Genie+ Hacks

What does this mean? My brain shorts out every time I see it.

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Expire book tap book tap book.

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Thanks!My brain was trying to merge Early Theme Park Entry, Enchanted Tales with Belle, and It’s Tough to be a Bug and just completely shorting out.


Oh bummer. So not only the 1 for 3 got closed but the other initial hack of waiting for expiration and creating two lines was closed. So now we’re back to RD, a good touring plan/knowledge of parks, and a minimally helpful LL system. I guess in some ways it’s pressure off me to learn all these hacks prior to our trip.


I am so far behind on how things are working.

I had read about the double tap, and frankly not entirely surprised they closed that loophole.

The overlapping window method has also been closed, correct?

But what I still don’t get, which I thought was straightforward but now is confusing the heck out of me is this:

I can book an LL every 2 hours, at 7am, then 11am, 1pm, 3 pm etc. (assuming park opens at 9am).

But can I also book when I use an LL? Or is it either / or?

Let’s say at 7am I book Jungle Cruise, with a return time of 11:15 (LL1)

At 11am I can book HM for 12:30 (LL2) under the 2 hr rule.

So at 11:20 I ride JC. Can I then book LL3 because I’ve redeemed LL1, or do I now have to wait until I redeem LL2 (HM) at 12:35? Or even do I have to wait until 1pm?

I am so confused now.

You can book your next LL either two hours after you booked your previous, OR after you tap in for your LL…whichever comes first.

So, if you book a 10:00 LL at 7 am, then once you tap in at 10:00 am (or so), you can book your next. If the next one is for 11:00, you can book another once you tap in at 11. But if the next one was at 3:00 instead of 11, you can still book another at 12:00.


The example I saw this morning was someone booked Jungle Cruise at 7am for 11:30. Two hours after park opening (at 11) they could book their next LL. When they scanned in they could not book another into JC the next booking time was 1 (two hours after the last one.

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Thanks @ryan1

I think I was confused because there was no mention at all in the article about the redeeming an LL, only the 2 hour rule.

However, given this reply:

it seems that in my example, having booked LL2 at 11am under the 2 hr rule it then ignores any redemption of an LL until that 2 hrs is up. That’s disappointing.

It means that once you use the 2 hr rule you’re then stuck with it, so it works best when you want to return / hop to a park in the afternoon & evening. If you want to use it through the day you need to grab whatever comes up with a return time less than 2 hrs away.

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I’m pretty much confused to the point of not even wanting to hassle with it now. It seems like everything is changing to make it as least efficient as possible. Then others post it’s great and they had no issue hitting everyone on a CL10 day. I’m not one for wasting money, but if this experience is going to be more like my July trip where I was miserable and close to writing off Disney I’m going to be very upset. I’m just having a really hard time getting excited about actually being able to enjoy the parks this trip. I’m feeling very Debbie Downer about it all after the reports this week.


To me this is exactly how the old paper FPs worked. You could hold 2 if you booked your next one before you used your first one but you had to wait until you used the 2nd or 2 hours for your next one.

From what I’ve gathered, it seems that the new rule is that your last booked LL is what is actionable…

So -

Book LL1 at 7 for 2:30.
Book LL2 at 11 for 11:30
Tap into LL2, you can book LL3.


Book LL1 at 7 for 11:30
Book LL2 at 11 for 2:30
Tap into LL1 - you cannot book LL3 because now LL2 is the operative one.

Once you hit 1 PM, you can book LL3 (2 hrs after LL2) and then LL3 becomes the actionable one. So you can book your next one either 2 hours after LL3 or after you tap into LL3.

At least I think this is how it works. Nothing like simplicity.


I asked that on chat. I have not read any examples of continuing with two right away. That would be interesting.

Editing to add my thinking on why @mikejs78’s post makes senses:

Book LL1 at 7 for 2:30 (tap in or 2 hour rule applies)
Book LL2 at 11 for 11:30 (rule for #1 expired, tap in or 2 hours apply here)
Tap into LL2, you can book LL3. (Tap in for rules go to #3)

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So then best to book LL1 for before 11 or well after 11 correct?

If before 11 then you just tap and book. This presumably gives you access to more LL as you are booking again before others have hit the 120 minute mark at 11.

If well after 11 then LL2 becomes it’s own line while LL1 is effectively stacked.

Yes? No?

I had EBTBTB/EBCB all figured out and now I am muttering a whole host of curse words all the time again.


I think you always book what is important to you.


I could be wrong. That’s just what I gleaned reading others reports.

I think that is exactly how paper FPs worked and would be how the system would be designed to work.

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I would like to “heart this post” but that seems like the wrong thing to do, even when I agree with everything you just said. It’s sad that it is so confusing…


It really is. I get that at the very least I can book a LL every 2 hours after park open. The confusion comes with using the LL as the last action. It sounds like now maybe the 2 hours is always in play regardless of what time you book and use a LL. Or am I completely wrong on both accounts? I don’t even know anymore and it’s hard to know what first hard reports are accurate too. It just sucks.


Yes, that is how I understood it worked too.

However your example you gave means they couldn’t do that.

Even though they didn’t hold ANY G+ pass having tapped into the second one, they still had to wait until 2 hours after they booked their last one to book another.

So this is now very simple, it seems. One rule applies:

You may book a G+ pass every 2 hours. Period. Doesn’t matter if you use it before those 2 hrs have passed, you still can’t book another until 2 hrs since you last booked.

If more liners start reporting the same thing, this now sucks big time. You pay $15 to be able to book one pass every 2 hrs. And at DHS by 1pm most rides are unavailable to book. Even at MK people reported that by 3pm it was only rides like Tea Cups that were left.