Galactic StarCrusier Trip Report - WITH SPOILERS

If you are looking for a Spoiler-free review, see my original trip report here: I'm no Hank Lonely Galactic Starcruiser trip report

I won’t repeat all of the background info that was in my original trip report but DH and I attended the 3/3 voyage of the Galactic Starcruiser. I’ll focus this review on the storyline, including spoilers, that we experienced. But, this will not be all-inclusive - we are in a FB group for our voyage date and people are doing recaps of their trip. In reading some of them, it is like we weren’t even on the same voyage! They experience things and subparts of the story that we had no idea were going on. This was predominately because of the choices they made and, in a lot of cases, how much they interacted with the characters.
DH and I definitely got involved when it came to using the datapad and completing tasks that way. But we didn’t do a ton of interaction with the actors. Those who did, unlocked some pretty memorable experiences.
As one example: Raithe is Gaya’s (the singer) manager but he is a little bit of a shady character who definitely isn’t all he seems (as are most of the characters!). So, there was a group of passengers who befriended him and as a result, he gave them a secret code and they ended up doing a jewel heist during the story. Now, did this impact the story for the other passengers, no, not at all. We didn’t even know that was a thing but for those passengers that were involved, that was a uniquely personal experience that not everyone got. Another group actually invented a card game and taught it to Raithe and he bought them a round of drinks. So, and I can’t stress this enough, you get out of this what you put into it. I’m perfectly happy with our level of involvement because I am very introverted and the thought of befriending a random character is terrifying. Does DH feel the same, I think he wishes he would have done more interactions but I definitely held him back. Which is why he will likely do this again but I will sit it out!

Initial Story and Characters: we are passengers of the Halcyon which is celebrating its 275 years and the excursion to Batuu, the location of its first voyage. The Halcyon always seems to visit places where the Resistance pops up after they leave. This has put the Halcyon on the Radar of the First Order.
You first meet the majority of the characters during the Ship’s Muster and Captain’s reception on Day 1. You really just know high-level information about them but for most of them, there is more than meets the eye and this is part of what you discover as the story unfolds.
Captain Keevan: She has a history with the Halcyon and fondly recalls tales from the past (including tie-ins with General Organa). She is all about good and is a Resistance supporter but tries to balance her views to seem neutral, at least in the beginning.
Lenka Mok: She is the cruise director. Very aligned with Captain Keevan. Later in the story, on Day 2, it is clear her abilities exceed those of a regular cruise director
Lt. Croy: This was by far my favorite character. He plays his role beautifully and has such a dry wit, it is tempting to go dark side just to interact with him! He is the first order Lt who boards the Halcyon because he is suspicious of the way the pockets of the Resistance pop up after each Halcyon visit. He boards the ship under this guise, along with two stormtroopers. If you are going to play the dark side, get to know this man, it will be worth it, including getting a shout out by name in the Day 2 finale.
SK 620: this is the full-size droid that is Lenka’s right-hand droid. I love the fact that he roams around the ship and has a place to tap your magic band that makes him talk and light up. He becomes a part of one of the sub-stories and one of the missions I was involved in was helping to free him after he becomes bolted by the First Order and one of the Halcyon’s crew.
Sammie: Loved this character as well. He is introduced as a mechanic but it becomes clear that he is much more than the loveable, somewhat bumbling mechanic. If you are going full in on the interaction, he is also a character to get to know. He was wonderful with the kids on board.
Gaya: She is a famous singer who is something of a Diva who comes aboard to perform in the Crown of Corilia dining room on night 1. Her vocals are amazing. She is a great performer. There is more to her story as well - to be honest, we never followed this particular story line too closely so we just got bits and pieces.
Raithe Kole: He is Gaya’s manager but definitely fits the scoundrel persona. He is another one to get to know. It seems that the people who did had an amazing experience.
Ouannii: she is the Rodian musician. She was also outstanding during her performances with Gaya. She will mingle with the passengers and speaks in a foreign tongue but has such a personality, it’s fun to watch (in my case) her interaction with passengers.
Sandro: Admittedly, this is not anyone we interacted with or even saw a lot. But, he is an aspiring musician and there is a subplot involving him and Ouannii. One group of passengers helped him write a love song that was revealed on night 2 and they got a shout-out during the performance. If you are hanging out in the Atrium, you will likely see him.
The Saja: these are the lightsaber trainers. If you are following the storyline of the Force, these are the people to interact with. They do the lightsaber training and are involved in probably the coolest plot moment we experienced on Day 2 (more details on that below).
D3-09 This is the in-room droid. Definitely make sure you interact! The red light on the panel in your room will be on when you have a message from her. It is such a small touch but really fun. One night we had her read us a bedtime story and one night she sang us a lullaby.
Other characters that are part of the plot and you will see around during both Day 1 and Day 2 include Chewie, Rey and Kylo Ren. Chewie is on both Day 1 and Day 2 and does interact quite a bit with people and there are missions to help “hide” Chewie from the stormtroopers and this involves the passengers using cloaks or their bodies to help Chewie get from one part of the ship to the other. Rey interacts somewhat but on Day 2 as the story continues to unfold. Kylo is only in the finale, not roaming the ship like the others.

