GOVX tickets

I am a new federal employee and was looking for some Six Flags tickets (we’re going to visit my brother in Santa Clarita in a few weeks…don’t worry, this is a Disney question :rofl:) and realized that they had Disney World tickets as well.

Has anyone used GOVX before? It seems to be a pretty good deal for WDW tickets…how can I be sure that they are legit?


I’ve never heard of Govx, but I’m a state, not fed employee.

One thing I’d suggest is make sure you are comparing after tax prices from Govx to the usual discounted reseller prices.

Other business discount sites like Tickets At Work don’t add tax until checkout, while resellers like UT etc have prices that already include tax.

People don’t always catch that difference.

Thank you for the tip. I will double check the total price to see if it included tax - I’m pretty sure it did. I was looking at 2 adult and 2 child tickets for 6-day Park hoppers. They were a little more than $1700. Felt like a good deal.


I checked out the site and see I’m eligible to join as a state govt employee, so signed up. But my registration hasn’t been approved yet so can’t see prices.

But, if those PH for 4 are $1700 or so including tax they would be about $100 cheaper than the best reseller price right now. (Undercover Tourist should be $1811 according to my spreadsheet.)

Fingers crossed - would be an exceptional deal!


I was able to get Govx to approve my membership today and took a surf around: right away from the look of the tickets interface, it seems to me that at least that part of Govx is powered by Tickets at Work, because it looks very similar (if not the same.)

Sadly it looks like my warning was correct - they do not add tax until the very last step.
Their total price for 6 day PH for 2 adults 2 children comes out to $1852, while the best reseller deal right now for those same tix is $1811 at Undercover Tourist.

Here’s the 6 day PH for 2 adults 2 children after you hit Complete Order and right before you enter a payment method:

One alternative technique you might try to save some more and get a bonus: We have been discussing it here in forums and chat:

Conventions publish discounted ticket links on their event sites. If you use one of those links, you’ll find that often multi-day tickets are often a couple of dollars cheaper than the lowest resellers - not a huge cost savings, but with multi-day convention tickets Disney throws in a free water park day.

To add to that savings, you can also pay for convention tickets with Disney Gift Cards - so if you buy discounted GCs you can save some more. (e.g. Buy Disney GCs at Target with a Red card at 5% off. Sam’s Club / Walmart also sell discounted GCs.)

You have to put a little more effort into it, and to use a GC to pay you’ll most likely need to call Disney up to have it applied, as the Disney convention payment page doesn’t seem to like gift cards even though it is an option in the form.

(Just This morning I bought a MNSSHP convention price ticket and it took a few minutes to get them to apply it and make sure they used the discounted convention price.)

For more details on that process, you can check out this forum thread: Convention Ticket Tips