Good Morning.. just looking to chat. LOL

If I talk to my husband any more about where we may or may not eat in a year, he may just kill me. Any one else have this dilemma? Even my friends don’t get it ( are they really friends then :smile: Lol… Anyone fell free to private message, or answer in here. me so we can just chat about our love of Disney or any planning that you may be doing for a trip that seem just as far away as mine does. 391 days. Always Taking suggestions on Dining plan, and spots to eat We are a family of 4 (traveling with 6) Me, Dh, DS7, DD4 MIL and Aunt(in law). My tough day is AK, we have done tusker house and loved it, but will be trying to get a Chef mickey this year, and it seem like a repeat of a character meal. I know I know… different outfits. Talk to me people. LOL


What about on of the restaurants at AKL? Just a short bus ride over.

do you think its to much “flavor” for the kids??

I think it depends on the kids, but there are plenty of kid friendly options. The adults with likely really enjoy it. Breakfast at BOMA is very safe and also very delicious! Inside the park you can try an ADR at Yak & Yeti which gets very good reviews.

Hi! I have the same problem as you in that no one wants to talk to me about a trip that’s over a year away but I’m still thinking about it a lot! We did TH for a late breakfast on our AK day this past May and then we did CM a few days later for breakfast. The kids were happy to meet the characters twice. However, on our next trip, I’m actually probably going to skip both of them since there are so many other places to try. My plan was to just have a quick service lunch somewhere in AK and since the park closes fairly early, I think 5pm, the dates that we will likely be there, we were going to do a character meal for dinner. I was thinking 1900 PF since we didn’t do that last trip. If I had to make a TS res at AK I would probably try Yak and Yeti since that gets good reviews. keep chatting away!

I had the same problem with my DH at the start of the year but now our trip is in 10 days and everyone is excited. He thanked me last night for all my hard work! I had the same problem with AK because we did TH last time so I went with yak and yeti for lunch and we are having dinner at Sanaa to end the day with an animal theme. My DD is nuts about animals so the night vision glasses should be a hit. We will going for 8 days and staying at AOA. This is our second trip so I am trying to plan new things and fits some of our favorites from last time in also. I have keep some surprises up my sleeve for DD 7 like a BBB makeover followed by lunch at CRT and then a FFP for A&E. She is going to flip! Also didn’t tell her about the frozen stuff getting extended in Sep at HS so she will have a little extra magic each day. Have fun planning. I will try to help with questions when we get back.

Going next June and I get the “here we go again” look from DH every time I try to talk about our trip. Had to choose between TH and CM. Kids choose CM. Fits better with our plans anyway. It will be our farewell to Mickey breakfast the day we leave. Only spending one day at AK so the plan is to arrive late that day and spend entire day w/o an afternoon break. We will see how that goes. Around 6:30 we will hop on over to Boma and check it out. Kids are fairly adventurous eaters as long as it’s not spicy hot. Looks like there are plenty of kid food options to fall back on if not.

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My ds4 is the only one who talks disney with me… At least I have him and you guys!!! Haha 52 days till we hit mnsshp! I can’t help with AK… It’s been a long time since we’ve hit that park… We are usually day trippers :wink:

Good morning @chilepeppr4! Nice idea for a thread! I’ve been sending planning emails to the 5 friends who will be joining me in November for Epcot F&W, and it’s been so nice to have friends to talk to about trip planning! I had to really hold myself back when I was planning my family trip. :slight_smile:

If you ever want to chat about just general life stuff as well as Disney thing, you (and everyone) are alway welcome in the Clean Daily Chat in La Cava. We “keep it clean and try not to be mean.” There are lots of nice people over there.
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Good idea about going to AKL. Will have to wait to see what kind of hours we are looking at. Maybe we can do a dinner After AK closes.

That’s what we did. We were done at AK around 4:30 and had a nice dinner at Boma at 5:30. It was excellent. My kids loved it.

Last year we spent the entire day in AK with no breaks and no one had a melt down. We had such a great day. If we do Boma. We would have to take a bus back to a pack then back to our hotel?

Yes to travel from resort to resort you need a stop at a park, or take a cab or your own car.

We were lucky. AK was open late that day so we went back to AK (5 min) then caught the bus to our resort. I’ve read that if AK isn’t still open, it’s best just to catch the first park bus that arrives. The ride times for the other 3 parks are similar enough that it’s a waste of time to wait for one specific bus.

Another vote for yak and yeti. AK has narrow walkways so it always feels hot and crowded but even more so in late summer. September is still late summer in central Florida. Yak and yeti is dark and cool. We love the food and drink. Service is good.

sigh… I was hoping the last week in Sept it would start cooling off, guess not. I guess we will see how it goes. LOL

Going solo in 16 days do really nobody to talk to about it. Was real excited yesterday, today not so much, found out one of my planned events may not happen. Hope the excitement returns. Guess I’m just down and very tired

My next family trip is around the same time as you - my countdown app says 393 days! I spent a good portion of my evening last night looking at different rooms and trying to decide where we should stay. I think that we decided on POFQ. Though we love our values, we are pretty excited at the prospect of the upgrade to moderate, particularly with respect to the pool.

Cheer up buttercup :slight_smile: I just sent you a text with some fun info!

Thanks for the cheer up Just been a bad day at work. It’s made me very nervous about going away for a week. That and very tired. Thanks too for the info. I booked a Mears shuttle from Uni at 6:25 so I should be at the Poly a little after 7. Figure I’ll just catch a cab to go back. Keep smilin