Halloweenies take WDW 10/17-10/25

Another successful day today! We had a 7:30 Chef Mickey’s reservation so we drove over there and parked. Very good Disney breakfast and DS had pancakes with rainbow jimmies that were a big hit. We were a little ways back in the line but were some of the first few through the taps. Walked right on 7DMT which is my favorite! We could have then also walked on PPF but DS balked. So we leisurely walked to BTMR and walked 10,000 steps through miles of empty queue. The Splash line looked crazy but they were staging it outside the queue for some reason.

We probably should have ridden Big Thunder again but we were antsy so got in line for Splash as they filed into the real queue. We waited maybe 10 minutes before the ride went down and they cleared the queue. I don’t think it ever actually started though DH thought he saw people on boats. Luckily we were near an easy exit so we booked it to PotC with the rest of the queue behind us. Walked on there and then spent some considerable time in the gift shop with DS!

Splash was still down so we changed gears and went to Buzz which was thankfully still pretty close to a walk on. I think it was maybe 10:15 by now but DS was a little overwhelmed so he said he wanted to sit and relax. So he and DH sat in front of the Plaza to try and catch some cavalcades. ALONE TIME ALERT! I went to the Emporium for a bit which was nice but was all too quickly joined by my boys. This was actually a great time to shop because most people were pouring in still. We saw the very tail end (unfortunately) of the Cadaver Dans as we came out. We also saw the Mickey and Minnie Boo to You one which was great! Anyone understand how the Sugar Rush racers from Wreck it Ralph got grouped in with grave diggers and haunted mansion ladies??

We still had time before lunch so tried Under the Sea which ended up being our longest wait of the day at around 35 minutes because I think something was broken and/or we hit a cleaning cycle. The queue was very hot but was rather entertaining with all the shells and sea creatures so it wasn’t too bad.

Then it was time for the best part of the day! Lunch at Cinderella’s Royal table! I booked this a little bit on a whim but DS is always asking to go in the castle and I figured that this was my cheapest opportunity. I had no idea that Cinderella appeared. I thought she had only come out on the day it opened. But she was just fantastic! She spent a while and honestly made eye contact with every table and just posed for pics. DS was enamored.

Oh and the food was great too. We came out of lunch to the end of a torrential downpour and a soaking wet stroller. Always cover it! Duh! Not a huge deal. We almost actually just called it a day but DS was really renewed with the two make your own cupcakes so we soldiered on. Space was only posting a 30 minute wait and TP said 25 so we tried that. It was questionable whether DS was 44 inches in Disney measurements but he made it! We met some very friendly people in line and got poured on again but it felt worth it!

DS and DH went on Tomorrowland Speedway which shockingly had a 5 minute wait all day! I tried to shop again really quickly and that was it for MK! We will try for Splash again on Thursday.

Came back to the Beach Club and did laundry and watched football and then we got Boardwalk pizza and ate by the pool! Not a bad evening at all! I’m starting to get nervous for a BG for tomorrow but I have done my due diligence so it’s out of my hands. Fingers crossed. We actually get to sleep in a little and plan to start walking around 8. Wish us luck!


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Not a clue, but that’s pretty funny!

I hate it when that happens!

How was the weather when it wasn’t raining?


Your son is a cutie pie!


Sounds like a great day! Good luck getting a BG today!

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How was laundry at the beach club? Was it crowded? Any issues? I had laundry day all planned out when we were staying at AOA, but havent figured it out since we switched to YC.

I have to say the weather has been great! Nice and warm by New England standards but not sweltering hot. Like I’ve been a teeny bit chilly getting out of the pool but never truly felt like I was going to melt except for like 5 minutes in the Under the Sea line.

Laundry has been great! I’m doing more now because we check out of here tomorrow to switch to BRV. Today one machine was in use and none the other day. Do you know about Laundry View? I would just walk over to the 4th floor of the BC villas with your suitcase of laundry and no one will give you a second glance.


Yesterday was a great and exhausting day and we all pretty much went right to sleep so sorry for the delay! Spoiler alert for most of you - we rode Rise of the Resistance and it was great.

