Gettting to another park in the morning after grabbing RoTR BG?

Good Morning! Long time lurker here, love all of the great help! I’m looking for some transportation suggestions for our trip in less than 30 days! This will be our 4th trip but our first time using park hoppers! We have several half days planned at HS and DH and DS11 are huge star wars fans, so I’m assuming that we’ll want to try for RoTR BG several times during the trip. We’re staying at CBR so it will be easy to zip over to HS on the skyliner. So my question is (and this is assuming that RoTR BG will be operating in early Feb as it is now)…

I want to skyliner to HS before 9am open, tap in, grab RoTR BG, and then leave for the morning to tour AK. What’s our best option to get to AK from HS? Will the park to park buses be running right at the beginning of the day or should we skyliner back to CBR and grab an AK bus? Or walk to a nearby resort and grab a bus to AK? Looking for the quickest option that is not Uber/Lyft (DH not a fan of ride share…). I’m hoping to get a later BG for this particular day so that we can spend the late afternoon/evening at HS – already have an Oga’s res for that evening!


Things are so uncertain and crazy for HS since the opening of ROTR. Things may “calm” a bit closer to your trip. Are you following Steve’s data and on the ground reports from guests?

We were there on December 18th and 23rd. We made little effort to get to HS but got BBG both days around 8:45 and got called. Can’t do that in recent days! Go with the flow and don’t cancel any FPP until the last moment. Best wishes.

I’ve definitely been keeping an eye on the RoTR BG data and will continue to. This date is several days into our trip so I’m hoping that we’ll have the BG stuff figured out by then, mostly wondering about transportation to get from HS to AK in the morning after tapping in to grab a BG.

You will be able to get a Disney bus from DHS to AK after 9am. Disney says they come every 20 minutes, but I wouldn’t rely on it. Be prepared to wait 30 - 45+ minutes for a park hopping bus at that time of day as most buses are focused on hotel pick-ups.

I know you said no Uber / Lfyt, but what about a Minnie Van? ($25 flat rate & will drop you off - literally - at the front gate)


BTW - I was a DH that used to not want to do ride share. I always had to rent a car. I did ride share once & I’ve never gone back to getting a car. I only do Lyft now. So much easier, less expensive and super fast

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DH and I have never done ride shares until we went to WDW last month. Our college kids use it all the time at school. We were apprehensive for our safety but it went so well! And it was cheap and fast. We took it like 16 times over 11 days.

The only time we felt weird was when this lady was trying to take us from DS to MK. It was just DD and I. I had to help the driver with navigation.

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thanks @darkmite2 and @stlouie ! Minnie van is a great suggestion, I’ll check into that. DH is a small town boy, I’m not sure if he’ll ever get comfortable with ride share…

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I totally understand. You need to be comfortable.

Yes, some ride share drivers may be new to WDW. Last May, our Uber driver was following her Uber app for directions from POR to HS and it told her to use an old entrance that was now only open for buses only. Security made her torn around and gave directions too quickly for anyone to comprehend. Having only been to WDW twice, we were of little help, but she figured it out. All other Uber drivers knew exactly where they were going.

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Sorry for my ignorance (not a native english speaker), but does rideshare refer to all car services including Uber, which isn’t necessarily sharing, but more like a taxi?

Any way, a car is definitely the fastest so I would still consider that. It’ll probably take 15 minutes whereas the bus might take 30-45mins including the possible wait.

If you were going now, I would recommend not doing this because even if you are in the park and tapping your phone relentlessly, the BG’s are very much up to luck. So even if you get a BG in the first minute, it might be 15 or 100. This + the current reliability of the ride means it’s pretty much impossible to plan beforehand whether you’ll be boarding at 10 or 5pm. Of course, when you get the BG you will have a slightly better idea.

That said, it might be a different situation in february and you might actually be able to influence what group you get.

Yes. Ride share is the official word for services like Uber or Lyft.


I’ve always had good experiences with Uber in the area, drivers have always known their way around.

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