Good news/bad news Skyliner

This is good news or bad news depending on how you look at it.

Boarding multiple parties on Skyliner should help alleviate the long waits that could happen at busy times. But if you aren’t vaccinated or are still desiring physical distancing from others, it is bad news. You decide which applies to you!


I saw someone post from another blog about this. I’m NOT happy about it b/c the honor system doesn’t work and I like to take my mask off when I’m on the SkyLr.

I get that. On the other hand, the 53 minutes it took to get from Pop to HS in the morning in August (and quite possibly longer lately) should be reduced significantly.

I think if you are on the Skyliner during less busy times, you probably are still likely to get to ride without others.


It’s bad news from the perspective of it is just plain awkward to be stuck for 10 minutes (or more) with someone you don’t know. Especially as a solo traveler.


Ha! Good point.

Since my only experience with Skyliner has been without other parties, I didn’t think about that one. It will be more like riding on the bus or monorail now.

I don’t mind the bus or monorail as it’s rarely just two people in there. Being suspended in a box with one other person you don’t know is just awkward.


It’s even more awkward since you are facing each other. At least on a ski lift, both people look the same direction.


I suppose, theoretically, you could sit on the same side so you don’t have to look at each other…but that’s kind of like choosing the urinal right next to the only other person when there are umpteen others to choose from…a completely different kind of awkward.


Even sitting on opposite benches in opposite corners is awkward.


I got stuck once by myself with a family of 7 people that pretended like I was invisible. They were…a lot…and made the journey very awkward. I’m generally able to handle awkward social situations like an expert. After that trip I never want to ride the skyliner with strangers again.


How many people technically fit on a Skyliner car? Eight? If there were six of you, would they start calling for groups of 2 or just let you board and the group behind you with four gets the next car? Maybe the key is to only travel in groups large enough to require their own car.


I’d be curious how they did this pre-COVID. I mean, it sounds like they are just going back to how they were doing it before.


It reminds me of Mickey’s Fun Wheel at DCA (now Pixar Pal-a-Round). The cars are very similar and you get that awkward-facing-strangers vibe. Much shorter than a Skyliner ride is though!

Do people actually do that?

I actually sort of enjoyed being with strangers on the Skyliner. It was interesting to see them react differently to things.

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Most of the time I’m totally fine. These people were very committed to having their family argument the whole ride…it was a whole lot of stuff that need not be shared with strangers.


Being solo on the skyliner is always a mixed bag. I have a pretty friendly face and demeanor (people always ask me for directions for example) so most of the time it’s pleasant. I’ve had fun people, quiet people, angry people, etc, but I’ve also had some really awesome interactions with children who feel some kind of way about me being by myself. Either they want to sit with me or as far away as possible. I’ve even had them share their toys with me or hold my hand or lean on me. It’s fairly precious most of the time so I won’t mind those experiences coming back.


People destined for a specific level of hell do, yes.


Solo on the Skyliner with a large family in there is awkward as hell. There was one where they were all boisterous getting on and as soon as I entered it went dead silent.

it wouldn’t be so bad if it was multiple parties…but it’s always 2 parties. You throw 3 parties in there, woo hoo, we’re all awkward! Crowd awkwardness is funny! But when it’s just 2, it’s just silence and the occcasional comment.

Of course there’s also the other scenario, the party is giving each other bad info (“No the monrail will take us to Port Orleans!” “Animal Kingdom will have fireworks tomorrow”) and if you go correct them…now they wanna talk your ear off. :weary:

Still, I’ll be glad to see those insane lines end. Cause then I can just wait out those less-than-insane lines and grab a cabin solo. :smiley:


I look at it as Good News/Good News. The skyliners will be able to take a lot more people now. So, those that opt out should have a much shorter line for the bus.

I think it is similar with social distancing at restaurants. I like having the tables spaced out more. Really, really like it. The noise pollution is less and it is a more posh feeling. But, I’m not paying posh prices, I’m paying the same as I was before. So, it would be unfair of me to expect restaurants to continue to space out tables once they no longer have to.