Genie+ Cost... not $15pp?

I was under the impression that Genie+ was $15 per day. Family of 3 with 5 days of tickets in 2 weeks, that should have been $225.00. However, when I plug it in to modify my tickets, it wants to charge me $319.48… approx. $21.30 per day per person. Am I missing something?

Tax? They are definitely charging tax.

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That’s too much. Tax there is like 7.5% or thereabouts.

I bought it today for $47 and change for three days in January for one ticket so tax is there but it’s not $6.30 a ticket.

It actually does show the breakdown, and the base pre-tax is $239.61. So more than 3 people x $15 x 5 days = $225 even before tax.

Another thought, did you also adjust the dates of your ticket? That does add some sometimes.

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The only amendment was adding Genie+.

How can that be the 5 day price for 3 people?

So that is the combined price of the ticket and genie+…are you also purchasing your ticket today? I just added the Genie+ for the $15 a day option onto my already existing tickets

Tickets were purchased… maybe 6 months ago. Just trying to amend them to add Genie+.
That’s not the combined price. That’s the additional price.

Change Ticket:
Continue on the next screen after selecting the guests
And then when I had not done it yet there was an option to Add Disney Genie+ Service and then Check Out button but now since I’ve already done that that option is not available anymore:

Wait… I think I’m reading this wrong, I’m way off. Sorry!

When I did it before it just said $45 after I clicked that option and then the Check Out button. Here is the email receipt I got:


I wonder if the extra price is because you are modifying, and those days are now more expensive? I wonder if you add it day of, you won’t get the extra cost? I have tickets that are about 6 months old as well, let me see what happens with them.

You’re correct. I was looking at this obtusely. That’s about what it’s adding to me as well.


But the image shown is does not look right at all from what I got when I modified mine this AM. The radio button saying Base Ticket + Genie+ for $239 has got to be for the ticket with Genie+ and not an upgrade price. Even if they raised prices it wouldn’t be that much but I don’t think they do that unless you change dates or add days or add park hopper anyway. The daily rate you got should stick and you should just pay the $15XNo. of Days X No. of people you selected on that first screen.

LOL, hopefully my images help find the right place to do it…but if not let me know and I can screen shot each one up to the point where I can’t add Genie+ anymore anyway.

And the tax rate is 6.5%

I can’t seem to even be allowed to purchase the dang thing, so I am of no help, My kids have tickets I moved to January from this summer, i made an APR for 1 day and still cannot get any options for genie plus. Maybe since it is an 8 day ticket I need to book all 8 days of APRs before it will let me buy?

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That’s possible. I did have all my park reservations first.

Okay so I figured how to add it to 1 ticket, but the price is less than it should be:

Math may not be my best subject, but 8 x $15 is $120 plus tax. So why is it only $106.72?

I think maybe $15 per day is not a set price and changes based on what days you will use? I am paying $12.53

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