Woke up at our normal 6:45ish timeframe and ate cereal/oatmeal/French croissants in the room. Anxiously walked out the door around 7:55 to begin the trek to DHS. Relatively few walkers and some (insane) runners around. It’s actually a nice walk if we are being honest. Arrived around 8:20 I think? There were two lines and I would say we were 10th. Best part of the day was meeting @Mickeycental and her DD in line! They were only 3-4 groups in front of us. It also turned out that we were behind them at MK the day before because my son was admiring her daughter’s green hair!

Timeline gets a little fuzzy from here but we were let in in stages to temp, security, taps, etc. We fell behind a tad because we have a stroller but no biggie. Walked onto MMRR with perhaps a 10 minute wait. It’s a great ride and my DS loved it. And DH continues to marvel at the lines that build as soon as we exit attractions! Power walked from here to SDD around 9:40 I think? Posted wait was 35 and I was absolutely panicking that we were going to be on Slinky at 10.

You’re allowed to leave the line for stroller parking and I dawdled there on purpose futzing with our rain cover to delay us in the line a little but it was unnecessary. At 10 we still had a ways to go. DH and I were both on Verizon with decent speed and I had time.gov on my watch. My phone hung up on searching for friends and family which has occasionally happened in practice. DH thinks he nervously clicked too early. Who knows! No BG. Some people around us got one but not a ton. The day before had seen a ton of downtime so I was wondering if they didn’t release a lot to begin with. We were bummed at that point but honestly glad that the stress was over. DS knew nothing about the ride so he was fine!

From here TP was saying a 15 minute wait on MFSR so we headed over there but either everyone saw that wait or it was a miscalculation because by the time we found the end of the 90 minute line it was being closed lol. So we mobile order some breakfast ronto wraps that were fantastic and just chilled. At this point the park was madness. Nothing had less than an hour wait and even the stores had lines. So we decided to just head back to the Beach Club. We did catch some Stormtroopers and a blue haired resistance fighter?

On our way out along Hollywood Boulevard we stopped at a Photopass photog (I will add some more thoughts on this later). He was great and we asked when he thought the next cavalcade would be. He looks at his watch and said any minute! So we grabbed a bench in the shade right there to wait. Well it ended up being probably 20 minutes but we really didn’t mind at all because there was a breeze and we were off our feet but he felt really bad. He went offstage for us to double check and everything. So as soon as it comes he steps off the street to get out of the way and taps me on the shoulder to scan my band. He took pics of DS for the whole parade! And it was our favorite Pixar Pals! He was so sweet and they came out great. I will post them as soon as I link everyone to our MM share.

We took the gondola back to BC and that was a great ride. So quick and easy since we were pretty much the only ones riding at noon. DS made some friends with his sand toys at Stormalong Bay and I discovered chair wait service at the pool! (I don’t think they did this at SSR?) For anyone staying soon, the wait staff serve from both Hurricane Hanna’s and Martha’s Vineyard. I had a phenomenal chicken sandwich and a Mai Tai.

2pm rolls around and DH and I both tried again for a BG although it felt like so much less pressure alone on beach chairs. I got a blue “something went wrong” but DH got BBG 86! Woohoo! I have no clue why it was considered a backup because they were already on 55 by then so we started to get ready to go back. DS and I took the gondola and DH walked for scientific purposes. It was pretty much a statistical tie. We came back to a dramatically different park.

We did TSMM with about a 10 minute wait and ASS was a walk on. We walked back through Galaxy’s Edge which was glorious now that the MFSR line wasn’t snaked through the entire land. We got the Child magic shot and saw Kylo Ren and Chewie!

Then we rode Rise of the Resistance! We waited probably 25 minutes to get on but worth all of the aggravation! What a ride! It was very cool. My DS ended up being a little scared but said that he loved it! We felt like we were the only people on the ride! Have others felt that way? After we went into the holding cell with just another couple they were the only other people we saw at all. We saw a bunch of empty transports which made me mad with so many people shut out of BGs!

