Galactic Starcruiser Media Reports

Having a look at the Time Tracker mini preview…

I’m disappointed that my first though it negative…

The vibe is more Star Trek than Star Wars so far :flushed:
Especially the ‘crew’.

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Review from Theme Park Insider


After the bridge area (is that where they started?) the ship is starting to look much more exciting and star warsy :star_struck::star_struck:

Aw, this is great, they’ve got a bunch of podcasters who didn’t really pay attention to the instructions in an escape room situation :woman_facepalming:t4::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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good to see 8-Tracks still gettin’ some use :rofl:


The rooms are AMAZING!!!

just made it to the first “game”. Tim seemed to like it, but I’m looking at it going “pass.”

I’m not a fan of minigames. I got you the materials, why do I need to do the weirdo activity to make it work?

Yeah, I think that was unavoidable in this. And those cabins look very “Enterprise-ish”

There’s certain things I AM liking (the droid video thing, for one). The aesthetic in that is pretty Star Wars. I also am liking the sets.

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Our very own @len has some important insight into the present reviews:


That was very cool. Smooth interaction!

DO NOT LIKE THE GUN SETUP ON THE BRIDGE. It’s as feared: 1 aims, 1 shoots.

This is an absolutely terrible setup for this!! This is not fun!! It’s the same terrible mechanic the Falcon uses.

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Are media preview folks not allowed to take kids? It’s all ‘grown ups’! :laughing:

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Nevermind! Just saw a baby!!

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has…the first order not commandeered a tailor? Everyone’s uniform is oversized… :rofl:


ok, nerd alert: You can’t jump to hyperspace while still in an Asteroid Field. Experience Ruined. I want my money bac— oh… wait.


Maybe the Halcyon can :woman_shrugging:t4::laughing:

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if a Super Star Destroyer can’t even send a clear transmission in one… :wink:

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after watching the lightsaber training, that looks f’n terrible. I give it to the CM trying his darnest to make it seem exciting but… there’s more excitement changing the TV channel.

The Trials of the Jedi Academy was far more um…“inspiring”? I guess that’s the word I’m looking for. Just watching those kids face off against Vader and Kylo made me feel more inspired than this BS.

“These training remotes have been used for generations”
No, no it has not.


I do like the musician!

However I thought he was going to break into ‘Thor and Dr Jones’ :notes::notes::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I was very much reminded of this during the lightsaber training.
It did look more fun (and more air conditioned).

Remind me - is the lightsaber training an additional cost?