Geyser Point vs Geyser Point to go

Can someone explain how Geyser Point works? I see there is mobile ordering but for the go window? Isn’t this a quick service though? How does ordering at the main location work?

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There is a true quick-service counter here, where you can mobile order.

Then there is the “quick service” sit down bar and grill area - walk-ups only - where you would order off menu.

Does that make sense?

Yes but when you say walk up do they seat you and is there a wait or does it work like most other QS where you just order at a counter and find a seat?

They seat you and there is a wait. It’s not self-seating unless you do the mobile ordering and then you need to sit inside the lobby or at the pool or something.

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This is what the seating at GP looks like - some tables, some comfy chairs, some at the bar. The QS window is just to the right of the hostess area for the seated/order off the menu section. That would be the back right area (off the right edge, out of view) in this photo from Disney’s site. In 2019, we asked to do the eat-in, and waited a very short time (early afternoon).


Can you access the seating outside/by pool if you’re not staying there?

I do not remember if the pool there needs a magic band. I don’t think so. But there is lobby seating plus there are some tables outside the pool area by the dumb hair salon.

We stayed at BRV in October of 2020 and were at the pool all day. We walked past Geyser Point and it was empty so we went back to change and then came and it was an hour wait! I was actually pretty annoyed. So we just mobile ordered and ate near the fireplace in the BRV lobby. But in hindsight I wish we put our name in when we were walking by! (This was before the walk up wait list got added to the app.)

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You can find outside sitting by roaring forks, great place to eat your food! There is additional tables just inside the doors leading to roaring forks.


I think I took pictures of all angles recently:

This is the QS window (before opening).


That last photo :heart_eyes:


I might have been up before sunrise to walk around and take pictures, every morning. I have a full set of BRV lobby, lockers, and fitness center too!



I love the atmosphere so I guess the plan will be check what the walk up wait is in the app on the way over and if it’s Kong do the take out window. I would be going around 5 so not prime time.

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I would expect it to be busy at that time.
Hopefully you hit it right and can enjoy the sit-down bar and grille area.
If not, mobile order and eating at the Roaring Forks area is a great idea

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You can also see if there are seats at the bar.

With kids?

I don’t think there are any restrictions

When we went in January, we planned on eating at GP after arrival. I did the walk up waitlist and the information on the screen was a similar 1 hour wait, which worked for us so I put our name in hoping we’d have time to bring our stuff up to our room etc. To my surprise, we were texted with a table ready about 8 minutes later… when we weren’t ready yet (there was a snafu with magic bands not opening the room door). Seemed like Disney was inflating wait times for tables too.