Galactic StarCruiser opens 2022

Yes, I know we’ve seen this before, and it was due to open this year.

But … for all you Star Wars fans out there:



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Wait, the light saber isn’t CGI?? :exploding_head::exploding_head:

Really p*******d off that it won’t let me sign up. I think it’s a U.K. site “feature”, might also apply to other countries / regions.

However DH will sign up using a VPN. Hoping we can do this on our next trip.

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But… you knew this was coming… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And I know you saw it cause you LIKED the post! :woozy_face: :rofl:

The real trick here is they made special mention to say it will be debuted in 2022… and only you can “see it in action”… which sounds like it won’t be available for purchase for a while. (if ever)


Do you want me to just input your email address?

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That would be fab!

Thanks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m still curious what exactly you will do for two days. Day 1, let’s say you check in at 4pm. Get into your room and then go eat at the Crown of Corellia. After dinner you get to transport to Batuu. Then you have the entire “full” day 2 in which all there seems to be is driving the ship and training with the lightsaber? In between more meals in the dining room. A little lounge time before you go back to Batuu. Then are you just kicked out early morning on day 3?

Just seems very claustrophobic to me for so much time in a [real] windowless building!

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We’ll have to coordinate dates for next year. Otherwise we’ll be over in Florida doing this and you’ll be in Edinburgh.

Although if you stick with your dates it’ll be fine. We’re not mad enough to go to Florida then!

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How does it know where your email address area is?? Maybe it links to your MDE account?

We’re sorry, this offer is not available in your area.

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:rofl::rofl: great point! If anything we might push later into the summer.

Have you ever done a Murder Mystery weekend? Kinda like that.

So there could be a briefing where they tell you the “story”. Such as:

  • they believe there’s a spy on board
  • they need to help defend a planet

And then your group might then be told to deliver this secret message to someone, and you need to try and work out who they are - quiz the bar staff etc.

There’ll be time on the bridge firing at the enemy, time for light sabre training etc.

So you can choose how much to get involved or whether just to hole up in the bar / cantina.

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Thanks for trying anyway. DH will try later.

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Ok, you’re selling it now! My kids are still too young but I can see my older son getting into a scavenger hunt of sorts. I guess it’s just me that wouldn’t want to be so cooped up for a whole day but I have not seen the inside of this “ship” just yet!

I hope your boys won’t be too tall for those bunk beds!

that would be cool…but people are waaaay too stupid.


Maybe they can repurpose the Sorcerer’s of the MK portals and stuff?

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Wait. Are we all going to organize a Liner weekend so we can do this together?! (Particularly to Randall’s point about stupid people?)


With a contained “stage” the possibilities are actually exciting of what they COULD do. The problem is the stupidity of people is strong. People can’t follow directions, need to be the center of attention, and want everything spoon fed to them, and they also can’t figure out basic problem solving.

MY biggest puzzler is…what do they do at 2-3 in the morning. … I know me and sleep would become distant acquaintances if I got to go. 2 days, stupid amounts of money blown on it, and super immersive?

If there’s “lights out” at 10PM… someone gonna go into full rage mode and I’ll be right behind them egging them on.


Is there any confirmed price yet?