Go Forty, it’s Your Birthday, We’re Going to Disney Like it’s Your Birthday!

It’s finally here!! I did my very first ever trip report on a family trip last April for my 30th birthday, and now it’s time for a 40th birthday one already! (Spoiler alert: not mine)

The what: Disney, duh

The who: me (31), DBIL (34), and DSis (40, will likely be referred to as DS going forward but wanted to clarify it was sister, not son). The three of us travel together super well. And are the dreaded childless millennial Disney adults :laughing::smiling_imp:

The when: today! Through Thursday for the fam and Friday for me

The where: Coronado Springs Gran Destino Tower

The why: my sister’s 40th birthday! She turned 40 just 9 days ago, so this is a milestone celebratory trip

I’m currently sitting in the Nashville airport waiting at my gate and something has been doing a shrill beeping for like 5 straight minutes :grimacing:. They’re also still deplaning the flight before us, so I’m not thinking we’re gonna start boarding in 3 minutes. Hopefully that won’t put us too far behind, I wanna get to Disney y’all! :laughing:

My sister and BIL don’t arrive for a few hours after me, but that gives me time to go to the desk and ask if our rooms are next/close to each other. And then I’ll go find somewhere to watch the Bama game! It being a noon kick messed up our plans of watching the game together at Disney :roll_eyes:. But Roll Tide!

The plans for today are get checked in, if rooms are ready drop off bags when fam gets in around 3 (flight lands at 2), then head to HS! I’ve got slinky already, will try to stack a few more rides and we may do HBD.

Oh, some notes about us: we are 100% not rope droppers, and we generally aren’t super ride focused. My sister and I both get occasional motion sickness (her worse than me), and she also has disk issues in her neck so anything jerky is tough for her. Sometimes my BIL and I or just my BIL will ride something without her if it’s really important to us, but we’ll more about food and drinks (I am one of the Nashvillains after all :laughing:) and just enjoying the atmosphere. We’re big fans of lounges and pretty/fun restaurants. We’re also pretty terrible Liners/Liner fam in that we’re not super down to the minute planners. We like to get ADRs and loosely plan our days around meals, but have a kind of go with the flow mentality. So apologies if some of y’all find this TR a bit boring!

Woohoo we’re boarding! More in a bit from butt in seat!


I’m so excited for your trip!!
I hope your plane leaves soon.
There’s a sports bar at CSR right?


Ok it was more of a “hurry up and wait” situation. Where was I?

I don’t remember :woman_shrugging:t2: goldfish brain!

Oh yea, apologies in advance to @Jeff_AZ there will almost definitely be cat pictures outside of the cat thread here, since I gotta post the pet sitter pics of my babies!

We’ve got some fun extras planned since this is a celebration trip too. Stay tuned! And hopefully there will be an appearance or two from some local types :grin:


So excited for this trip! I know how much thought and love you put into this. Have the best time.


Yep, that was going to be the plan for watching the game all together, I’ll probably still pop in there once I’ve got my bags with bell services and am situated


Who is our designated low-key Liner to convince your sister we aren’t a dangerous cult? When is the pretend-spontaneous Liner meet?


Also, there are surprisingly few words that rhyme with forty :rofl: I wanted to keep my song rhyme title theme from last time and struggled a bit!


Shoot. I forgot my wall charger for my phone :woman_facepalming:t2:


Safe travels to you and the family :flight_departure:
Have a great trip.
Happy belated 40th to your sister :balloon::birthday::champagne::clinking_glasses:


Did your sister leave yet? Can she bring an extra?


I’m not sure we ever did designate one :thinking:


I’ll prob just buy one at CSR. The gift shop has to have them, right?


I’m sure they will. Or order one from Amazon – I love my Anker one with lots of slots.


That’s the one I left :sob:


Butt in seat! Have had a cold this week, and very much don’t want to end up sick with something additional so masking on the plane down at least until it’s up in the air. So you get crazy eyes!


Fly faster!


Well at least there’s an alarm for whatever it is so they know it needs tending to! :blowfish:

Go to Rix!! It’s great there!


Yes! It’s Rix! Good food, PLENTY of tvs, nice atmosphere, affordable!


Just checked and it wouldn’t get there before Tuesday at the earliest, so I’ll prob just check the gift shop. I have my portable battery so I’ll be ok for a bit


Why do I feel like this is a theme for you?