Genie+ Cost... not $15pp?

But I still think you should be able to…just to be sure we’re doing the same thing…I go to MDE from my PC clicking on My Plans and then Tickets & Memory Maker
Then Change Ticket underneath my ticket:
I choose myself and click Continue:

Here previously there was an option to add Disney Genie+ and then I clicked Check Out and confirmed and paid

That is definitely strange…mine was most definitely $15/day

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For grins try it on the PC to see if it’s different cuz I’m curious since that’s where I did it from?

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I am on my phone, will try on the PC.

Maybe you get a discount when you have a certain number of days?

Same price on PC.

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This has got to be a glitch. That is so weird.


Mine doesn’t even give me the change ticket wording in MDE on my pc. Maybe because they are convention tickets? I checked the app and no way to change there either. I hope I can add it the day of, or midnight the day before. I do already have APRs for each day.

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I thought someone had posted it was cheaper to add it to tickets early versus day of. Maybe I dreamed that… it would explain the discount though.

I added to 10-day PH tickets was $15/day before tax.

Maybe the tickets were PH before and it is dropping that somehow?
Look at what new tickets would cost for those dates. Maybe the tickets are cheaper now than when you bought.

How did you add? Online?

Am I remembering correctly the MaxPass at DL is $15 and no added tax? That’s what I think I remember but it’s been a while. Why can’t WDW figure out how to be straight and simple?


California does not charge tax on theme park tickets. Therefore DL Genie is a flat $20, no asterisk for “plus tax.”


Ahhh this explains why all my park tickets were as priced last week…
Just curious does Cali not have sales tax? Or is it just very specific what does have sales tax?

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FL doesn’t have state income/wage tax but it does tax everything else under the sun.

Yeah Texas too. Us red states like regressive taxes for some reason, not even flat tax.

I will say at least Texas doesn’t tax unprepared food and we don’t have quite as many toll roads as y’all….yet

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I love the toll roads… they are in much better shape and cut my WDW drive time down :wink: There are 7 states that have no state income tax… I can never remember all of them. TN, TX, FL, Alaska,

Is one of 'em either Vermont or NH? I remember one of those didn’t have sales tax and I thought maybe the other no income tax so people would live in Vermont and shop in NH to avoid taxes or something?

And yes, I’m also guilty of using them because I agree I HATE traffic but they are elitist and regressive taxation which doesn’t sit as well with me when I think about how they only benefit those that can afford them.

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fair enough…

add Nevada, SD, Washington, WY… that’s 8 then. TN goes back and forth.