Free OI Ticket

Orlando Informer event at Universal 12/1&2. There is a strong possibility I may have an extra ticket to both event nights as my grown children both backed out and only 1 ticket has been re-allocated to a friend. Any interest?


I am tagging @darkmite2


EDIT: I’m at Universal 12/1 - 12/7
I’m going to MVMCP on 12/1…

If I didn’t already have a ticket for MVMCP on Friday, I’d do both OIM nights with y’all! It’s a fun time!

I made plans with another Liner for Saturday, 12/2, after 6pm. I’m going to stick to meeting them as scheduled.

The plan we made were to do the Back to the Future Escape Room that evening.

You are welcome to join us. I’ll pay for you and your friend to join if you can go! However, I know that would be “prime” OIM time you’d be missing

If you can’t go to the Escape Adventure and no one else takes up your offer I’d still go consider going to the OIM after we get done with our Adventure if you don’t get any other takers on the ticket.

I won’t take a “free” ticket from you…that’s not fair to you. But if I give you like $100 or something would that be cool?


We do have someone who would like to use the ticket on Saturday. Enjoy the Escape Adventure, it sounds really fun:) That was a very sweet offer in return as well, thank you. We have other friends with us for the Meetup, so won’t be able to go to the escape adventure but hope you have a blast!

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I’m glad it’s going to work out! OIM’s no refund policy is lame. If you ever have the issue again they will give you a “credit” for another night / ticket. I’ll be there all week, Please feel free to wave or say Hello if you see me! (I’m a real short guy, so I am kinda recognizable…lol!!)

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We are already planning to go to the next one in Feb, will you be there? And same deal if you see us, say hi! Good to know about the credit!

TBH - I like OIM events, but I don’t “love” them. I’ve been to two full weekends and got everything out of it I could. I think the price has gotten too high. You can buy an AP for only a few dollars more and go most of the year. I wrote an “Honest Review” of OIM last year. It’s LONG, but if you are interested…

I remember this. The OI events work so much better for us TBH. While we are “FL residents”, I’m a travel nurse and we are on the road or out of Fl the majority of the year. We don’t get enough usage from our WDW AP’s as is, so we’ve decided to not renew again after they expire next year. We love the no to low crowds. Someday we will do our AP’s again when we decide to actually BE in FL for a bit of time.

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