Getting dissilusioned with Touring Plans

I’ve used TP in the past and loved the results. However, as I’m planning for my trip this August I seem to be continually running into issues that make me question the TP data this time.

I did a plan a few weeks ago for a MNSSHP night and everything looked OK. I’ve now copied and re-evaluated the plan and the times have fluctuated wildly! For instance Big Thunder has gone from a 6 minute wait to a 57 minute wait!

Both plans can be seen here…

Original Plan -
New Plan -

I’d be grateful if someone could cast an eye over them and explain the differences! I just don’t feel that I can trust the results anymore :frowning: I realise that they are only estimates but these differences are too extreme.

I posted a similar thread a while ago - Plan problem after re-evaluation?

Kind Regards Paul

I’ve had a similar problem, I extended my plan time to end 30 mins later and evaluated. My second ride jumped from 26 mins to 57!! I know enough that I feel like I can swerve these issues in the park and I’ve just made notes on my plan, but it’s still annoying.

I don’t know how to explain you seeing the fireworks almost 30 minutes after the show. I will tag @brklinck and suggest you email Include both links.

I agree that it’s curious why some wait times go up and others down. But my question is why do you have a note on POTC to use a paper Fastpass? FP times end at 6:00 when the park closes to day guests.

I had the same issue with my TP for MNSSHP - no crowd level change (now I understand this is a ticketed party), but times went from 10 mins to over an hour

Mine isn’t a party, just a normal park day but no change to crowd levels. All the other plans I had changed quite a lot so it was hard to compare but this particular one I just realised we could stay slightly longer and wanted to see how much spare time we’d have - we ended up not being able to do the things that were already in the plan!

I wonder if the crowd level changed for the party aspect of the day since a lot of people may be there for GE opening and they expect the MK party to be busier? Just a thought. I don’t know how they would account for an increased crowd level for the party but I imagine there’s been some sort of increase in estimated attendance. I just evaluated my plans on a party day but in the morning and my wait times actually went down for some. All very interesting.
Is the crowd level just for the day and not for the party? Assuming so, so even if there was a decrease, the party crowd could be higher.

So looking at the plans, I assume you’ve used Evaluate, not Optimise?

That’s presumably why the long wait for BTMRR has knocked the fireworks back to 45 minutes late. Otherwise the Optimiser would have surely re-arranged things, and at the very least given the warning.

So the main question is why the huge leap in wait time for one ride? It’s almost as if it thinks BTMRR won’t be open until 8pm or something.

Sorry, this isn’t helping! It’s just musing aloud.

Yea and I kinda wondered if because all my rides are just after 6 pm if a guest without a ticket is in line by 6 pm, they can ride even without a ticket. Although optimizing and moving them to later still had times increase. Who knows???

Oh sorry that was left in by mistake! We were going to try and utilise a paper FP that we were hoping to get by completing 3x Pirates adventure the day before. (We originally thought FP’s stopped at 7pm and were hopting to utilise one a few minutes before 7pm)

Just as a matter of interest I tried changing the date to the 31st October - Halloween itself which I presume would be a sold out party. Guess what, the wait times for Big Thunder and Splash went down! So the high waits I’ve got can’t be because of crowd levels as there is a finite number of tickets available and even when sold out, the wait times are less than my current plan!

They must not be basing this on whether party is sold out or not. My guess is crowd level for MK for the day??? Maybe some other factor thrown in? My party day is MK CL 4 and I have similar wait times that you have. October 31 is currently MK CL of 2

Maybe the fact that SW:GE opens 2 days later has increased the crowd levels that week?

yea - it’s all a guess (on my part at least) I’ll just go with my plan and if I have to skip something…so be it

Nothing obvious jumps out at me - take @PrincipalTinker’s advice and e-mail There are usually quick to reply and resolve such issues.

I’ve dropped them an email, I’ll post if they come up with anything.

We were unable to use a TP at all. It would never successful save all our fastpasses and some other issues. I finally gave up. We used all the other aspects of this site and had a great trip, but glitches like that kept us from ever using one.

Oh no :frowning:

Did you ask for help here? May be a silly question but I’d hate to think you struggled with it on your own.

I did. They said they saw no problem on their end. They were very nice and wrote back several times, but it was not solved, and I gave up spending more time on it. They also said not to try to make new t plans via the app (neither desktop or app worked), but we were going to have to change our plans on site anyway. So we needee the Lines App TP part to work for sure.

We still used the Lines App for info and used Reservation Finder and the information about the hotels which was EXTREMELY helpful.

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