I would definitely familiarize yourself with the characters and backstory of the ship if you plan to fully participate or if you haven’t read the comics that try to weave these stories into the Star Wars universe. I found this to be a good source for a far more detailed summary than what I provided above: Dispatches from the Halcyon: Meet the Characters Aboard Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser |

Datapad Info: For our voyage, we were given datapads (aka iPhone mini) to use throughout the voyage. I don’t know if this will be long-term or only until the bugs are worked out with the current software. The datapad is essential for the entire voyage as that is where your itinerary is updated (Listed under Events), how you will communicate with the characters (Comms), tools you will use for the various tasks around the ship and in Batuu (Tools), a map of the ship (you can look at each deck level), and your Profile. The Profile is the only thing that will carry over to the regular Play app when your voyage is complete. So, if you want to save a copy of your itinerary or comms, make sure to take screens shots of it before you turn the phone back in. During our voyage, DH checked is play app on his own phone and did see the same thing we saw on the datapad they gave us but I could not even long into the play app on my personal phone.

Our cabin was all the way at the end of the hall on deck 7

Day 1
When we boarded the ship, I knew from watching some of the media previews that there were terminals throughout the ship (primarily in the Atrium) that you could tap your magic band and that would start you down some of the stories. This was our itinerary when we first boarded.

So, shortly after we boarded, I tapped one and the game was on! In this case, I scanned my band and just started pushing buttons to try to gain access to the various parts of the ship - Cargo Hold, Engineering, the Brig…etc. DH did the same. From the outset, I wanted to play both sides and DH was 100% Resistance. I wanted to see what would happen if we took slightly different paths.

Immediately, we both received a message from Raithe on the comms channel on our datapad.

At this point, you look at the console and there is a little puzzle or code you have to do to get access. Once we did that successfully, we got this message from Raithe

This is the first time where DH and I had different assignments. Both were in the Engineering room but he had to look at the schematics and I had to prime the escape pod thrusters. We found our stations and pushed the buttons we needed to. Once we had, we got another message from Raithe

By the time we had checked out our room, explored the ship, gone to the gift shop for our purchases, ate lunch and completed this task, it was time for the Ship’s Muster This was our first opportunity to get introduced to the main characters (the Captian, Lenka, SK-620, Sammie, Ouannii). It is at this time, the holo column in the Atrium shows an image of a Tie Echelon (make sure you are always looking at these columns, they will change the visuals based on what is happening in the story).

At this point, Lt Croy boards with the stormtroopers and the passengers erupt with both cheers and boos :slight_smile:
Lt Croy explains his concern that the Halcyon’s ports of call coincide with pop-ups of Reisistance forces so he is suspicious of the Halcyon and it’s passengers. He announces that he will be present for the whole voyage to monitor things. Lt Croy also needs someone to service his ship and calls on Sammie to help him. Raithe also makes his appearance for the first time as well. And then it is time to go into Hyperspace and a family is selected to make the jump to light speed from the bridge.

After the muster, all of the characters are out and mingling with passengers so I sought out Raithe and gave him the code message. I don’t remember why but DH waited until later to give his message to Raithe.

