Genie - Initial Impressions

OK so downloaded the updated MDE with Genie
Picked May 3, 2022,
(Hopefully) I’ll be at AK
It confirmed my park ressie and hotel res.
Asked for up to 8 attractions, 5 restaurants and up to 5 enchanted extras (only 1 was avail)

And then… “cool. We’ll tell you your itinerary in 196 days”

Yup. No predictions. No advance plans
Just gotta wait until I jump out of bed on that day before they will give me… anything.

Guess that’s what they promised us.
Like Tacitus says: They built chaos and called it spontaneity.


An annoying thing:
I go into MDE in my phone and where it used to say My Plans, it now says My Disney Genie Day (MDGD)
Now please bear in mind I have set up one day. May 3, 2022.
But when I tap MDGD, it’s… today.
And I cannot jump to the first day I’ve set up.
I have to flip through seven monthly calendars to find May 2022.

Just a minor irk.
The My Plans feature knew when I’m going to WDW. It didn’t ask me if I meant today.
Just seems like this upgrade is a step down


I’m exploring, too. I’m in Central Time Zone. I have Android phone. I had to go fetch the update from the Google Play Store (no push notification). New version is 7.0, the icon now shows prominent “50”. I don’t have a trip booked (likely a couple years away yet), but I do have a couple tickets just waiting to be used.

At first, I was frustrated with how to navigate successfully to the Genie things.
“Summon Disney Genie” - takes me to a page where it says “Not Quite Ready to Craft Your Day.” I need to first make a park reservation. It had a link that took me out of the app and to the WDW web site for making APR. I backed out of that.

“View My Day” - the other link on the home page under Disney Genie Service - shows a page with two tabs, “Tip Board” and “My Day.” Of course “My Day” is rather empty.
“Tip Board” shows one park (you can switch to a different one) and lists the attractions and dining there. When you click on one of the attraction names, it pops up a page of more information, including a bar chart of “Forecasted Wait Today.” The horizontal axis is time, with a vertical bar each hour. The vertical axis has no scale! The bars do vary in size, usually taller in the middle of the day, but you can only compare them in terms of bigger/smaller, without an assigned value.

I’ve found 3 different ways to get to that page of attraction information, including its wait time graph.

  1. From the tip board and its list of attractions.
  2. On the map, select “Attractions” as the displayed items, click on a star (pops up name of attraction), click on the name, and it brings up the page of attraction information with the graph.
  3. Click on the + sign in the bottom center, and it brings up a list of several items to click, such as buy tickets or order food. There is a new item just above the “Close” one, “View Tip Board and My Day.” That brings you back to the same display as option 1.

No opportunity to practice making a plan, or try out variations on different days - gotta have that APR first!

It’ll be interesting how this goes.


I’m shocked I tell you, shocked.

So TP wins for ease of finding your plans.


That’s, ummm, “helpful”. :roll_eyes:

Did it ask you what time you planned to arrive or anything?

I’ve seen someone else say it kept asking him for where he wanted to eat, even though he already had an ADR booked and in his My Plans. So Genie isn’t using your existing plans at all in devising your day.

I’d say that’s another 2 wins for TP. Looking good for @len and his team. :blush:


I do have a trip ready to go for the week after Thanksgiving and I already don’t like this. I skipped all the pages with attractions I would like and got to the actual my plans pages. I can’t look at all my reservations in one nice list like before. I have to click on each day and scroll through a bunch of garbage recommendations I don’t want. I already booked my ADRs. I don’t want to eat at Tiffins on my AK morning.

I want an option not to have regular Genie.


Was that using My Plans or the My Genie Day Plans option?

Guess what I’m asking is, can you see the plans in the old format under My Plans?

No I can’t see the old format at all. I have to go through and click on each day.

Just seen someone say the same thing on WDWMagic.

Boooo! Note to self, add ADR reservation #s to TP plans in future.


I can see all my ADRs, just not on one nice page.

I’m not making TP plans this trip. I started to, but I decided I’m too exhausted to plan extensively. We have our ADRs, getting Genie+ and know what to rope drop and just going with it. This is our “we haven’t had a real vacation in several years and make up from May 2020” trip. I just don’t have the energy.


I would take a note of your ADRs, dates, times and reservation #s and save them somewhere to refer to.

The last thing you want to have to do is do all that jumping through hoops to find them if you’re having a plans-free trip.

Of course if you’re using Genie+ you’ll need to at least be able to see what you’ve booked, but maybe you could screenshot it so you can see the time easily.

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Here’s what happens when I try to buy Genie+


@Alewis678 , I’ve just seen someone say you can see everything if you search for My Plans. You then see everything like before.

But it isn’t a menu option, you need to use the search function.


Just opened MDE and this screen popped up … so they are prompting you to upgrade now.


Somewhere like a Touring Plans itinerary page? :grin:


I skipped the upgrade for now. My trip is still some weeks away and there are ADR’s I’m still trying to get/modify. I don’t want them switching up My Plans page at the moment. Oy! :roll_eyes:

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It didn’t prompt me this morning. I had to go manually find the update. If I were not in the know I’d have not known it needed updating (reminds me to check my update setting as it should be automagic)


I like that on-site books genie+ at 7:00 and offsite at park open! Did we know that? It’s a surprise to me!

We did know that but there are so many finer details with this thing anything is easy to miss.

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Yup! And it’s not just happening to Canadians (who always get the short straw :wink: It happened to me after I set up my first day of marathon weekend. That is totally sucky.

Of note, @JordanRunner did you know that BATB show at HS will be closed?? :frowning: