Groundhog Day and Another Canceled WDW Trip in 2020

This was to be the day we left for our week at WDW. With cases spiking and all hospitals in our area full beyond capacity we made the tough decision to cancel/postpone our trip for a 2nd time this year (We had a June trip all planed a year in advance). This is not tragic like the tragedy that many are experiencing right now but it is still sad. I feel terrible for my DS (10) who has been disappointed twice in the same year on top of everything else in his life that has been canceled.

We were all really looking forward to Christmas time at WDW since none of us have experienced that before. This would only be my sons third time at Disney and we don’t get down to FL very often. Most of my friends don’t really get it and probably were wondering why we were going in the first place. I get a lot of “well thats what you get” vibes from them. I know my liner peeps get it when most others won’t.

Rescheduled for May and hoping for the best. Already setup my TouringPlans for that week.


I’m sorry :cry: I really hope you are able to go in May. :heart:

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Today was our travel day to WDW as well. Cancelled the day before the trip balance was due. We are rescheduled for April.
This was a family trip with both of our children and our granddaughters. Luckily, the DGDs knew nothing about the planned trip. When I found out that there would be no holiday storytellers at Epcot, the disappointment was already started.


I’m with you.


Sending hugs. It’s awful cancelling trips, especially those with holiday magic planned.

Best wishes for a wonderful trip come May.


I’m sorry. We recently cancelled December and although I know it was the right thing to do… it sucks.

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I know all about the disappointment! Our April trip was rescheduled for August (we cancelled that one too), and now we’re scheduled for April. I’m very skeptical about our April trip. In the midst of all of the rescheduling, DH had emergency surgery and is now scheduled for more, which also makes our April trip iffy. We also have a DS10 who was so excited about this trip and seeing SWGE for the first time. I hate to see him disappointed!

I cried on the phone to the CM when I called to cancel.
I also kept adjusting ADRs even though I knew we would not be going without a miracle.


Thanks everyone. This will be a tough week, especially since I pretty much had our TPs memorized and will know what we would have been doing. At least the weather will be warmer in May. We will actually get to use the pools.

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