We had to go to Bridge Training at 4:30, right after Muster. This is another cool event that changes depending on when you do it. In the middle of Bridge Training, Lenka comes in and informs us that Gaya has not yet made it to the ship. So Lenka contacts Gaya and we have to share our enthusiasm for her performance to feed into her diva persona. Gaya assures us she will be there, once we pick her up. So, we had to use what we had learned during our bridge training to complete our “mission” was to pick up Gaya at her Ice Spa.

She also has a message for Raithe that she wants us to communicate: she packed 2 stars to guide us to 3 bright moons and a rising sun. She also tells us she doesn’t want us to miss one of her biggest hits - Coaxium. So, even though we are just passengers, we did well with our training so Lenka decides we should go get Gaya. So we make the jump to hyperspace (if you are in your cabin when these things happen in bridge training, what you see out your window changes accordingly).

Of course, we enter an asteroid field that requires us to use our training to navigate through it and shoot at the asteroids to break them up.

We were on the weapons station so we had to blast the asteroids

Finally, we are approaching Gaya’s Ice Spa and make contact with her again to let her know we are here. She has a specific request that only Raithe handle her luggage.

Then her yacht appears and the loaders have to attach to it to bring it into the bay.

Raithe then comes in and we deliver the message she gave us. This is also a time for some improv and interaction with the characters. Again, the kids in the room ate that up and delivered some really funny moments. This is where the actors shine - their improv ability was amazing. Maybe more so to me because improv is not something I am good at so it is always fun to watch people who are!
We left bridge training and went into the Atrium to find Lenka introducing Gaya to everyone now that she was onboard. The Captain then comes out and introduces Gaya to Lt Croy.

Lt Croy mingles with the crowd

SK-620 is out and about as well

By 5:30, I had already “made contact” with a few of the characters

DH had the same at this point, with the exception of Lt Croy - DH and I had different responses and communication with Lt Croy. This also meant he didn’t have any tasks for the First Order when we did our Batuu excursion, but I did.
This is DH’s communication with Lt Croy, clearing letting him know he was not going to be of assistance to him:

The comms serve as two purposes, 1) to get you to engage with the characters and decide which “side” you are on but also 2) to help advance the plot. Below is a bit of a spoiler that isn’t revealed until further into the evening. But, we took a video of all of our conversations so I am just taking screen shots to show the whole dialogue - hard to do it in order as the events happened.

Compare that to my interactions with Lt Croy - I received the same first introduction message from him but I answered differently than DH, which prompted a whole different set of things:

I had to sneak to one of the consoles to complete the mission and look for the ports of call

Again, DH and I got the same message about Lt Cory paying attention to Gaya but I answered differently than DH

I then got the same message as DH about Sammie and answered the same way DH did. I couldn’t have gone full dark side but I knew there were some things I wanted to experience that only came with the resistance or the force paths.

We had the early seating at dinner which is 5:30. Dinner on Day 1 for us was at the Captain’s Table. Here is a tip - Day 1 the Captain joins the table (briefly) but on Day 2, the Captain’s Table is Lt Croy because the First Order has taken over the ship. So, if you are supporting the dark side and doing the Captain’s table, do it on Night 2! You don’t actually eat with them, they appear at the beginning and have some conversation with everyone at the table and then they are called away. My other trip report covers all of the details of dinner and the food so I won’t go into that here.
Dinner on Day 1 includes a performance by Gaya and Ouannii. Lt Croy mingles as well to keep an eye on things.

Gaya and Lt Cory have this flirty vibe going on, very funny to see how they played off of each other

Be sure to look at your bill (if you ordered alcoholic beverages because there is a slip of paper left behind

For those who are outgoing or with different parties, ask people if they got a message because there are three of them and they all fit together. We did not do this but read about it on the FB group we are in and one party assembled the whole message.
Here are the other pieces (this is courtesy of the posting on our FB group, not my picture)

The next plot of the story (that we were aware of) is that Chewie was smuggled on board and we needed to keep him hidden from the First Order. We ran into him in the Sublight lounge and then they enlisted passengers to help hide him as he walked from the sublight lounge to either the engineering room or the cargo hold - not sure because there were so many people around that we opted not to follow the crowd. So while Bingo is going on, you see this crowd walking, “hiding” Chewie. It was cute

