Genie+ Hacks

Next week I’ll be in the park testing Genie+ hacks. If there are any hacks you heard about and want to be tested let me know.


Sounds great. Two hacks I’ve heard of that I’d be interested in hearing more about:

  1. The Double Tap. Allegedly, with attractions having two tapstiles, you can make another LL reservation after tapping each tapstile.

  2. The Window Close. A blogger reported that he was able to get another LL once the window for his existing LL closed and possibly a second LL once his 120-minute wait period was over. Problem is that in the example he used his window closed very close to his 120-minute period ending, leaving the question unanswered: can you grab an LL once your LL window closes and then grab another LL earlier than 120-minutes after that? Or does that LL window close grab re-start your 120-minute clock?


Not a hack per-se but is there an easier way to refresh the return time for a specific attraction then refreshing the tip board, then pressing "book experience’ and maybe getting a different return time?

One option I thought of but can’t test: will tapping “Book experience” then tapping back, then “book experience” again refresh the return time?

I wish there was. I have not found a way to refresh a single attraction.

Have you tried what I suggested above?

I have not, but will give it a try. I have seen people reporting that on the 2nd screen they get a different time. If there is a way to refresh the 2nd screen I would suspect the return time could change.

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No specific requests but wanted to chime in to say I keep reading the title of this thread as Gene Hackman


off topic: and I keep reading “Astroworld Tragedy” as “Astro Orbiter Tragedy”

In the past, Cast members could gift guests free anytime fast passes. Has anyone received anything like that with lightning lanes?

Has anyonew received redemption credits when an attraction breaks down?


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I just saw the answer on Facebook.

If you set “Top Picks” those attractions are listed first on the tip board. I assume “Top Picks” was just for Genie recommendations.

A simular feature is come to Lines. In Lines users will be able to select favorite attractions and they will be listed at the top of the park page.


I’ve been doing that every morning here this week, only pinning the LLs I plan to go for at 7AM, so I can tap quickly. Unfortunately, that didn’t help when the app decided to require a new log in as I pulled the refresh down at 0700 and then trapped me in a neverending loop of sending me new login codes everytime I tried to reselect “Tip Board” instead of “My Day”! :tired_face: It only stopped when I turned off all wifi. Desperately hoping the Disney wifi was the issue; will find out tomorrow.

If a ride goes down is there a magic window in which you can book a LL before the system prevents you from doing so? In the before times this was a great way to accumulate some “Anytime” Fastpasses.

Similarly, if you use an Anytime LL does it prevent you from booking an actual LL for that ride? Example: Pooh goes down and I get an Anytime LL. I use it to ride JC which I have not ridden yet. Can I still book a JC LL later?

I have no idea how you are going to force a ride to go down (insert maniacal laughter here) in order to test this theory. Plausible deniability and all that.

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My understanding is that this only works of your LL has expired. Otherwise you inlynhrt one after the 2nd tap.


Splash Mountain was down a ton this week, and I continued to book LLs several times while it marked as closed. I wasn’t deliberately trying to get anytime LLs (DD was dying to ride Splash), but that’s what happened. Same story with Dinosaur at AK.


This made me chuckle. I had a crying child in tow and asked if there was anything a guest rep could do since our reservation expired for a LL to test track and the slots were now full for thebday. I was flat out told “No, we can’t offer anything, you should have booked it differently, good luck next time”. This was on our only Epcot day.

In the past I got free anytime fast passes by making a cast member laugh or by being in the wrong place at the right time. Never got a fast pass by asking for one or being in the right place at the wrong time. Still, that was kind of a cold thing for a cast member to say, especially with the LL learning curve that everyone is worknig through. What was the crowd level that day?

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This is great intel. Nice to know this still works. However, with only being able to get one LL per ride you have to play Early Morning Lotto instead of Late Night Lotto.

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I checked the app around 5:30. The only LL left at MK was teacups. At Studios, ST and the shows.

Crowd level was low to mid. The guest service people at the blue umbrellas have been stationed there solely to allow people to complain and say sorry but offer nothing in substance to resolve the issue.

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Anyone with EBTBTB news from today?