Good morning. 24/7

Morning all. Just 80 days to Florida for me.


I should be sleeping, but since I'm not, I will happily be the first to tell @Steve1 good morning! I love how close you are getting to your trip!

Good morning Steve. 49 days here!!

Good morning Liners! 36 Days to go for me smile

Hi Missi. It is getting close. So glad I was able to cut the count by 720 days.
And as this trip will be decidedly different from previous trips , I'm hoping to freshen up our visits to Florida.

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Coco. You're very close now. You'll be there same time as I was last year. It was our first time in August , we had done all other months before then.

I cant believe I'm going back so soon!! Gotta get @LuvMuppets MPL out...

Good Morning everyone! Hope you all have a great day

Good morning Steve . No countdown for me .

24 hours for me. Just did my 24 hour check-in on SWA. A26. Sweet. Guess not too many people want that 5:50 am flight.


Good morning Steve, morning all. Dh lost his job last night, company closing their doors. Im going to hold off with a count even though our trip would be in 2016.

What a bummer! SE CT always seems to be it with this....just not a great vibrant part if the state. Hoping you are the liner I think you are...

Approx three wks left!

Yes, I am. :0)

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26! Good morning Steve and all Liners! @just1more, sorry to hear it - hope DH finds something new soon!

No official countdown for us but I am starting to form my "dream but within a budget" trip for next summer. We will be celebrating 3 "commencements", mine (PhD), DS (High School), and DD (middle school)!


@just1more sorry to hear that - hope things work out for you and your DH.

21 days left! Thank you, Steve, for continuing your countdown!

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65 and 156. Must get my FFPs decided this weekend

Good morning Steve and Forumville (see what I did there?) 9 days!! Still in Cape Cod for now