Getting Covid After a Disney Trip

I apologize if this has been brought up in other groups. I did a small search but didnt find what I was looking for exactly. I have a DVC trip booked in November, and my husband is feeling nervous about going, we have to decide by september 30 or my points will basically be useless and wasted.

Have there been people reported of getting covid after visiting Disney, or during the trip? I feel like WDW is doing a great job from what I see, and I feel comfortable, but also i love Disney and cant wait to get back - so i may not be the most reasonable person to make the decision :smile: Just want to see if someone more rational and practical has heard anything worth me canceling my trip plans for?

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As of this week there have been ZERO cases of Covid19 that have been traced back to any of the Florida theme parks, including WDW.


Awesome. I wish there was some guarantee of this staying the same for next 6 weeks. I feel like i’m gambling over here lol.

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If he’s not comfortable, no data points are going to make him more comfortable. If you read through the trip reports from folks who have been recently, you’ll see that things are different and that, although most of the time people feel pretty safe, there are still times when they do not. I think it is more important to consider all of these things than to focus only on the question of whether or not people have gotten sick after WDW. It won’t be a great trip if he isn’t comfortable.


ummmm… you might be in the wrong place concerning rational thinking concerning Disney trips. Only enabling has been observed in this forum.


:rofl: True. What was I even expecting.


You’re right. I guess I’ll just let him decide. Maybe show him a couple of videos on how things are looking on the weekends at Disney. Hope they dont change capacity by the time we go.

Weekends are a bad example… usually more crowded. Although a CM told me that they are keeping parks at less than 30%

Yea they are a bad example, but thats why I want to show him worst case scenario (of course this is all considering it stays at 30%). When I look at DVC bookings they are full. I wonder if this is because they have made less rooms available or there are just so many people who have changed plans to November now. I always go this same week in November and its never this full at this point in time.

oh… well the understanding is that Disney is keeping all parks at less than 30% capacity. They have to have DVC open for those members and have limited resorts open. I’m a local now and I am going to avoid weekends for the time being unless it’s a Sunday at EC or AK that don’t have the same BIG attendance draws.

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Nothing you can do is zero risk. It’s about taking precautions and minimizing risk as best you can. I went in August and did not get sick, however, I thought I might be sick when I developed a slight sore throat a few days after flying home. To be safe (didn’t want to expose anyone) I had a test which was negative. I think I probably had some allergies. I felt the air plane was probably the place with most risk as you cannot maintain distancing. And I’m going again in October, so obviously didn’t get scared off.


well said

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Yeah, the weeks before and after Thanksgiving seem to be pretty full so I guess you picked the busiest time this year to go! That said, the park reservations are still wide open during that whole time (even HS), so maybe it’s just a lot of DVC members with December use years trying to use up banked points?

Seconded (or thirded?). I guarantee you there are many people who have caught COVID while on a trip or day visit to WDW - with the numbers of people there it’s just a matter of statistics. But no outbreaks have been definitively linked there. And it’s about a safe a place as any given the precautions. Personally I would have no reservations going if it was convenient for me (assuming you don’t have underlying conditions).


I am very nervous about keeping our december reservation. My kids have had a lot of medical issues and we don’t know how covid will interact. At the same time, we have barely left the house since early march and there is major depression going on. I don’t want to keep them home if it is in fact safe to go out. So my husband and I sat down and talked heart to heart about what would make us feel comfortable. Kind of an ultimatum that has to be reached by the cancellation date in order for us to keep it. Ours included a set positivity rate and infections per capita for Florida and/or Orange County. I also have stated that I won’t be comfortable if Disney increases crowd capacity much more and gets lax on masks + social distancing. (Universal is already knocked off the plans due to this.) I’m not going to share what those numbers are because I don’t want to be judged for being too stringent or not stringent enouh, but I think you can figure out what would make you and your husband feel comfortable and what you would be uncomfortable with. I’m a numbers person, so having that positivity and per capita guideline really does make me feel better about the decision to go or not go.


My niece and her husband are the same. They have kids with various medical issues (including two that involve the heart) and they are worried about how COVID would affect/interact with those issues. They also have my nephew-in-law’s father who is a kidney transplant recipient. So when I say they’re being careful, they’re really being careful. It’s makes me sad, though I understand it, because I really want to visit my grands! (Grand-nephews and nieces.) My niece won’t risk it since I have to fly to get there. Everyone has to decide their own level of comfort.


I have noticed the 3 times I’ve been in the past two months that there are far fewer children than normally seen in the parks. Less strollers, scooters, etc.


I’m wondering if some of that is parents not wanting to deal with making their young children wear masks. My youngest wouldn’t even keep her socks on at 2 or 3 years old. I can’t image what a mask would be like.


What kind of activities are you engaging in normally? Do you (or he) work outside the home?

Depending on what you do, traveling to Disney may not be any more risky than a normal workday. The best way to be as safe as possible is to stay home, and if you’re not doing that then the risk of going to WDW may not be any higher than normal for you.

I stay home almost all the time now because I can, and I need to because I’m high-risk, so for me travel to WDW is a significant jump in exposure. But going to WDW might be a safe or even safer than many other people’s ordinary work day, depending on your work and how you get there.

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We have mostly been home too. Besides occasional grocery store, so this is quite the jump. I guess I’m most worried about the flight, especially with 3 kids. Some days i feel so sure about going, and then other days i feel super nervous. My husbands been on the same roller coaster. Maybe I’ll just flip a coin by my deadline lol.

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