Galaxy's Edge Dec 17?

I guess the “Final Plan” wasn’t that final after all, because we are considering visiting Disney and Galaxy’s Edge on Dec 17, but since “Rise of the Resistance” will open on in Dec 5, the crowds should be massive on the 17.

Here are some of the arguments against going that we are having.

Hollywood Studios:
There are not Fast Passes for any of the two Galaxy’s Edge rides, so rope dropping is our only hope, but waking up at 3 or 4 am is something we are not willing to do, especially with kids.

Magic Kingdom:
Since we were there last December it is better to wait to 2021 when the new Tron ride will open.

Same as Magic Kingdom, so we should wait till Guardians of the Galaxy opens in 2021.

Animal Kingdom:
We are having a hard time with this one because we loved Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest, so we are considering going to this park because nothing new seems to be coming up, but maybe it is better to leave it for our next trip to Florida in 2021, so we don’t take more days from Universal and keep things more relaxing.

Maybe our next trip to Disney should be on 2022, because by 2021 there is a chance that they haven’t added fast passes yet for the new rides, like what is happening now with the Galaxy’s Edge rides.

Do you guys know how long Disney took to add fast passes to Flight of Passage after it first open? We did it on last December and it had Fast Pass.


I’m not trying to be “that guy” who says “actually”, but I have to here. RotR opens Dec. 5th.

This will give you almost 2 weeks for those crowds to disperse before the big holiday rush.

MK - I was there this year & everything is, basically, fine. Enjoy!
EP - If you want to enjoy the WS then it’s fine. However, FW is a bit of a mess. If you like SE this will be the last time to see it “as is” before the remodel
AK - I agree. But this is your call. I love Universal.

Thanks darkmite2 for the reply.

Sorry but what is “WS”, “FW” and “SE”?

WS - World Showcase
FW - Future World
SE - Spaceship Earth

Here is a thread with a key to abbreviations:

Thanks Jeff_AZ for the clarification and the thread’s reference

Forgot to thanks darkmite2 for the correction on Dec 5


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I think this is the first time since FPP was introduced that a new ride has opened without them. But I wouldn’t swear to it. Some may have had a short period without them if the opening date wasn’t certain.

Thanks guys. I just learned that DHS got their tier system rearrange, so now I can only book one of the rides, and the other two fast passes are just for shows.

My family doesn’t really care about shows. My kids are small but they are thrill seekers when it comes to rides.

My kids won’t care for SDD and the other kids rides, they want the rock and roll rollercoaster and tower of terror.

So now with the new tier system we can only do fast pass for one of the two big rides and then watch two shows we don’t care for, so we can waste the two fast passes and then try to get a ride again? Now definitely we are not going until all that none sense hopefully change by 2021