Frozen Summer Fun

I think I have developed a Frozen phobia. I know I should check out the Frozen Summer Fun stuff for DD6’s sake, but for the life of me I can’t bring myself to even tell her about it. I guess I am just assuming it is all chaos. Either that or I’m just being bah-humbug. Definitely no premium stuff is going to happen, but what of the regular events are worth braving my new phobia?? Is this good stuff or is Disney just trying to meet demand somehow?

The fireworks are incredible! It is worth a trip to the Studios just to see them, IMO.

The sing-a-long is also well worth it. More than just a “regular” follow the bouncing ball experience, there’s a comedic retelling of the Frozen movie.

Both of those are things that I got to see with the premium package, but will be going back again at least once (and ideally twice) to do again – and I’m not an uber fan of the movie.

The ice skating rink isn’t my thing, and after the last winter I had in the north, I do NOT want to build a snowman!

The parade is very quick and a cute way to see the characters, but not something I’d carve out time to do necessarily.

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The fireworks were awesome! We walked through the ice skating rink area. It was ok. Didn’t do the sing a long but wish we had.

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We were just there for the Frozen fun this weekend, and in my opinion, it is not to be missed! The sing along was really well done. Very entertaining for kids and adults. You REALLY should make time to do the sing along. We also loved the Do You Wanna Build a Snowman and ice skating, but being from GA, those are things we don’t get to do often. Fireworks were great- they seemed like they were right over our heads. (As per Liner advice, we were to the left of the hat if you are facing the stage.) We had the premium package and enjoyed the perks, but you can definitely experience everything without it.

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Is the parade route/people watching going to block us off from TSMM getting back to TOT? It’s right in the middle of our fpp times.

What are the dates this will run through? Haven’t paid much attention to it, but I do love a good FWs show…

Do you think it’s worth going to the trading post if you’re not doing the ice skating or snowman building? I was thinking we’d look around and def check out the gift shop, but is that even worth braving the lines?
If not, can you get into the shop with out doing the rest?

Thru Sept 1

Thanks! I just might have to pay more attention to this, then, as I will be there in late August!

We went to trading post mainly for the gift shop. There were super cute magic shots in there too. We didn’t do much else, no wait either when we went a week ago, got in around 10:15 am. Singalong was really the only thing I thoroughly enjoyed. Parade to short & I’m not a huge fireworks fan.

You shouldn’t have much of a problem getting through as CMs do keep a pathway clear for people trying to get through. Worst case scenario, the parade itself is about 7 minutes long, and the stage show is maybe another 5 minutes. If you see that the parade is just starting down Hollywood Blvd., you’ll want to go to the Echo Lake side of the hat and then cut across behind the parade once it has passed, as the parade will pause during the stage show, making the area in front of the hat more congested. If the stage show has finished up, you can easily move through on the other side of the hat.

The Frozen Funland and Oaken’s Trading post are next door to each other. You can do one without the other. If you are not going to build a snowman or ice skate there is really no reason to go to Funland. Unless you want hot chocolate in the middle of July!

Be Our Guest Podcast did a show about it last week. The host, Mike, was there for the first day of it. He gave rave reviews and got me really excited about it. He said that his expectations going in were quite low, and described it as a :“home run” for Disney.

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The shop (Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post) and the activities side (Wandering Oaken’s Frozen Funland) have two separate entrances, so you can go into one or the other – or both. The lines really were surprisingly short for each one. If you’re not doing ice skating or snowman building, there’s not much else to do in the Funland (unless you want to grab a snack or take a photo with the Aurasma app). The gift shop has some neat stuff, and that is the only place that you’re likely to be guaranteed to find the Elsa, Olaf, and Anna MagicBands. Supposedly they are sold at a few other places, but we had no luck at the other stores.

Thanks all for the quick replies. Will check it out out next week!

Here’s a pretty good guide to seeing all the Frozen stuff without having the package.

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Thanks, @S_A. A good opportunity to try out the “bookmark” feature!

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You can definitely make it to all of the events without the premium package. We bought the package, however, and found it to be the best value of all the premium experiences. P&P fireworks cruise at the same price point is a total waste in comparison. The access with the VIP package as well as refreshments and desserts at both the parade and fireworks were great.

my turn to be dense. What does bookmarking do?

I had to ask that earlier today! Bookmarking saves the particular post. When you click on your icon in the upper right, one of the choices on the menu is to go to your list of bookmarks, which will be all the specific posts you bookmarked. So now I have your post with the Frozen link saved for later. This is different from “starring,” which stars the whole thread so you can easily return to it later.