We got off and MFSR was entirely in the inside queue so we attempted and this was another roughly 20 minute wait. I think DS liked this better. FYI for parents, even though we had the whole cockpit to ourselves we weren’t allowed to both be pilots and have DS as gunner lol. :rofl: someone had to sit with him. Got off around 7:15 and thus shut the park down. Gondola line was a little long and we heard someone say 25 minutes so we walked back. Great, great day! Everybody was out when the heads hit the pillow!

Animal Kingdom tomorrow! (Today… but now it’s late again and I have to fold my laundry.)


Way to get that boarding group in style! Really enjoying your trip report so far.

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Glad you had a great day and got to ride ROTR.

The empty transports are actually circling around from the exit area to be refilled with new riders, so only empty because they were just emptied of their passengers. They are definitely not leaving them open and keeping people from riding. Hope the rest of your trip goes well.


Sounds like a great day, even with the hiccup with the 10am BG drop.

Question about the BCV laundry - did you not need your magic band to get in? That’s always how they’ve restricted entry before. I’d hate to see @Broph1988 trek over there from YC only to not get in to the laundry room.

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Ok thank you so much for telling me this. I feel a lot better!

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Have a wonderful day at animal kingdom today! I am very much enjoying your report!

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I don’t think so! In fact last night I forgot both magic band and mask ( very sorry!) when I went to retrieve. Thankfully I didn’t encounter anyone and DH was in the room. Maybe because the whole building is DVC?

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Did you have any troubles finding stroller parking? I’ve never been to WDW with a stroller before and while I’m trying hard not to, I’m stressing about it a little bit. Does stroller parking tend to be at the entrance or exit of a ride? And was it close to the entrance for MMRR? Any problems finding it?

Did you get into line with your stroller and then leave DH and DS while you went to park it?

I’m so excited for you and that photo pass photographer! Sweet pixie dust and magic making.

Again, I’m loving the report. I’m going with my 2 1/2 year old in 3 weeks and I’m excited!

Stroller parking isn’t hard! Definitely don’t stress about this. For the most part, if there isn’t a sign saying “no stroller parking” you can leave the stroller up against a wall out of the way. Some places like Fantasyland and The Land pavilion (no strollers inside) have big designated lots that are pretty obvious.

Normally you can’t have the stroller in line but right now since the lines snake for a while before you even get to a queue you are allowed to keep the stroller for the outside part of the line. For Slinky you keep it until you get on the bridge and then it’s on the other side. They let you out and then back in the line. For MMRR it’s right in front and you can go drop it when you are close. It’s nice with all the line markings now that it’s very clear where your spot in line was so you can easily go back.

If you are rope dropping a ride definitely send DH to drop the stroller anywhere you can see and hop in line with the kids. I’m so excited for you and your trip! 2.5 will be fun! We left my DS2 at home and I miss him!!


We are checking out of the Beach Club today :sob::sob: I’m so sad because this hotel has been amazing!! I have already setup a DVC resale alert for small point BCV or BWV contracts. It’s bad! But I want to come back here for sure.

But we are switching to Boulder Ridge villas where I have also always wanted to stay! We have a car so are transferring most of our luggage ourselves but gave one suitcase to bell services to move for us to save some space. They said it will get picked up here between 1 and 3 so I will update with how that goes.

Today we are going to Epcot and we are literally sitting in the room twiddling our thumbs waiting for a reasonable time to go stand in line. These hours are the pits!

Yesterday we did Animal Kingdom! We were not planning for FOP based on DS’s reaction to RotR so we took our time. Pulled up to the parking gate at 8:30 and there were many cars in front of us. We walked on to Na’Vi river at just about 9am. The FOP line was posted at 30 minutes but looked longer by that point.

Then we went to the Safari but had to circle around Pandora twice because they closed the exit to Africa. So by the time we got back there it was a 20 minute wait but it wasn’t too bad as the line moved. We had a great safari because it was still pretty “cool” and cloudy. We did Gorilla falls and saw baby Grace for a while. She is a cutie! She is 17 months and it was crazy how much her mannerisms were similar to DS2!

