any early than 7:30 to get your viewing spot.

Where does the parade originate from? If it starts at 8:35PM, when will it pass Town Square?

Also, how long is the parade? The instructions state that you can check in for Tommorowland Terrace at 9:30PM, do you think its possible to catch the parade at Town Square in the reserved section and then do some trick or treating and re-check in at the T Terrace?

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That’s exactly how I interpreted it too. I’m planning on checking in at 8pm for the parade. I figure there should be plenty of room, since the number of people also have to fit in the Dessert Party Area. It probably would be a good idea to go over to the dessert party following the parade so you can get checked-in. I would probably save the trick or treating for after the fireworks or do a little before the parade.

I believe that the parade originates in Frontierland, so it takes some time to get to you at Town Square, probably 20 minutes or so after start time.

the instructions also state somewhere the they will “walk you” to the dessert party from the parade viewing spot. My guess is that the parade will be over right around 9, so by the time you walk to TT, it will be close to 9:30.

I am hoping that someone does this on the first day and reports back!

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So according you and the link re. the party crowds you provided, I should have booked the MNSSHP on Oct 6 and not the 8th?

I wanted to watch the villans show, see the parade and see the fireworks. I found a spot for the villans show and stayed put. It does eat up a lot of your time. But those were the things I was focused on for that night

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I too think it originates in Frontierland because Headless Horseman rounds the bend near Liberty Square.

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