Going solo at Volcano Bay

I really want to try Volcano Bay. I’ll be staying at Cabana Bay, so I’ll have early entry and I can walk there, so that’s all good.

But what about the specifics?

Do I take a towel from my hotel room?

What rides can I not ride as a solo rider? Will people really let me join their group if a ride requires more than one person?

Do I need a locker? How do I keep my chair when I’m away from it?

Where’s the best place to eat?

What are your top tips?


Take a towel from the CB pool area and drop it off on your way back. Pick the towel up the night before if you’re RDing VB as the CB pool won’t be open yet.

They wont have a choice. Rafts are filled up by the TMs. I’m sure you can ride everything.


Following. Will be at Cabana Bay and have similar questions


Oh wait, I forgot about the double ring rides.
My guess is that you should just be able to sit on the back of a double ring yourself, but I’m honestly not sure about that.
Maybe @darkmite2 knows… :thinking::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

Try for a room in Bayside or Americana buildings, they’re closest to VB.

I got a locker to keep phone and valuables in.

You receive a free Taputapu wrist device (like a Magicband) and can use it to tap in and reserve a ride, and then wait in a virtual queue, similar to the original Fastpass system. It worked great for us a few years ago. Express Pass can be a pretty good buy, $20+ for once-per-ride and $40+ for unlimited. But prices vary by day and it’s expensive for June/July. August is still cheap. So maybe it’s better to buy well in advance if you can lock in a good price.

VB was the best water park I’ve ever been to, very well organized. Mind that was 3 years ago. The Aqua Coaster was a unique experience and a lot of fun.


Is there one of those spinny things that you can use to dry your swimwear?

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You already have.


Storm Force Acceleratron?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve never seen one of those anywhere other than a posh hotel gym.


I got a locker. My parents didn’t and just left a bag under the lounger. It wasn’t disturbed, but I don’t think I would risk losing my phone. My dad’s phone was a crappy old one so maybe he wasn’t as concerned.

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Ah, yes. But this will be a solo trip :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Now I’m curious. Have no idea what this means!


I’m wondering if I will even take my phone. I bought a waterproof phone case but I’m wondering why I will need a phone. Well, to take pictures, but isn’t that creepy at waterparks?

As I will be spending zero time lying on a lounger “enjoying” the sun, I can be footloose and fancy-free if I go minimalist.


It’s a centrifuge. They’re common in UK pool areas.

Ah. So, like a salad spinner for your swimsuit?

Seems quite…unhygienic.


You’re supposed to be able to pay for stuff with your tapu tapu but I couldn’t get it to work last time so I need a method of payment. I’m going to need either my phone, my credit card or both and though I did buy a waterproof pouch, I doubt you can use it on the more exciting slides.

Well you’re allowed to spin your leaves separately from your Spandex :joy:

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@darkmite2 will have good tips, including the small lockbox you can connect to chairs and your stuff to secure it.


Tapu Tapu worked twice for me for bar purchases, and the third time it would not work. The cashier at Koholo Reef said that happens all the time. Like her words were “all day every day.” That the CC company considers it hands free purchasing and stops the repetition. Or something like that.

Thank God my son had his wallet and CC because there were 10 of us and we already had our food.


Well, that’s a re-leaf! Ba da bum