Halloweenies take WDW 10/17-10/25

Also worth noting that the room was great! It was listed as “worst” because it overlooks the covered walkway between BRV and WL which seems loud when people roll suitcases along the path, but I literally never heard it once. We sat out on the balcony a couple of nights and it was nice and peaceful. I loved being so close to the actual lodge.


That pull down bed is adorable! I would want to sleep there!


I took a boat over to WL on Tuesday 10/20. It’s really lovely! It feels very “home” as in Pacific NW with the totems and evergreens and such.

We tried the walk-up at Sana’a on Thursday night and evidently totally lucked out even getting on the list. It was a 50 minute wait, but we were fine enjoying the savanna. We would have ordered take-out if the walk-up list didn’t work out.

It was awesome! We really liked it. And both of the lodges seemed so comfy. I definitely think we need to come back when it’s cooler to really feel the cozy feeling.

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OMG! That was soooo good!

Sorry I didn’t try to meet up with you. We were there on 10/24 - 10/26, but I was doing well just surviving all the walking and the awful heat!

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This shake was one of my top reasons for visiting! I almost got another one on our departure day at DS but I needed to dry out a little bit.

Sorry we missed you too! I have to say all in all, the weather during our week was perfect for us! It did warm up towards the end of the week which was when you arrived. Last year the heat was horrific. But then the time we went the first week in Nov we were freezing. Cannot win!

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Ok, I’m back after life got in the way a little bit to finish this up! Can’t believe it’s almost been a month since we got back. I admire all of you who write trip reports because they are a lot of effort. And the terrible Wifi at WL didn’t help matters!

I liked this method of split stay quite a bit! We focused on Epcot and DHS for our Beach Club portion and then today was our BIG MK day from Boulder Ridge. It was a Friday and they extended the hours just before I left so I was super excited. I had heard very mixed things about when the boats were running from WL but someone, I think @Totsypooh?, that they saw the boat leaving around 8:10. So I went down around 7:50 to check it out and I was 3rd in line. DH was wrangling DS and meeting me. Well the boat pulled in exactly at 8am and no DH! I’m frantically calling him to hurry and he comes sprinting up the dock. So we got on the first boat but were definitely not among the VERY first at MK. Security and taps were all already open but it was really nice for us not to have to wait to open a park since we had waited quite a lot at DHS and Epcot. We walked quickly to 7DMT with very minimal wait here. This is one of my favorite pics with DS raring to get on the ride!

We then followed our tried and true method of heading over to Frontierland to walk on BTMR. We again bypassed PPF and never ended up riding it! My DS just wasn’t that into it. There was only a 35 minute wait for Splash posted when we got off so we got in line there but they very quickly dumped the line and said it wasn’t opening so we moved on. Stopped at Sleepy Hollow for some goodies! And did a little browsing (with our hands in our pockets) at the Christmas Shoppe.

We then went back to Main Street to try and catch some cavalcades and I did some shopping. We really wanted to see the Main Street Philharmonic but we never actually caught them which is a bummer. But we saw the Cadaver Dans twice which made my DH (regular Dan) happy.

In between cavalcades we caught Pooh & Friends and Peter Pan in front on Crystal Palace. It’s enough out of the way that there weren’t many people and it’s surprising the amount of interaction we had. There was even a CM doing a little “crowd” control handling for Peter Pan so we got a little bit of a private experience.

We then headed back to Wilderness Lodge for pool and nap time. I wanted to be able to fully enjoy MK at night!

We came back around 4:30pm I think? I absolutely had to bribe my son to take a nap and then I still had to let him wear his pjs to the park. Fine by me! 10% of every paycheck of mine goes right to Hanna Andersson anyway! Dinner at Cosmic Rays and two rides (with Dad) on the Tomorrowland Speedway. I’m actually unfortunately a little fuzzy on other rides but we definitely did Winnie the Pooh and tried to get DS to go on Haunted Mansion with no luck. Last year he loved dark rides but I think his imagination is just that much bigger this year so he was a little scared. Then I was starting to get nervous about never getting on Splash so we headed over here.

We got in line for Splash probably around 6:50pm and it was posted 60 minutes. TP was estimating 35 minutes so I figured “worst case” we would wait 60 minutes. Well we waited around 50 but close to 20 of those were the line not moving. This was pretty brutal but we survived. Luckily the bathrooms are right there and DS/DH could hop a few fences to get there. We love this ride and I’m glad we got one “last” ride in, because boy does it need some maintenance. I personally hope the closure starts sooner rather than later.

As we were floating along at the end of the ride DH and I were doing some serious strategizing over our last ride. 7DMT and BTMR both were posting 60 minute waits but I was a little afraid we wouldn’t make it to 7DMT in time. But that is DS’s favorite so we popped him in the stroller and speed walked over there. I think we made it with a couple of minutes to spare and waited about 20 minutes. Great ride in the dark!

We moseyed out after closing and took a few selfies and DS tried SO hard to get that darn sword out of that stone.

I was impressed that the PhotoPass photographers were still out even though the park was closed, so that was nice!

We only waited a couple of minutes for the boat to go back to WL but for some reason a bunch of people came behind us. So for those who are asking, I would imagine the boat would need to run at least 1.5 hours after close. Great, great day!

Oh and mommy got a late night treat from Roaring Forks! We ate out on our balcony and it was so peaceful. I really like Wilderness Lodge!


I am reading this RIGHT NOW! :rofl: Can’t wait to see the pics! I hope to have some night time rides at MK in January. 7DMT just jumped up to the top of the list!

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Hahaha I knew someone would beat my slow phone fingers! It will definitely be easier to have night time rides in January! This was my first night time Splash ride which was really cool too.

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Love the pictures! I used to love Hanna Anderson! Best jammies. Well, I liked the Gymboree jammies too.

Great tip on Splash! Thanks!

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