Give your dinner advice!

For my trip in early December 2020, my husband and I are getting a break from life and heading to Disney World. Just the 2 of us :heart_eyes: (thanks Grandparents for watching our 3 crazy kiddos!) Tell me where we should eat dinner the night of our Epcot Park Day. We are staying at Dolphin and so Id like to do either a Boardwalk area restaurant or a restaurant in Epcot close to closing so we can walk back to Dolphin. Here’s my Epcot Day rough plan to set the stage:

Epcot (11am- 7 pm)

  • Rope Drop: Ride the main attractions (Test Track, Soarin, Frozen)

  • Head to the world showcase and snack and explore the afternoon away while strolling, holding hands of course

  • Once satisfied, check the queues and ride whatever we want because it’s JUST US :open_mouth:

  • 7ish- DINNER

Tell me all your favorite spots and what’s good. It can be casual, fancy, a lounge whatever you think would complete this lovely day. Food & ambience descriptions happily welcome if you’re into it. :purple_heart:


Given what is open, if we were going without kids, we would do Spice Road Table in Morocco. With kids we plan to do La Hacienda. But that is closed M-W right now so it depends what day you’re in the park.

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Thanks for that info. Our first Epcot day is a Thursday.


Flying Fish if it’s open.
La Hacienda if it’s not.

Drinks at abracadabar!


Before dinner at FF.

Neither of which, I believe, are currently open.

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We are from Texas and I am weary of Mexican food anywhere outside of Mexico and Texas :rofl: Plus we eat it 2x a week at least. Happy to hear it is so well suggested though, it must be good!

DONE! Shall we drink our dinner?

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Honestly, I’d probably eat somewhere at Swolphin depending on what’s open at that time. I don’t think all of their restaurants are open yet. Bluezoo, Kimonos, Shula’s, Il Mulino…These places are not bad.

Abracadabra is open. Drank there in August.


Then definitely that.

Same and agreed.

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Tutto Italia is my favorite!

I’m not from Texas but some of my favorites are not on the menus now - understandable given covid and low capacity in the parks.

I’ve looked and looked at the menus and they don’t change. :thinking:

Would it be weird to go here alone? We are babysitterless on this trip.

It is never weird to go places alone. Alone time is so important.

Go. You’ll thank me for it.


Nah. Saw lots of solo guests around. also, you not sitting at this giant table, lots of cozy, smaller tables.

What is this thing that you speak of?

Ok I will go! I love magic. :star_struck:

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I am a horrible person if I don’t get enough some alone time. It was certainly a lot harder to come by when the kids were smaller, but I got it whenever I could. I don’t always do super fun things like sip an adult beverage at a fantastic WDW lounge; sometimes I just veg on the couch. But whatever I do, the fact of being alone without anyone to tend to or questions to answer or people touching me or talking to me just recharges me. I hope you carve out a small piece of this paradise for yourself. It really is magical - or at least transformative.


Loved Spice Road Table - outdoor dining and San Angel Inn, If its’ open? great food and atmosphere!

I absolutely hear you! I am very much looking forward to shopping at DS ALONE! We ended up finding seats on the 8am flight out of PVD so I have an entire arrival day to myself while DH can swim with DS. We just chatted and I think we will take turns hot seating a cozy table bar table at Abracadbar one night!

And he is taking DS to AK early to rope drop FOP so I will have a leisurely entrance stroll into AK all by myself!