Then we did Dinosaur against my better judges because DS is a big dino fan. He did fine but didn’t love it and said he never wanted to go on again! We had lunch at Flame Tree BBQ and watched some river cavalcades. Did the Maharajah jungle trek, did a little shopping and headed out. We caught a cool parrot show as we were leaving and got some magic shots!

We got in our final time all afternoon at Stormalong Bay which was great. Went to DS for dinner at Polite Pig which did not disappoint! Mom got a bunch of alone time shopping! That 30% DVC discount is no joke! It’s just a bummer that it’s not possible to walk around with a cocktail which is half the fun of DS.

Off to walk to Epcot one final time! Btw, this is our balcony. The whole thing! It’s as big as the room almost.


Holy cow that balcony!!!


We are back! So sad to leave but glad to be home. I’m on my laptop again so it will be much easier to write, but then I will go back and add photos from my phone.

Epcot on Thursday the 22! This was really the only day that the nutso park hours got to us. We “slept in” as much as you can with a 4 year old and also packed up to transfer and were still twiddling our thumbs in the room until 9:30 or so. I had originally been worried about the timing of luggage transfer on this day but we rented a car at the last minute. So we only sent one large suitcase through luggage transfer almost as an experiment and so that we didn’t have to pack neatly. Beach Club said that the bags would be picked up between 1 and 3 and the bag was ready when we got to Wilderness Lodge around 5.

So this time we were about 3rd in line at IG for Epcot at 9:30. We made friends with some nice folks behind us who needed help finding FEA. I didn’t take a pic, but the crowds were MUCH lighter than on the previous Sunday. The line never backed up to the bridge at all. But they opened a bit slower. We got to FEA around 10:30 and the cast members were just entering. They said they would open as fast as they could but might not open until 11. But I have pics of us in Wandering Oaken’s at 10:40. The window technology there is really cool! I think we always bypass it with FP.

We rode this and thought about trying to ride TT again but I could see the line as we walked towards Future World so we just ended up doing Nemo and the Seas. DS was not as interested in the tanks as previous years so we didn’t actually spend too much time there. We also really wanted to see the full Mariachi Cobre performance so we headed back to a gloriously empty World Showcase. Some of the good booths are indeed closed on weekdays (which I knew) but we got some good stuff. Canada and Japan were big hits. We caught 3 cavalcades and ran through the maze in the UK.

I grabbed a violet martini to enjoy from the very front row of the America Gardens theater and we got the full set of Mariachi Cobre. They played one of my absolute faves from the extended Coco soundtrack, La Bikina!

We continued on the full World Showcase with another beer for DH, a Key Lime mimosa for me and a final stop in the World Showplace for the showstopping Guinness Bailey’s shake and some diabetes on a stick, cake pops. They were actually phenomenal. We got our room ready text but it wasn’t listed on the TP room finder! I think they have the BRV floor plan wrong. I googled the room and it was listed as one of the “worst” per some other blog but it actually met all of my requests so I was happy.

We exited one final time out the IG to walk back to the Beach Club for our car.

We got to Wilderness Lodge around 5pm and went straight to our room to change for the pool! I was worried that DS would feel like the pool was a downgrade from Stormalong Bay but he loved it! And I actually really liked that I could sit in one place and watch him. The slide is really fast and the splash pad is awesome!

So here was my biggest “failure” so to speak. I requested a room on a higher floor as close to WL as possible. We were in 3506 which really met all those criteria so we walked back and forth to the pool a few times each time passing right by Geyser Point. I had heard such great things! Well we walk by and there were plenty of open tables so we went up to the room and showered and changed. Well by the time we got down apparently there was a 45 minute wait for a table (even though some were still open and in use). So we had to do takeout instead which we also had to wait in line for. This ended up being fine and I enjoyed eating in the BRV lobby, but I wish Disney would be consistent with the restaurants. They should do mobile order or ADRs here instead of the weird walk-up. Had I known I would have put our name in earlier. Oh well. It was great food! People aren’t kidding about the bison burger!