Lightsaber Training was at 8:30 and this was our first official introduction to two of the Saja’s.
During the Lightsaber Training, you hear the voice of Yoda as he tells you about the Force.
You can read more about the lightsaber training in my spoiler free trip report.
After Lightsaber Training was Sabacc lessons. Ouannii made an appearance to help out with playing! SK-620 was there and Gaya made an appearance as well. As we exited the sublight lounge to go to the Atrium for the Cruise Director’s Evening toast, we saw Stormtroopers “capturing” SK-620.

This leads to the finale of Day 1, Lt Croy and the Stormtroopers put a restaining bolt on SK-620, the enlist the help of Sammie to do this. The crowd reacts with boos and begging Sammie not to do it. They plan to extract data from SK-620 to learn about resistance activity.

At some point, Sammie turned Chewie over to the first order but we totally missed that so not sure how that unfolded. But, we did receive that notice in all of our comms.
When we got back to our room, we had this letter waiting for us

By the end of Day 1, based on our interactions and tasks completed on the datapad, this is how my day looked for Day 2 and the missions I had to complete on Batuu:

This is what our Day 2 afternoon itinerary looked like at the end of Day 1. This is important because it would change, based on what we did on our Batuu excursion

One Note: We didn’t do the ship orientation that was on our itinerary because we had gotten our first mission so early - I wish we would have done this differently! My Advice: Do the ship orientation first- in hearing from other passengers, you do learn things on the orientation that could come in handy later. Then you can play on the consoles to get your first mission.

So after nearly 10 hours of game-play, we were exhausted but knew we had an early morning for our Batuu excursion. I’m not going to post all of our interactions with all of the characters because it is painstaking to go through our videos and screenshot the conversations but hopefully, the interaction with Lt Croy from both me and DH shows how fluid things are based on what you do.

Coming soon, Day 2!


Great tips! Thanks - our family is definitely conflicted in how our allegiances should lie :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that the rooms are not sound proofed very well. This is disappointing given pricepoint, but with your room at end of the hall, did you have any issues? Might need to make a room request!

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I loved our room location. We heard nothing (although it could be that we spent little time in the room and were tired) and we are both pretty light sleepers. There are signs at rhe beginning of each hallway reminding guests to keep the volume down in the cabin areas. If you were really close to the front and the main parts of the ship it might be a different story.


Thanks, good to hear!

I watched this blog today, and pretty sure he catches you in the dining room for a second. Not sure it’s worth you watching the whole thing, but I laughed :wink:

Oh dear, that was my big fear with having a bunch of vloggers on board :rofl:

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Sorry, it has taken me so long to finish this up but here is our day 2.

Also, I think I neglected to say that the very first communication we received after we were handed the datapad is the thing that “kicks off” which path you will start on. It is basically trying to detect if you are Resistance (DH picked), First Order, Scoundrel (this is the one I picked), or the Force. I will say that what you pick initially doesn’t guarantee anything and as I will share later, even though I was trying to play both sides, I ended up in a really cool “Force” story - I’m not exactly sure how but I think it was based on what I did on Batuu.

Day 2
We had scheduled a portrait session (highly recommend, photos from it are in my non-spoiler report) and grabbed breakfast then boarded the shuttle to Batuu.
We were given these pins

I can’t emphasize this enough - take the time to explore Batuu and complete any missions that come your way. You should have a few missions populated based on some things that you did on Day 1, start with those.
Use the maps in your datapad to see what missions you need to complete

Here is what my Day 2 itinerary looked like after we completed our missions on Batuu

Mission at Oga’s you get this cool coaster

It has a QR code on the back tied to the mission. You do not have to have an Oga’s reservation to complete the task - you can go up to the hostess stand and still get the coaster.
After completing all of our tasks on Batuu, we headed back to the ship - I had SK Unbolting at 3:15 (DH did not have this on his schedule).
Unbolting SK is part of the main story but to be honest, was very anticlimactic because if you were just hanging out in the Atrium but weren’t part of the “mission” you would still be part of it. This coincided with the droid racing and worked wonderfully into the story. Shortly after SK is unbolted, the Saja takes him to hide him from the first order. The kids are doing their droid racing in the Atrium and Lt Croy walks in demanding to know where the droid is. At that moment, all of the kids crowd their droids at the feet of Lt Croy and Lenka says she doesn’t know what he is talking about, there are plenty of droids here.

