Happily Ever After Premier

Here is a video of the first performance of HEA.

The crowd noise is a bit annoying, especially at the beginning, but it’s a high-quality video. In a word, amazing. I never had a great emotional tie to “Wishes”; in fact it is probably my least favorite of the Disney FW shows that I’ve seen - IMHO, this obliterates it. And that’sjust from watching a video on my laptop. Can’t wait to see this live!


Thank you! I was going to look for this later!

T they going to be showing this during Christmas Or something else?

No one knows for sure. Some rumors are that “Holiday Wishes” (and “Hallowishes”) may come back for party nights. But others are saying with all of the new technology in place and the “relative” ease of changing shows simply by loading a different program and different shells there may be brand-new party shows as well.I guess time will tell.

I was there with my wife and we had an amazing view.

  1. Sensory overload. You can’t watch everything at once and it made the whole thing too cluttered. In fact, the fireworks took a major backseat to the “movie trailers”.
  2. No Jiminy was really disappointing.
  3. What is up with all of these C level movies? Moana got more time than Frozen? Tianna and Mulan? The Hunchback? Barely any Cinderella, on her own castle no less? Barely any Snow White? No Seven Dwarfs? They have the most popular ride in the park!
  4. A timeless and heartwarming fireworks show was turned into an overproduced overindulgent mishmash of technology. Just because you have the ability does not mean you have jam all of it into a 15 minute show.

Some of it was entertaining… but in the end I wasn’t left with the feeling of whimsy and wonder that Wishes had.

The production of this thing was way too much.


The fireworks crew told me that the Christmas, Halloween and 4th of July would stay the same for now. The crew chief said the 4th of July fireworks were his favorite.

“The same” as in HEA will be shown at the parties, or “the same” as in the old shows will be used ? :slight_smile:

Yours is the first negative review I’ve seen.

Your 1st and 4th points matched my feeling when I watched the video and compared it to my reaction to Wishes. I hope that in person, after a great day at Magic Kingdom, my reaction will feel more along the lines to what I felt with Wishes. I’m looking forward to hearing from those who watched from the beach at Poly to see how the fireworks were without the projection.


I had a good vantage point… just was left wanting something different I guess.

Moana came out last year and was already given more time than many other timeless classics. I just think they should give it time to breathe before cannonizing it in that way.

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Sorry- same old special fireworks. So- HalloWishes is remaining and the same 360 4th of July Show.

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Really great, thanks for posting @bswan26

I thought it was AMAZING. The best fireworks show I’ve ever seen. And that was from the live stream. I absolutely LOVED all the movie references including Tiana, Mufasa, the villains scene, Tarzan, Moana, and the Heroes scene. It was absolutely beautiful. The way they changed the castle was beautiful!!! Even the short Cinderella scene was great! I can’t get over how crazy this show was!! The fireworks were WAY better than Wishes and I loved Wishes. I can’t wait to see this in person!!!


I can totally see the sensory overload factor. Sad about jiminy, but can see the other things as justified. Disney has caught a lot of flack for including too much frozen all the time. So that may be what is motivating the decision to cut back. Also, I’m excited that some of the movies from the 90s are getting some attention.Those are the movies I grew up going to see at the theaters - and from a marketing perspective, my generation is the one with young kids right now. So we are the target parents for bringing up the next generation of Disney kids. Bet that’s why they included so many of “our” movies.

Anyone watch from California Grill or the Polynesian?

Anyone can watch from Poly.

You can watch from CG bar if you can get in, but that is hard to do. If you have dined there that evening (or that brunch or evening on Sundays) you are welcome to return with your receipt and will be allowed entry. You can view from inside or from the concourse that is part of the restaurant.

Yeah, I was curious if there was anyone who caught the show last night from an out of park vantage. Wondered what it was like from afar. Obviously with it being projection heavy, I imagine you lose quite a bit of the “magic”.

Well, that’s only if you rely on the story and projections for magic. Fireworks are magical to me, and seeing them from just about anywhere will always give me goosebumps and, very likely, tears <3 My birthday is 7/3, so perhaps this has something to do with it since I used to think, when I was little, that the fireworks were all for me :slight_smile:

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Another thing that worries me is watching the show from behind the castle. You miss 60% of the show I would guess. And you would have to squint from the train station.


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As much as I LOVED it, that’s the one thing I can agree with you on. If you’re not in the Hub/MS, you’re missing half the show. The live stream last night had some views from the train station and they were pretty good, I was able to see what was going on pretty clear. I’ve heard from a couple different places that they were adding projectors to the back of the castle but idk if that is still happening or not. I think that would be HUGE if they did that, and I think eventually they will, but for now it looks like we’re gonna have to get to the Hub a couple hours early