Friday or Sunday for Mickey's Christmas Party?

Assuming vaccines are working and things are getting back to somewhat normal, we are planning a trip to Disney the week before Christmas (12/17-22). We would like to go to the Magic Kingdom on a Mickey’s Christmas Party day (again assumes they bring the party back). For our dates, we assume their will be a party on Fri 12/17 and Sun 12/20. Which day would have lesser crowds? Or will they both be terrible?

It might be better on Sunday since it’s traditionally a travel day?

I’m not sure it will make much difference this year. Especially the ones that close to Christmas.

But I don’t think your dates are correct. Christmas is on a Saturday this year, so the Sunday will be the 19th I think.


I would like at the previous year’s crowd calendars they are pretty consistent year over year

It sounds like you want to go to MVMCP and MK on the same day.

I’m with Nickysyme on this one. I don’t think there will be that much of a difference in crowd levels for the Party between those two days. There was no Party in 2020, so there is a lot of pent up demand, especially if people will consider it low risk to travel. And it is unclear how Disney will format the Party.

Have you been to a MVCP in recent years? We went twice in 2019 for the first. Crowds were not light, for the most part, unless it rained. Main Street and the parade route can feel like it is wall to wall of people.

If you are interested, I wrote about our experience at both Parties (Tuesday December 12, 2019 and Thursday December 14, 2019) here: Two Nights of MVMCP Very Different Experiences For First Timers.

This really does depend on what you do. When we went in 2016, we went to the party to watch parades, fireworks, etc. and it was wall to wall people. When we went in 2019, we kicked off our trip by starting at the party, and while my wife took my special needs daughter back to the room, my other daughter and I stayed out until 1 AM riding rides and we never waited for more than 30 minutes for any ride. Most rides were less than about 10 minutes and as the night wore on, they became walk on.

Yeah. Every Party is a different experience and it is dependent on what you do. I was just trying to point out that one cannot do everything at the Party in one night, especially if you want to do the “old style” meet and greet and PhotoPass pictures.

I think wait times are dependent on the ride, the night, and how far along the Party is. I don’t think one can expect walk on for most of the Party; at least that was not our experiences, even on the night it rained.

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I’ve done a few parties, and pre-covid I would have told you it’s a dice roll at best. With all the blogs speaking to which nights had less people, all of a sudden, those were the craziest nights!

I have booked 2 weeks early December, and went to MVMCP 3 times a week, more if available. There have been times Sunday night was wall to wall people, and then 7 days later, much more manageable.

I even did the New Years Eve party a while back and it was one of the emptiest I’ve ever seen MK…ever. A night expected to draw near max crowds. It was like we had the park to ourselves. Very magical.

I found that most of the people, on “typical” nights, crowd around parade and fireworks (and sometimes that stupid choke point by Small World/Peter Pan). After the fireworks, the parks emptied out considerably and most of the attractions were walk on.

Post Covid. I would imagine most, if not all, parties will be sold out for the first 2 or 3 years. But, because of that thinking, maybe everyone will stay away and the parks will be empty?

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This is VERY true. When we went the first time, my goal was to do party specific items - i.e. parades, meet and greets, etc. The trip last year was to start off the trip with as many rides as we could. My daughter and I got most all of the Magic Kingdom done, except just a few rides.

Certainly, most of the rides had a wait at 7PM. &DMT might have had one for about 45 minutes or so, but I don’t remember. Most of the rides were less than 30 minutes. I do remember waiting for Tomorrowland Speedway, for what seemed like forever, but it was only 20 minutes.

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