Good news/bad news Skyliner

Especially for the San Angel Inn. “Sorry Ma’am, I was just trying to get some guacamole, didn’t mean to elbow you in the ear!”


Stepping solo onto the Skyliner with a whole 'nother group, I’d lead with “Hey, does this ride have any drops?”

Either they think you are funny, or they think you are weird - win win in my book. :smiley:


This is probably one of those “if you don’t think it is awkward you are the awkward one” situations because it doesn’t bother me to share Skyliner, elevator, etc. with strangers. I’m likely the weird one making the rest of you uncomfortable. :slight_smile:


Back in August, they were not running the bus unless the Skyliner wasn’t running. I am pretty sure that is the norm…that is, the bus only runs if Skyliner cannot accommodate everyone for EP or HS.

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So, what is the etiquette on the Skyliner? Is there one? Like, I know in many (most?) major cities you generally don’t talk to random strangers on public transportation, and that it’s considered intrusive/rude/weird to try and strike up a conversation. And it feels rude to exclude the other person/party from one’s conversation in a relatively intimate setting like the Skyliner. But it feels equally awkward to just sit there in silence.


Well, there blows that theory.

You fake narcolepsy and start to loudly snore. Or lead with @JJT’s idea. Your call.

But seriously, I don’t know. I sit in silence. Basically treating it like an elevator ride.

Also, in the bubble, social rules were different in the beforefore times. Striking up a conversation with complete strangers seemed to be far more normal than on the subway. :smiley:

I’d like to think we’ll return to that quickly in the bubble, but… I still don’t wanna talk most of the time.


Maybe maybe not. It depends on how accommodating disney wants to be with those that aren’t eager to cram into small spaces yet.

I feel, at the very least, they’ll let you still get your own cabin if you request it (especially if you’re rocking a mask).


I thought masks were still required in all transportation modes, attractions, indoors. ??? So a mask :mask: would still be required on the skyliner ???


Skyliner seemed to be the exception. Only once the whole time was I told by a cm to keep my mask on in the cabin. Most others said nothing as I entered without a mask or said I could remove it once the doors shut.

That might’ve changed now that they’re doing multiple parties, I don’t know.


Oh I agree… I’ve never been told to keep my mask on by a skyliner CM either. I was thinking of the updated mask :mask: policy. So maybe they will, as you noted, start enforcing it with mixed parties

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So new skyliner etiquette: are you vaxed? Asking to know if we can unmask :wink:

In late April, AoA had bus access to HS and Epcot even tho there’s obviously SL access. Pop folks had to come to AoA for the bus. The bus also ran at night leaving HS to AoA.

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Right. This was happening during my trip too. It was due to super high demand on the skyliner and the super long lines.

If there’s no longer the long lines, I don’t know if disney will keep that up where they could deploy those buses elsewhere. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Oooh boy. I imagine that conversation could potentially go very badly. Not sure I’d want to go there while a bazillion feet off the ground in a death bucket :wink:


It’s finnnnne cause they NEVER stop or get stuck! So you’ll only be with them for a few minutes! What could go wrong?


I know., it was offered as tongue and cheek

Haha I got stuck on one for an hour. We were “evacuated “ and redirected to buses that had been called for us.

Oh, I got that! Sorry, my response didn’t convey that I understood you were joking and was playing along. :woman_facepalming:


…how do you evacuate from the skyliner?