At this point, there was some downtime (for us) so we went back to the room to shower and change. We had a message from our in-room droid and it continued the storyline with her saying she heard that SK was unbolted but is worried the first order will be wanting revenge and she is worried - at that moment, you hear the stormtroopers knocking on her door so she asks if we will help protect the ship and keep the resistance alive. Shortly before dinner (we had early seating) we received a message on our datapad

Dinner was a Taste Around the Galaxy and because the First Order has taken over the ship, Lt Croy is the captain at the captain’s table. Capt Keevan is at dinner but she makes her rounds and doesn’t sit at the table.
Towards the end of Dinner, Stormtroopers come in and hang the first order flag (the dining room boos)

Lt Croy then announces that the first order has imposed a blockade around the Halcyon and the Halcyon can’t leave the orbit of Batuu until his investigation is completed.

At 7:30 we had to go to the Lightsaber training pod for our next task but as we exited the dining room, the story was unfolding in the hall - we just caught the tail end of Lt Croy and Rey having an exchange but we missed most of it.

We went to the Atrium where Gaya and Sandro were playing - notice the first order on the holocolumn

We headed to the Lightsaber Training Pod and Sammie and Rey were having a conversation in the hall where Rey learns that there is a box of coaxium on board. Rey sends Sammie to keep it safe and she runs off past us.
As we are all gathering outside of the lightsaber training pod, the Saja’s are asking each person if they are here for the Gaya Fanclub meeting. They then scan our bands to make sure each person is on the list. DH and I both were (you can tell if you are on the list based on the itinerary in the datapad).
HUGE SPOILER: I don’t know how exactly we fell into doing this task but I am so glad we did. It had to be because of the Batuu tasks we completed at Savi’s (I think). From reading about others trips, this is definitely part of the Force pathway, and neither DH or I specifically chose that from the start. We also didn’t have that much interaction with the Sajas so it was either random or based on scanning crates at Savi’s (we did NOT build a lightsaber at Savi’s)
There were only about 10 - 15 people and we all entered the lightsaber training pod. SK is there, the Saja’s, and Rey. In the middle of the room are crates and a Holocron

The Saja explains that they are hiding SK here and she tells Rey that we are the passengers strong with the force. Rey specifically mentions that we were all involved in gathering relics on Batuu. They think these crates hold something extraordinary. Rumors are that some secrets of the Jedi survived and Rey confirms that it is true. The Saja tried to open the crates but couldn’t. Rey says that together, with our connection to the force we can unlock it.

She tells us to breathe and focus on the Holocron

The Holocron comes to life and a hologram of Yoda appears and he talks. It was the coolest thing ever.

Rey says that the first order threatens the Halcyon but there is someone else coming, and that is why she is here. If Kylo Ren or the First Order gets the Holocron, that will be the end. So she asks us to keep this to ourselves and that we all must stand together to protect it. Rey leaves and then we all exit in small groups and agree to make sure we don’t tell the passengers who are aligned with the first order. We exit and are told to just make casual conversation so we start talking about the Gaya Fanclub meeting :slight_smile:
We had to make our way to the bridge to help Sammie. The atrium now had First Order flags

As we were waiting to go onto the bridge, Lt Keevan comes through carrying an obviously heavy piece of Gaya’s “luggage” and summons Raithe to get it out of view of passengers.

Chewie is back

Once again, guests are enlisted to “hide” him as he makes his way through the Atrium

Once again, we had to get scanned into the bridge for the next event. If you aren’t on the list, you don’t get to come in.
We gathered in the bridge and this time under the guise of Stargazing with Sammie (so the Stormtroopers don’t know what we are up to).
As we are waiting, we notice, the suitcase has found its way to the bridge

As we get started, Sammie says to make sure you are at a station where you are the most confident - of course, we are at the Weapons Station so I just had to laugh.

