Good morning countdown Sat Aug 2nd

Good morning everyone! I’ve missed the countdown threads the last few days! I hope @Steve1 is well. When is everyone going?


Good morning! I hope Steve is well also. Today! We head to Disney today for 4 days!


53 days until our first ever MNSSHP and F&W visit! And we are bringing along 3 first timers with us! We’ve been busy indoctrinating!

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Good morning y’all @snow I saw your September post . I hope y’all have a great time !

Good morning, @pod4christ! I’ll be a couple days behind you - 17 until BC! I have family leaving today for a 4-night trip they planned . . . one week ago! I’m anxious to hear how things go!

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Looking forward to seeing you @WeHave2GoBack! (shhhhh don’t tell @LuvMuppets)

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Good morning, all! 428 days to go. I will be making a payment of $200 sometime this week on my RO reservation. I’m really excited about it! The process of paying for this trip was expedited in a big way by this surprise influx of cash!

You gotta keep me posted @WeHave2GoBack! But I doubt they will tell us much -we will be hearing the story second or third hand!

I heard that @pod4christ! Lucky for you, you are meeting the best portion of our traveling bunch in @WeHave2GoBack!


Good morning! My countdown is at 93 this morning, and I’m so glad I have a trip to look forward to as we head into the first weeks of school. (Edited to add: My kids love school. I just find the social-club PTSA moms a bit exhausting.)

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I’m down to just 1 (one) on my countdown. I guess I should start packing things into the suitcases.

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Wow! Have a great trip @barnzo00! Yes, packing might be a good idea, although they do sell clothes and things at WDW. :wink:

35 Days! 5 weeks from right now we’ll be packing up the last of it and heading to the airport!!!

School is already beginning for you? First day here is Sept. 5th. Where are you guys? And when do the kids end the school year? I’m so curious!

27 til our first stay at CBR! DD6.9 is so excited about the pool! And yesterday was the first day of school here.

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We begin Aug 1 and are out by the end of May. South GA, no snow days to make up. :slight_smile:
Harvest time / summer farm work comes earlier in the south.

We still have a week and a half until school starts. The first day will be Wednesday Aug. 13 and the last day will be Friday, May 22. We live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It seems like some states do the Labor Day to June schedule, and others do the mid-August to Memorial Day schedule. We’re in one of the states with the latter schedule. It makes it really smart for us to do trips at the end of May. Interestingly, May, June and July are usually the hottest months in New Mexico because the monsoon rains tend to start in late July. They cool things off quite a bit. Albuquerque is very high in the mountains (higher than Denver) so it’s never as hot as people think NM will be.

I can see how late May trips would be appealing with that school schedule. I’m sure you manage to avoid some summer crowds that way!

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I love the idea of not having snow days to make up. Must be a treat. We had so much snow this year.