Hagrids EE , VC, Hulk and our stuff /lockers

Just making sure that for Hagrids we can bring a Fanny pack ( worn on waist) , and we can bring our phones right? And we tuck lanyard into shirt? Trying to avoid lockers on EE day.
Velocicoaster and Hulk I must put phones bags everything away in locker. ? Ty


Yes, I wear my Fanny pack (phone inside Fannypack). You cannot have any metal on VC and Hulk. Your lanyard will go inside your shirt on those rides too.


Good to see you over here!

Cargo shorts with a button/zipper are also acceptable for phones, etc. on the non-metal detector attractions that you can’t take bags on.

Rip Ride Rockit also has metal detectors. Head’s up, VC’s (free) lockers are not outside the entrance, but within the indoor queue. The extra large pay lockers are in the Discovery Center.


This confused me so much on our first ride! I was wandering around looking for the free ones.

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It’s these little details that are important to know ahead of time.

Also important to know that when putting your items in the VC locker, to realize that you’ll be on the opposite side to retrieve them. After exiting the coaster, there is a TM constantly announcing, “These are your lockers, they are the same ones you used!” I couldn’t believe how many people passed them thinking, “this don’t look right, my locker is in a different spot” :man_facepalming:

So another tip, remember your locker number/section, especially since they will appear different!


For the non metal detector rides, do they have baskets for things like water bottles?

We just went to Brusch Gardens and my DD had a small fanny pack for our valuables, and we left everything else in the baskets by the rides. Does this work? Or is it lockers every time?

Lockers I’m afraid.

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For Gringotts, MIB, Mummy, & FJ and the no bags/loose items policy, you’ll have to use the locker for your water bottle.

All other rides besides those 7 that have no requirement, you’ll usually take your water bottle with you. There’s usualy somewhere to store it on the ride vehicle, like a pouch. All rides are different though, like Dr. Dooms has a shelf right just outside the drop tower seat.

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Is there a day pass for lockers (buy once and use all day?)

Thanks! These are the details you have to think through with a new park! Sorry to take the thread - but I have had these questions in mind.

The Universal locker situation seems - complicated.

I had no idea there were metal detectors on some rides!

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Yes. Here is the best info on lockers:

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You bet.

I’ve been there. After my first visit to UOR, my biggest regret was not learning about the locker system ahead of time. It caused stress and confusion.

Yep, the 3 biggest coasters you can’t have anything in pockets besides your ticket/room key. Not fun getting buzzed and having to backtrack.

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Great link. Its book marked. I am sure the lockers are a source of stress!

Orienting myself to the resort layout and figuring out what to do with stuff are rhe only two things that make me anxious.

I will have to let DH know they mean business. He is the most likely to leave something in his pockets.

I am not going until March of 2023, so I have time!


We love these! Any excuse to talk Universal!

Just understand unlike WDW you can’t take your stuff (that can’t fit in a pocket) on most rides. Only 3 rides have metal detection - VC / Hulk / RRR

The free lockers are small, but if you aren’t carrying a big backpack you’ll be ok. However, if you need the larger lockers, they are $2 per use! ($3 at a couple rides!!)

I have a sling bag. It is the perfect fit for all these lockers. It holds everything I need every day - including a pouch for my phone. (I don’t pack like I’m going on safari though!)


Great Scott! We’ve got to get you back to your proper timeline!! :crazy_face: :innocent:



What’s the locker situation for hagrids first thing in the morning in EE? Any tips?

There are two locker areas. The first is closest to the Hogwarts Express. While they are both at the queue entrance, they are on opposite sides with a bit of a walk between them.

I prefer to walk to the one a little further. Most people will stop at the first bank of lockers. It gets hectic fast. It’s going to be a bit crazy if you are in the RD crowd no matter what. Try to have only one person go into the locker area while the rest wait right outside. This will avoid a lot of nudging around people or being disturbed.

(I generally use that locker area for all my ride. It’s outside of Dervish & Bangs)


I also recall the team member at Hagrid’s asking if my fanny pack had three prongs.


We said yes, and they did not even check.


I personally do not recommend Hagrid during EE. It’s a zoo and I don’t know how big an advantage you really get. I did VC during EE — zigging while other people zagged — and that worked really well.

I’ve had great success with Hagrid later in the day. I monitor the wait times, and I’d studied historical wait times. On my trip last month, Hagrid posted 75 mins but I was in and out in 35 mins!


I would like to add I keep a water tight sports bottle in the bag along with a lot of other itens. It carries more than you think!

"Based on the wait time data submitted by our amazing Lines users we determined the three best times to ride Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure:

  • 11:30 a.m. – At the beginning of the lunch rush we see a noticeable drop in actual wait times
  • 1:00 p.m. – We see another actual wait time drop now as most guests are either eating or back at the hotel.
  • Last hour the park is open – Universal will artificially inflate the posted wait times at night to discourage guests from jumping in the queue".

Glad to see this. It confirms what many of us have been saying for quite a while.