Getting Covid After a Disney Trip

I’m a numbers person too, i wasn’t finding anything too concerning. That is actually why i posted, to see if anyone’s read or heard of clusters in Orlando theme parks happening. Glad there hasn’t been much news about it.

hmmmm, I hadn’t considered that… I was thinking that parents were being more protective? Some parents are like that. But I interacted w/ plenty of parents and kids in line and around the parks too. IDK why…

yes, this :heart_eyes:

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I noticed this the past 2 days – I wondered if it was the school year. But maybe this is it

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It’s my understanding that the social distancing, mask wearing, outside dining and sanitizing rules are mandated by the unions to keep the CMs safe.

Maybe read some of the recent trip reports, look at the photos. Getting more familiar with what to expect is good.

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I was concerned, but I have felt pretty comfortable. Majority of people are wearing masks properly and there area markings everywhere you look to keep people 6ft apart. If a nose is peeking out, I have seen CMs tell people to cover them.

I have never used so much hand sanitizer in my life :joy: It’s before & after every ride.

To me - it’s no worse than going to Walmart or Grocery Store on the weekend - as long as people are wearing a mask, I’m not worried about passing within a couple feet of them.


I went to WDW at the end of August and flew SWA. No issues. Based on mortality rates anyhow (locally and nationwide), I was not concerned and would have been “happily ever after” with my mask off too. Aside: I am getting concerned about masks being the “new abnormal” of daily living and its impact both personally and socially, but I would diverge from OP question here.

No matter what season we are in, if have to do what you are comfortable with. In one sense, with so much (deep) cleaning going on at the resorts and parks, it is prolly cleaner than it ever was.


We have a trip booked for the week after Thanksgiving, and I am feeling similarly worried about crowd levels increasing, and how safe I will feel. I am the only one in my family who gets anxious about crowds/germs/Covid, so I just have to decide if I can handle it.
I agree with reading some of the recent trip reports. Just scroll to the bottom of each and look for the long post about how they felt after. I have appreciated the real comments about comfort level.
I also just saw a pre-trip report where they said that they had talked about just skipping things that make them feel unsafe. I think being prepared for that would be good. One person mentioned that she had to speak up to ask people to back up while waiting in line. I think being prepared to speak up would be helpful too. I was thinking about going out to some places closer to home where I might feel uncomfortable and see how I do, and try to visualize how I will feel at WDW. Also been debating if “feeling comfortable” is even possible, and can I just power through because I just want to be there so bad! Ha!
The other thing I am considering is my level of disappointment at things that are closed and wait times are long (and no FP). I think my kids will be fine with whatever and swimming at the hotel ranks just about as high for them as any show that I will be sad to miss, so thinking I just really need to adjust my expectations and be ready to roll with it (not my strength).
Well, not sure if that helps you, but it helped me get my thoughts in order for myself! Thanks for the chat!

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“Hey, do y’all mind just giving us a little more space and staying behind the marker?”

I’ll add that the two times I did ask a group to give us a little more space in the line, it wasn’t confrontational at all and the group took it as well meaning (as intended) and happily obliged.


No concerns about the names at all (in fact, you can use the @ symbol before folks names to tag them specifically! I was just adding a note in addition to your comments to clarify that when I did speak up, it didn’t cause any ill effects, in case anyone was nervous about saying something to another guest!

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HAhahaha! I TOTALLY misunderstood your post and thought you wanted me to give you some space! Apparently I’m feeling a little defensive today. I better get off the computer and go do my workout.


It does seem from the trip reports that people are just missing their mark rather than blatantly being disrespectful of space. I am a chatter, Im very comfortable talking to strangers, lol. I find that its easier to do this: 1) make a joke about how you yourself keep missing the signs and markers, then 2) make sure your on ur mark then jokingly ask is that your mark (point to where they aught to be) then look at your space, i think this is mine (make it a point to “move” to your spot and insert laugh). And say just want to make sure were doing this right.
3) If they dont move, let the laughter stop, and then, stare pointedly, at them then the mark. I have glasses so Ive perfected the look over the glasses rim to make my point.


or you could do what my DS-18 did, “Dude, Back the F up!”


I am picturing this in my head and loving it!


The marks are at times problematic, and definitely don’t necessarily work well if you have a group larger than 4 people. When they calculated spacing, they didn’t really account for the natural amount of space a group will take up. As a result, we would sometimes have to straddle two separate lines. But this doesn’t, then, leave spacing between groups next to you in switchbacks. There was no way around this, though. The only option would have to literally split up our group into two separate groups. But we are vacationing together, so that wasn’t realistic.

There were also times when the “pattern” of markings would be messed up due to switchbacks, or because you literally couldn’t see where the next group was until you moved up, only to find out the group in front of you hadn’t actually moved up fully, leaving you now too close!

Despite these kinds of flaws, though, we never really felt unsafe. The only 6 ft distance thing really is meant more for unmasked situations only, so the fact that everyone had to have a mask on regardless means that the 6 ft is just being extra cautious.

I will say, I do NOT think it is a good idea to EVER confront someone in line (or elsewhere) about spacing right now. You just can’t know how the people are going to react, and no need to escalate things when it is clearly an accident.


I think you could just stand on two separate markers. We often left a marker between us and the group in front of us if they were a larger group.

I don’t think asking someone to give you space is necessarily confrontational. I think it depends on how you do it.


That’s what we did. But what I mean is you now have a line of people going between two markers, including the second marker. That means that any line NEXT TO us can’t properly distance themselves. There really was nothing we could do about it, though. We tried our best with 7 people!

We never once felt the need to confront anyone, even though people were too close at times. What good would it do? None. Because, since they had moved too close, those behind them had as well, etc. If they moved back, they moved too close to the people BEHIND them, who would then have to do the same.

It was better just to wait for the group in front of us to move so that we can re-adjust.

But in light of some of the extreme reactions some people seem to be having these days with regards to following mask-wearing rules, etc., I just would rather not risk going there at all.

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We kind of pointed it out (laughing) and the result was that they were more careful after that. You’re right that they can’t move back in that moment, someone is on their spot. But going forward they did give us more space. It was not confrontational at all. And just to be clear, we also messed up and moved forward too quickly a few times. It wasn’t judgey just an oops moment.


If it is only happening once or even a couple times in line, especially in those switchbacks (where I agree those sometimes got confusing!), I totally agree that its not worth saying anything. We didnt bother, or even have concerns, when they werent exactly at the marker either. That would definitely decrease the enjoyment to be watching people that closely.

Some folks were just literally at our backs for the entire line, as opposed to it being an accident and missing a marker. I’m not worried about a polite “hey do yall mind giving us a little more room at the next marker?”. What are they gonna do? Fight me? People are understanding, I think its just a force of habit to be in line behind someone and the reminder is helpful. They may not be able to do something at that moment, but the next marker they were always better about it.

Right. Which is why I didn’t feel any need to point it out. I don’t recall ever running into a group that kept doing it repeatedly or anything. (At least not intentionally.) Everyone tried, so no point calling anyone out for it, even if in the most friendly manner possible.

Ah okay, then I agree with your reaction. The only times I said anything to a group is when they consistently were standing directly behind us like in the olden days and I could have put my elbow up and touched them.