I’m seeing conflicting info online about Grinchmas. Some say it will start mid November and some that it is after Thanksgiving. I am considering 2024 so it’s a late Thanksgiving, not till 28th Nov.

We’d be interested in the breakfast, the meet and greet, and the show - everything Grinch related basically. We love him. Does it all start at the same time?

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I don’t know, but I’m excited that you have a trip on the horizon :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


I might not, but it’s on my dashboard anyway - it’s called Clare’s Very Merry Possibly Imaginary 50th Birthday Christmas Trip :joy:



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Just because it’s all happening inside your head doesn’t make it any less real :wink:



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We don’t know till the Holidays at Universal dates are announced.

So there’s no pattern from previous years?

Last years dates started on 11/12.

But did everything start then or was some delayed? That’s what I can’t work out.

I’m already leaning towards putting the Universal dates at the end of the trip in the first few days of December anyway, so maybe it doesn’t matter. Except I’d rather finish my trip in November, if possible.

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Everything, including the Grinch Character Breakfast, was in full swing as of 11/12/22 last year.

They started putting up stuff in Seuss Landing before HHN was even completed!


Everything but Manheim Steamroller which performs select weekends in December.

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Wow! That might sway me then. But it would be safer to visit after T/G since you never know I suppose.

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be aware that Pop Warner moved over to Universal. They show up the first weekend of December and stay about 10 days! It was chaos at the hotels last year. I’ll never go back at that time, even though it’s my birthday.

However, inside the parks it wasn’t too bad. They had competitions all day. Instead of being in the parks right after the Pop Warner stuff, they had exclusive parties after the parks close. (7pm / 8pm - 10pm/11pm) a couple nights. I really felt that made a difference for day guests.

(I’m still not going back during that week though!!)


Oh FFS! I had no idea. Now I’m conflicted.

So the weekend would be Sat 30th/Sun 1st? We are looking at being at WDW 27th-3rd and UOR 4-6th.

That’s right after the weekend they should arrive! I can’t recommend any on-site hotel except the deluxe as Pop Warner takes over all of them - including moderates!

The parks are busy at that time, but not terrible. The hotels were the big issue

So we’d be safe at RPR? I had been looking at Sapphire Falls. Alternatively, how bad is Universal over Thanksgiving?

Yes. I spoke with the TMs at Aventura when I stayed there in February. I was talking about how I’d wished I’d been there for December. I assumed Pop Warner only did the value places. The TM said they stated at the moderates too.

It’s as busy as you think it will be. It’s never going to be “Disney” busy as it’s not as big. However, you’ll feel the crowds. Staying at RPR you’d get the UXP. That will really help

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My friend probably isn’t going to ride much there, that’s why I really wanted to avoid having her pay for a deluxe. But on the other hand, she wouldn’t have to wait so long for me if I had express pass, and she’ll probably ride a few things.

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