Going to Universal - FOR REAL!

On a lark I decided to check out if anyone had Cyber Monday sales on flights / trips… I’m so glad I did!! The prices were amazing. As most of you know I haven’t been anywhere since early 2019. I “missed” two Disney trips already. I’m fully vaxxed and planning on getting my booster this week. I’ve been going out in public a lot more lately and feeling close to “normal”. At this point, I don’t think there’s much else I can do to feel safer and I’m ready to get back out there!

I couldn’t believe it when I scored one of the “advertised” $50 SW Flights ($100 round trip). Plus, I had $80 in travel funds from a COVID cancelled flight. So, my ticket was barely $20. I do have to travel in February on a Tuesday - Saturday

I got a room at Dockside for $88 each night. ($375 total w/ tax).

And… I’m going to get my first AP! The Seasonal Pass blackout dates don’t affect any of my travel. I only want to go during when school is in season. (I may only go once more in 2022…idk…but I’ll have the option!!)

My entire trip costs, even with food and such, is only going to be $1000 maximum!

I really want to see if I can stretch my dollars to ensure a second 2022 trip AND still do another full year of Universal trips later. (This is all impromptu and not “planned” which is making me try to adjust everything I’ve been daydreaming about for 2+ years!)

I tried so hard to convince DW to come along, as it would only have made the budget go up by $600. She isn’t ready to get out, but is cool that I’m going. I’m hoping that I’ll score that second trip and me having gone previously will make her more comfortable.


Universal at Christmas! Enjoy!


Sounds wonderful!


It’s not until the first week of February. That’s how I was able to get everything at such a bargain. (It being “off season” is an actual BIG positive for me since I’m going solo)

After making, literally, dozens of “virtual” plans I get to sit down and do a real one. Plus, I get to watch the CLs & waits for the next 60 days knowing that it’s not just “academic”! I’m so excited!!


I hope you enjoy your trip. It sounds wonderful!

Are you planning on VC?

Not this trip, but it’s not out of the question for later in the year. I’m planning on going twice in 2022. I still have my Disneyland trip scheduled in December next year too. If all goes well, I’ll get to do all this and then decide if I want to go back for another Universal AP in 2023 or a big WDW trip. (Hopefully by then Tron will finally be open!!)

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I just had to hop in long enough to tell you that I am a super duper jealous of you and I hope you having an absolutely amazing trip! :heart:

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Awesome score on the flights! Hope your booster goes well and you have a great time in February.

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I’m sure we’ll talk about it more as it gets closer! All my previous trips have been off-site, w/out an AP and dining with family! I’ve got a bunch of new experiences to try out. I’ll have an arrival evening, three full park days and depart 10am.

What I’m really enjoying is the lack of WDW constrains - No park reservations, no 60 day ADRs, no Genie or LL$, I can walk everywhere and park hop at any time of morning!!


@darkmite2 So happy you have a real trip to plan and one coming up so soon! Hope you have a great time planning and an even better time doing it all in February!


The only negative is Mummy is down for its refurb. Definitely makes me want to return in the fall for HHN. I love that ride!


I’m not a huge Universal fan, but I do love Mummy!


Do your dates include Feb 5th? That is when Mardi Gras starts at Universal.

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Yep! I will be there Feb 8 - 12… I will be getting there right as it kicks off!

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Have you heard about the Mardi Gras tasting lanyards? I haven’t been to Disney World yet, but it sounds like the food booths at an Epcot festival. Only with the lanyard you pre-buy 15 items for $60. There is a food booth for every country that does Mardi Gras. Two years ago the booths were in one area of one park. This year they were spread around one park, for social distancing. I preferred them being spread around. Look at the photos of last year’s food.

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I totally forgot about those! Will definitely start keeping my eyes open in January for what’s rumored / popping up!

Okay we can be friends. ;-). It’s my fave Universal Studios Park ride (not counting IOA cuz I do like VC and Hagrid a lot)


Congrats @darkmite2 on the score of a cheap trip. I did WDW like this last Jan and it was awesome. I hope you have so much fun.

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I’m in the middle of planning…trying to remember to slow down not only to rest, but to shop and look around! It’s been a couple years and I’m overwhelmed (in the best way!)

Mummy is my fave USF ride too! I’m already missing it. IMHO - It is “exposing” a big hole in lack of stuff at USF these days. They need to do something w/ the Fear Factor area. Then redo Production Central. (Which is basically just 3 similar screen based / 4-D movie attractions)

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