Gran Destino Room Categories and Rates (Coronado Springs)

Rooms are available from 09 July 2019.


I cannot find any info on the club level. It is not being called business class ? Will it be a true club level lounge?

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I’m assuming it is a true club-level lounge. I booked a room for opening night. We’ll see.


True club level and able to book 3 FPs at 90 days. That reservation may be hard to come by next December?

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I’ve got a rolling set of 5-night reservations starting mid-November 2019 for exactly this. As we know an opening date, I can cancel what isn’t needed.


I’m booked now for January, with a club access standard room. Very excited.


@len do you have an estimate when Tower Rooms will be available for room requests on the dashboards? Booked at the tower for late September from the other portion of the resort. Everything looks so exciting!


I’ve acquired the room-by-room floor maps, and we’re working now on adding them to the site. Should be up well before your trip. In the meantime, let me know if you have questions about specific room locations.

FWIW, the “deluxe suite” rooms are all in the “elbows” of the resort - where the wings meet the main building.


I think that’s one of the best rooms for the money in WDW right now.


I was originally looking at POP or CBR to try out the gondolas, but then started seeing pictures of the tower and decided that we can Uber to HS and EP if we feel it’s needed, because the tower was absolutely happening.

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We are booked for a water view next May!!! So excited, this hotel looks so beautiful. I fear we will want to spend more time at the hotel than the parks! :smiley:

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Hi Len,

I am staying in the Gran Destino tower on July 18th. I love utilizing your room request form but I dont think there is any information available regarding room locations. I am in a tower room with a water view. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all you do,

I too would like to utilize a room request for my stay at the Gran Destino on Aug 2nd. Any idea when it will be added to the site?

Looking forward to the updated room info for Gran Destino as well!

Any update on room requests for Gran Destino? We check-in in 10 days. I’d like to configure our fax asap! Thanks.

Should be by the end of this week. We’re verifying a last set of room numbers now.


Would love to stay here…love the resort and the new rooms look awesome. Only wish they would have added some rooms that accomodate a family of 5. :confused: oh well

@len, I just noticed the tower rooms were there and configured my fax last night. I check in tomorrow 8/2, any chance the fax will still be sent? Thanks for your help

Yes, should go out today. Good luck!

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Hi! I have Coronado Springs as my resort - that stays the same for my fax, right? I don’t change to Gran Destino or anything? Also, I don’t see room views when I try to look, it’s probably too early for water views yet? thanks!