Frozen Summer Fun

Well duh, I see that now. I expected it to show up on my profile page like where the “star” list is. Thanks for the explanation!

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@fanofpooh or others who did this without the package, how early did you look for a place to watch the FWs? Did you have to camp out, or could you get a decent view without much lead-in time? Thanks!

Thanks @fanofpooh! Am doing the Frozen package on Sunday and will keep this in mind. When we did the Star Wars package our dessert party was indoors due to rain and they marched us all from the party to the fireworks area right before they started so we didn’t have to stake out a spot.

That’s what happened with us in the Frozen package. It was a little drizzly, so we had the dessert party in the Disney Junior building and then wandered over to the fireworks area on our own or could have waited to go with the group (but we wanted to see a bit of the live band performing).

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Wow, thanks everyone! You all have given great input and I feel much better now about tackling Frozen on our August visit. And FWIW, I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere near the details you all have provided via Chat.

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Thanks!! This is super helpful - I hadn’t really been thinking about this at all, but now I think I’m going to try to fit it in!

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I am thinking of taking a quick trip Labor Day Weekend with the main goal being to visit Frozen Funland and Sing a long before they end, me and DD6 and our APs… You guys are convincing me it is worth the travel… Would love to hear more!!

Anybody have thoughts on good spots to watch the fireworks? We are unfortunately seeing the early (8:30) Fantasmic, and hoping to make it to the fireworks at 9:15. Any advice?

Corner of Hollywood & Sunset is a great spot but not sure if it will be available after F! The funnel F! people towards the park entrance.

Last weekend we saw it from around Echo Lake in the waterside area across from the entrance to the 50s Prime Time cafe – small crowds, and a good view of everything but the stage show (although you can see that on the American Idol screen across the lake, and truthfully you’re not missing much if you don’t see it at all). Here’s a screen grab of the finale from our little handlheld Kodak cheap-vid-cam.

The other place that I want to see it from is at the Crossroads of the World, which was our secondary location for SWW – we’ll probably be watching it from there at some point in the future to see how it compares.


@MDU also reported watching them from in Front of Prime Time Cafe the other day and having a great view.

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Another question:
Can one person pick up tickets for the entire party for the Frozen Singalong, or does everyone have to be present?

Also, if you get the return ticket, how early should you be to the show

So, today (tonight really) was our Frozen Fun day and I’d like to thank you all for convincing me to tackle it. We have frequented the parks for several years and it takes a lot for DD6 to be impressed, and I have to say it was wonderful seeing that old Disney sparkle in her eyes. :smile: We went in the evening so it was too late to really get the full Funland experience although DD REALLY wanted to ice skate. We got the Elsa and Olaf cupcakes and enjoyed while watching for the few minutes before they were to clear the ice. The Olaf (carrot cake) was excellent - DH and I raced for the last bites. The sing along was very well done, and I caught myself laughing and singing way more than I expected. I thought the fireworks were good, but not spectacular. DD loved them, perhaps only because of the theme as she usually is not a huge fan. Overall, I grossly underestimated the potential for these events. They were good… really good. Thanks Liner pals for getting me out of my Frozen funk!

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You do not have to all be present to get your return tickets. I picked ours up at 5:45 for the 7:00 show no problem. We were told to be in line between 6:20-6:50, but they would not guarantee a seat if you arrived at 6:50. We returned about 6:30 and waited in the line which was already super long. Upon entering the theater, the entire large middle section was already full and we were near the front on one far side. The seats were fine, but at that point, the theater was about 2/3 full. I suspect that someone arriving at 6:50 indeed may not have gotten a seat. Hope that gives you an idea on timing.

Is it possible to see these FW outside of the park? Since they have extended the fun into Sept, we will actually be at WDW to see the Frozen fun. However, starting Sept 1, FW are only on the w/e…which, of course, doesn’t fit with our current TPs and FPP. Thanks!

Absolutely! You can watch them from outside the main entrance (between the bag check area and the Friendship launch). I’ve also seen other people post video from the walking path between the Studios and the Boardwalk (near the overpass). In fact, the first time I saw them was the weekend it all started…we got lucky enough to have a room at the Boardwalk and watched them from our patio.

Awesome, thanks! If I can keep the kiddo up late enough, I know she would LOVE it!