Frustrated over uncertainty of HS Plans!

Obviously, I have been out of touch with the Forum for too long… I have to pick FP’s tomorrow and I just realized today that literally everything decent that uses FP+ in HS is now Tier 1! So first, there is the Boarding Group uncertainty for RotR, Stand-by only for MFSR, not sure if MMRR is going to be up and running by the first week of March, and at best with our plan, now only 2 advance FP’s possible for the older attractions that we actually want to ride. I was okay with not getting an opportunity to experience the new stuff, but now they have changed the rules on our favorites! :anguished:

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Yeah… the DHS Tiers are kinda dumb these days.

MMRR will be opening on 3/4/20 if that helps you. As always, a good TP puts you ahead of the 90% of people just walking around asking, “What do you want to do next?”


I hear and understand. Things may surprise you, though. Like @darkmite2 said, a good TP will help.

But honestly, for our HS days in December, I never finalized TPs because of ROTR. I had a general idea and went with the flow. But we didn’t have to go on ROTR and that may have helped manage our expectations.

December 18th was projected to be CL10 for HS. In actuality, it was a CL1! We got onto ALL the rides, plus TSMM and RNR twice between 8:45 AM and 7 PM. Those rides include SR and ROTR! We could have done more but had an ADR. TSMM was SB and we picked up RNR as SDDs. We also met with Olaf and did PhotoPass along the way. We had a great day and count ourselves truly blessed.

At 60+3, I got SDD at 5:30 PM, and ST and Muppets in the morning. When Disney opened up HS a hour earlier weeks from our trip, I was able to move that 5:30 to 8:30 AM.

We had a second HS day at 60+5, which I did get a FPP for SDD for 8:45 AM. But I had to cancel all those FPPs for HS the night before because we went to watch the rocket launch at 60+5. That was an awesome experience!!! :heart_eyes::star_struck: I was left to reschedule FPPs for 4 days later. I picked up a 9 AM RNR but the Tier 2s were in early afternoon and though I tried, I couldn’t move those Tier 2 FPPs to earlier. It was projected to be a CL10 and it was a CL10.

Hang in there!


I hear you but as @stlouie said, this new structure may work out in your favor! By arriving early, you may end up knocking out all the attractions by lunch and be able to relax the rest of the day!


If I could go back, FP booking day was 12/4 for an arrival day of 2/2, I’d have my HS day be my last day so I could try for SDD at 60+5 instead of 60+2 which is what I ended up booking. Also, theDIBB website has been very helpful, but I only found out about it a few weeks ago. There was a great thread on taking advantage of FP+'s. General idea is book Tier 1 around 10:30-11:30 AM. Then book Tier 2 as early as possible. Book second Tier 2 later in the day. Tap into first Tier 2, immediately book another Tier 2 in the park (in the morning) asap, then after Tier 1 at 10:30-11:30, you’re done and can book more Tier 1. RotR may throw a wrench into this, but it would allow you to start working on other Tier 1’s before 12pm.

What we did was 1) choose the tier one that our whole group could agree on, which was TOT b/c my kids had never done it 2) tried for, and got, star tours b/c it was the only other ride we could FP—this wasn’t hard to get at all 3) picked shows we liked, which split up our group into 2 groups b/c we couldn’t agree. I have however read a lot of strategies for getting on lots of rides that involve getting one good tier one, muppet vision as a throwaway, and whatever else as a throwaway. On the day in the park go to the good ride, then tap into muppet vision, then immediately convert the last FP to muppet vision and tap in again, then try for another tier 1 and just keep trying for more 4th FP. I’ve read about this strategy a whole lot but it’s not what my group chose to do, we just did our FP b/c we wanted to do them. If anyone knows if I got anything about that strategy wrong please say in the comments.


Try for SDD. They may happen but not guaranteed. We got RNR at 12:01 and 2:31.

And if HS opens earlier as your trip approaches, get on to MDE to grab headliners FPPs. We got SDD and 7DMT this way.

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Thanks, I picked my FP’s today, and it did not go as smoothly as it has in the past for me. I’ve been modifying all morning, and have finally gotten things straightened out except for one major snafu. I do follow the strategy of booking Tier 1’s as early as possible, and either tap in or let the window expire. I keep modifying the times, and then I can go for 4th FP as early as possible. Since you mentioned theDIBB, I wanted to warn you about something for future reference… I used the website to help me plan my days based on availability of FP’s. However, I was tired and did not pay attention to the little letter in the lower right corner of each calendar day that tells you if morning, afternoon or evening is still available. I planned MK for day 60+1 based on availability of 7DMT, but my plan had us riding it early in the AM so that we could get more same-day FP’s, (which we are usually very successful at). When I went to select the FP, earliest time was 3:55 PM. :anguished:(My fault for not being more thorough in my planning.) It’s really messing with my plan now for the day. So in the future, watch the little letters on theDibb!

That is still good. At least you got everything. I wouldn’t let a FPP expire. I would tap in to make sure it clears. And who knows, you may choose to use the FPP that day! We used Muppets because the thought of being in a warm room for 30 minutes was too alluring when it was 50 degrees and windy outside!:smiley:

You may be able to still move the FPP as people change their minds.

And pay attention to Disney possibly opening MK earlier that day. If they do, get onto MDE and you will be able to move your 7DMT FPP to the hour they added. That’s how I moved SDD from 5:30 PM to 8:45 and that’s how I traded BTMR at 9 for 7DMT at 8:30. MK was 60 day for us. So instead of RDing 7DMT with the mass, we zagged and RDed BTMR. We rode 2x without having to wait. We could have done a few more rides probably with minimal wait but we moved on.

AK was 60+1 and I couldn’t get FOP. We RDed it on EMH. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be. For an 8 AM opening, we arrived around 7:10 AM. They let us in around 7:35. We just followed the mass and kept on walking. We never stopped moving. We were off the ride a little after 8 and off Navi by 8:20. We loved FOP and I tried at every SDD to trade my Navi FPP but there were no SDD that day.:anguished: We stood in line around 6 for FOP on a day that closed at 8 and only waited 50 minutes.

What do you mean “tap in” to not let a FP expire? I have the MDE app, but I have never not used a FP, so I’m not sure what you mean. What happens if it expires?

I have an old thread on this from June 2016. Forget how to copy and paste here. I will ask for a definitive updated answer. I am pretty sure I have just let Tier 2 FP’s expire, and was permitted to get another Tier 1 after all pre-selected FP’s were used or expired.

Tapping in just means to go to the Tapstyle at the FPP entrance and “tap in”. It is the same as if you are going to ride/watch, except that you don’t then proceed through the line. It just tells the system you arrived for your FPP timeslot.

If you don’t tap in, you can let it expire…but there have been reported scenarios where they don’t automatically drop off, and you end up not being able to schedule your next same-day FP. So, the advice is to always tap-in to be sure, whether you plan to do the attraction or not.

The other advantage is that by tapping in, you can more quickly move your remaining FPs (if any are left) up sooner, or start to schedule your same-day FP sooner. So, if you have a final FPP window of 11-12, then if you just wait for it to expire, you wouldn’t be able to schedule a same-day FP until about 12:15 pm. But if you tap-in at 11:05, you can schedule a same-day FP at 11:06! :slight_smile:


I decided to give this strategy a shot. HW just moved to 7 am on our day (1/18), so more SDD FP opened. I moved my 2:15 to 8:45. One question - my littlest one will want to see the shows. Are FP really needed for any of them? I’m planning to move my Tier 2 as early in the day as possible, but I don’t want to create an issue with any of the shows later in the day.