Sammie then reveals that he isn’t really a mechanic, he boarded the ship as a stow-away in an effort to join the resistance. He desperately wants to be a Resistance hero and has been running covert ops this whole time.
Sammie then approaches DH and says he is being pulled in a lot of different directions and has a box that he has to take care of and will DH run the bridge. He asks the whole group if they will listen to DH and everyone yells Yes…but then Lenka comes in so DH doesn’t have to command the bridge after all (he is super disappointed!)

Our mission now involves the Tie Echelon that is on Batuu. R2D2 and C3PO put together an automatic override so that we can fly the Tie Echelon that is on Batuu here to the Halcyon and Hondo will help us (for a price).
Hondo gets patched in and while arranging to bring the Tie Echelon, he starts to get under attack.

Next, R2 and C3PO come online and we have to keep the Tie fighters at bay so we man our stations and start to battle

We make it through the first round but then more tie fighters are coming so we are getting some help

And rotate stations so we are now on the Systems console. The Blue Squadron joins us

We have success and are bringing the Tie Echelon on board

Capt Keevan then joins us on the bridge so she knows the Tie Echelon is now on board. So we can now use the intel on the ship to aid the Resistance. Capt Keevan releases a bunch of loaders that are equipped with frequency jammers so Lt Croy can’t contact his superiors.

We make our way back to the Atrium and minutes later the red lights and sirens start for a shipwide alert to go to your muster station.

The finale is about to begin - Lt Croy and the stormtroopers are up above but Capt. Keevan and Sammie are down with us (although, because of all of the people, I could never see Sammie). And finally shows her feisty side and lets Lt Croy know he has reminded her why she has always served under General Leia Organa (cheers erupt from the passengers).

Lt Croy announces that the muster stations need to get organized to greet the supreme leader Kylo Ren. We happened to be standing next to some first order supporters and they erupted in cheers at this
Captain Keevan tells her crew to stand down and Lt Croy says he is now commander of the ship. At this point, Lt Croy gives multiple shout outs, by name, to those passengers who helped him

Lt Croy then orders the stormtroopers to apprehend Sammie and escort him out.
Kylo boards the ship and is not happy with Lt Croy

Rey appears and ignites the lightsaber and people lose their minds!

the battle begins

Most of the action is up above but does move around all sides of the ship so keep this in mind for the best vantage point.

Just then stormtroopers start shooting at their positions (they are down with us in the crowd and I couldn’t see them but knew this part of the story from watching the media previews). Lt Croy tells them to hold their fire.

Just then, a stormtrooper fires at Kylo Ren (again, I couldn’t see any of this but knew what was happening. If you didn’t know and couldn’t see it, I’m not sure how much you would follow along).

Super cool conveyer belt effect to bring Rey to Kylo

At the height of the battle, Yoda makes an appearance on the holocolumn (this was my only view). Kylo wants the Holocron.

Rey has the Holocron and escapes Kylo to take it to Leia. Kylo Ren gives the order to destroy us all and then one of the stormtroopers on the floor takes off his helmet and it is Sammie!! I missed all of this…this was my view

I do hope they work to improve this part of the show because unless you are right in front of the actors (or really tall) it is impossible to see what is happening. That totally took me out of the story to some extent.
Sammie and Saja’s now have Lt Croy and the stormtroopers under their control
Captain Keevan asks SK to patch the Lt through using his own clearance codes (that we helped obtain)

Lt Croy gives his report that the Halcyon is clear. Captain Keevan orders him off the ship and Sammie is happy to assist.

Power is restored to the ship and free of the blockade. We go to hyperspace and continue on our way
SK, Rey and Chewie leave to board the millenium falcon - which you see through the windows

The evening ends with a galactic fireworks show - best seent out the bridge but the side windows show some as well
Fireworks out the bridge, I promise

Side window view

Next is the Sweets and Treats, but first some pics with the CM

and a Mandolorian or two

There is a short performance during Sweets and Treats by Oannii and Sandro

And with that, our voyage was over. We had one last conversation with our in-room droid (who told us a bedtime story) and received a nice keepsake letter from the captain and crew.

