Halloween Horror Nights 30 Thread (2021)

Made a general thread for all HHN news, TP posts, questions, and general discussion!


I soooooo want to attend HHN at some point. If there was no pandemic this might have been the year. :frowning:

I hope this means info will start being released!

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I’m so excited about this house!

I started watching the show last night. I am enjoying it so far. I can’t wait to see what other houses are coming (but I’m going to Hollywood and there are usually a few differences). I’m hoping for Beetlejuice.

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Is the show based on the book by Shlrley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House?
I have not seen the 1999 version of the movie, but the 1963 original film The Haunting still scares the living daylights out of me.

It’s loosely based on the book.

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Pretty sure I’ve seen the 99 and 63 version but I don’t remember them at all. Enjoying the show right now though in preparation for maze. Might have to go back and watch the old films too. I used to love scary movies but DH hates them so I don’t see them very often anymore. He won’t watch this show with me. :-(. Came to be last night and asked me to turn it off.

Two houses announced!

Returning from last year’s shortened event is Bride of Frankenstein Lives!

Plus we have the announcement of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


At Hollywood too both of these.

We’ve gotta cancel our plans to do HHN :tired_face: DH had to use vacation days to cover shutdown days. Passes expire Sept 23rd 2022, so maybe we’ll catch a break.

News! I love news!

Ok- I want more!

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Original creator and the actual account doing the work, not WDWNT.



Hollywood tickets on sale now and two more maze reveals (Exorcist which is a 2016 repeat and Pandora’s Box which is a 2019 repeate)

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I’m going to HHN this year! (although I know like nothing about it :slight_smile:)


I’m writing article for Touring Plans about HHN for first timers. Are there any specific questions you’d like answered?

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  1. where are the best people watching places?

2). Can I signal to scare actors I really, really don’t want any attention.

3). Secrets to comfortably waiting for the park to open up and still be in the first 100 in line.

4). What’s the back story of Jack.

I’m coving Jack in an upcoming post (possibly this week).

  1. Pretty much any scare zone or grab a drink and stand by Duff Gardens and watch the chainsaw hoards.

  2. Signal? No. But act confident in the streets and stick to the sides for actors to avoid you the most.

  3. Participate in Stay & Scream where you stay inside the park during closing and are among the first inside the houses.

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