Good morning. 24/7

Thank you.

Good morning, all. Only 30 days to go.

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19! It's so close, I can almoste taste it!


Good morning all! 63 days to go.

@just1more I'm sorry to hear that. frowning I hope he finds something quickly!

@lovethemagic congrats! It looks like you have a lot to celebrate!!

Good morning Forum Universe! I dipped my toes in and I am back again today! 62 for us! Almost time for FPP!

Sending you prayers, positive thoughts, and pixie dust!

Good Morning everyone! Happy Thursday! No countdown here, but I wish every one that does a wonderful trip!

Good morning Everyone! Sweet 16 for me!! Time to break out the packing cubes!!

Good morning Steve and Good morning Liners! 66 days til OKW! Steve, thanks for jumping into forum and continuing your daily count. I can't believe how much it has become a staple of my mornings. smile

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@just1, so sorry to hear about dh. One door closes, another one opens, I hope much better things are ahead for him and your family. smile

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@just1more. Very sorry to hear that awful news. Hope DH be able get another job fast

24 Good morning everyone!

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Good morning all! 112 for me until CBR. Have a great day everyone.

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For those still in WDW chat, I cannot reply or post in there now. My subscription for WDW expired. Although I still have UOR sub. I've been in UOR chat most of time for many months, have barely looked in at WDW chat except to say good morning

Thanks @TinyTina!

Good morning! 31 days to BC!

So sorry @just1more. Sending good thoughts that DH will find the perfect next position quickly!

Good mornin! FIVE!!!

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That is terrible @just1more frowning So sorry to hear this. I hope something comes along quickly for him.

Good morning all. Happy countdowns for everyone!