Checkout instructions

There are so many easter eggs and details throughout the ship, I would encourage people who go to explore a lot.
George Lucas easter egg in the engineering room

While we did not see it, I did see someone post that they found Leia and Hon Solo’s initials in the engineering room from when they were on the Halcyon
Hyperspace Compass

Bottle of wine from Maiden Voyage

Shug Drbor’s Door (he was the founder of the Chandrila Star Line)

There are a few stories that I found out about after our voyage, I am sure there are many many more:

  1. There is a side task that takes you to the climate simulator and you get to move rocks using the force
  2. There is a sub-story that involves a jewel heist - Gaya, Raithe, and Oannii all wear the same stone from Ryloth and I think it is somehow involved in the story.

If you want to go into your voyage knowing about as many spoilers as possible, there is a Galactic Starcruiser Spoilers group. It is a private group run by Michael Farnham who runs multiple Facebook groups related to the Starcruiser.
I have read things in that group that I had no idea existed so it is fun to see and to see people speculate about what they did to get that part of the story or mission.
There is also a Costuming group and it has also turned into a Buy, Sell, Trade so if you are looking for costume ideas, check that out.

All in all, as I said in my spoiler-free recap, we had a ton of fun. 2 weeks later and we are still talking about it and this trip report has helped!

Sorry if some of the report is disjointed - it is hard when you only see bits and pieces of the story unfolding but that is reality!


Not really a spoiler but here are some of our purchases, I am sure there are other sites that have pictures of all of the merch but thought I would share some here.
Also note, there is a shop when you exit the ship - this is where the Star Wars Branded items are. And, as a passenger, you can also purchase items from Shop Disney up to 30 days after your voyage but so far, there hasn’t been anything on there that we either didn’t already buy or that we wanted (all of it is what was available on the ship or the shop after).
The Lightsaber


Sweatshirt material jacket

Coasters that come with a leather fasterner to hold them together


Pen, Sabacc cards, pins, gift card (note this is just plastic and you have to load it with at least $15)

Halcyon Ornament

Halcyon Model Kit (it is cool because it lights up and has sound)

CSL Tin of foaming bubble face masks (they have them in the room but you can also buy more - DH just wanted the tin!)

Mini SK-620. DH’s one regret is he didn’t buy the larger version. Hoping it will show up on Shop Disney but no luck so far.

Bottle stopper - I love this one!

Lightsaber reflective Sheild

The Jewelry I bought - earrings and necklace

Shop in the Terminal




Water Bottle


Thanks for this! Was a hectic week so I took a break from the SC info, and was happy to see all this intel! I’m glad to know that even if you don’t strictly adhere to a force only storyline that there’s some good activities you can join in on.
We enjoy Oga’s but I think we’re going to skip a reservation this time so we can focus on tasks and then get back to ship (DS wants to make an off world visit to ToT so we need to allow time for that!)

Thanks for all the merch photos, we don’t usually buy a lot of stuff, but I think we will this trip. I like a lot of it, and the jackets and shirts look much better than the merch we saw in December! How do you like the quality of the jewelry? I like the wavy Leia bracelet a lot, but for the price I’m expecting it to be a higher quality metal!

We’ve begun ordering things for our costumes, and are excited to go, so thanks again for all your insight!

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Sorry, life and work have been crazy - the earrings and necklace are solid quality, I love them both!


I can tell you if you are curious. :slight_smile:

After I helped Lt Croy plan the power outage, we left the engineering room and he runs into Rey. He immediately tries to arrest her, and she uses the force to mind control him and tell him he never saw her and that he should go to the climate simulator and think about his choices. During our finale, he referred to someone meeting him in the climate simulator while he was crying and he didn’t know why.

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So they told us when they took us to our room the the face care was a gift and I assumed they meant the tin was the gift and took it with us home. :grimacing:

I love that people can fill in the storyline just based on being at the right place at the right time!

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Need to read this now

Had time to read thru- sounds great. I do want to try to get the yoda holocron invite after @Len’s description.

Query if there was plenty of size choice for the t shirt at the exit shop?

Yes, good selection of sizes and plenty of them!