Going solo at Volcano Bay

I did go in early February, so the crowds were very low. They were not merging parties because it wasn’t needed.

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A towel is quite sufficient. Nobody will move it.

I haven’t tried all of them but, If you like pizza, Whakawaiwai has some of the best in the whole resort.

  • It’s easy to get lost in VB (especially with your glasses off), the hard to remember attraction names don’t help. Keeping a map with you is a good idea, this map is great to study ahead of time.

  • Put your credit card info in the UOR app and make a 4 digit PIN ahead of time. Then your Tapu will be ready to go to purchase food and drinks from.

  • Here are the locations of the free shade structures. (from a different thread) Volcano Bay1 - #19 by bebe80

  • You can’t wear glasses on the 3 trap door slides (I hope you try) in the Volcano.

  • You can’t wear footwear on some attractions. Look for shoe racks while entering certain queues.


Just to be clear - I had this all set up and it worked for the two bar purchases, but not for our meal. I would have a plan B…


Yeah I saw that. So, none of your family’s Tapus worked either because they were linked to the same card?

We used ours 5 separate times in 1 day last year and had no trouble.

I was the only one who had been using it. And then it failed and it wouldn’t take DH’s either. DS had his wallet though and he has a card linked to our account (so I can send him for groceries, etc.).


Hey! I took a long stay-vacation week and didn’t see this until now. I can completely help when it comes to answering questions about going solo at VB, having done it myself recently.

Yes. Or hotel pool. If you don’t bring a towel you’ll have to pay to use one

All the rides. I only had a one, maybe two, times when people asked the TM to not add me. Other than that most people are pretty ok about it. Just like getting on coasters. You sit next to strangers all day at theme parks, This is no different.

If you are going to bring any personal items, you will need to lock them up.

You place your towel on the chair to show “occupied” and people respect it.

No surprise, but go to EPA if you can!! Having that time to get your spot, locker and set up before most people enter the park is a big deal.

As you can see I bring in a small tote bag. Then I loop the cable through a part of the bag that can’t be removed.


Feel free to DM any questions. I totally understand how odd, but awesome, going to VB can be solo!!

All the food looked good at Kohla Reef. However, it’s still theme park food so don’t get too excited. Or you could just do what I do…



Developments have developed.

There’s good news and there’s bad.

The good news is that I’m no longer going solo. The bad news is that @JuliaMc has somehow invited herself along. Ugh.

On the plus side, she’s bringing her DS, who is a fine young man and who will be my buddy on multi-person rides.

Julia herself will look after our valuables and guard our chairs while we go and have fun without her. (She won’t be swimming. She has the kind of figure that literally no-one wants to see in a bathing suit.)

But there’s been lots of good advice on this thread — thank you, everyone — and I have a much better idea of strategy.

One last question for now. I’m allocating four hours to the visit, including early entry. I would like to do the coaster, the rides involving rubber rings of varying sizes, the ohyeah and maybe ohno slides, and the two lazy rivers. And eat. Doable?


Oh yes, no one ever wants to see me inna bathing suit.

I will blind the world with my spectacular paleness. It’s not pleasant I can assure you.

My kid is thrilled.

I’m drinking slushies on @sanstitre_has_left_the_building all morning so please give me the best non-alcoholic options. My son and I have a 6 hour drive after we leave VB.


Oh, also — what do people with glasses do?

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You’ve gotten some good advice (and with @JuliaMc hosting I’m not sure you need more), but I thought I’d add that renting premium seating (or heck, a cabana) is a great option if you want a safe included. Also you get to order food directly to your chair / cabana. The cabanas are super expensive but come with more benefits. I found the premium seating to be sufficient and a much better value.


I’ll be wearing contact lenses.
I know that’s not an option for everyone though.

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Yes. We did that in 3 hours.

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Tell me more about this chair.


It’s a double lounge chair with a small canopy (won’t keep everything in the shade but should at least keep your head and torso shaded) and a little table in between. The table has a locker inside it for valuables. Seating starts at $29.99 per day for a pair, but can be over $150 depending on the day. I’d say it’s about 1/4 the cost of a cabana.

Here’s an article about the options and a picture of premium seating:


Ugh you can only get the price by calling.


Yeah, I think it’s date based pricing - like a lot of Universal things, I’ve heard the wait time on hold for these can be rough too. There’s a long line every morning at the desk to get one

Both UOR and WDW pull this nonsense. Are there really no Americans who are aware that there are other countries? And that it costs a fortune to be put on hold for three hours?

Is the internet really so complicated for these giant corporations?


To be fair to WDW, they do give us a free number. But I’m not paying a fortune to sit on hold to be told these cost more than I’m willing to pay.

True, but it shouldn’t be necessary. Everything should be one click away.


Agreed. It can’t be that hard to post a price on your website surely, even if it is date based. Other companies manage it.